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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Father's Day Gift Idea

Father's Day is around the corner! Make this gift with your kids to make dad feel extra special

Every year, I struggle with what to get my husband for Father's Day. His birthday was just a month before, so anything material that he was wanting is already checked off the list. Plus, getting him something like, say, a laptop or a new suit just seems like a weird Father's Day gift, no? What's fatherly about that? Plus, if he needed or wanted that, he could just go buy it himself and get exactly what he wanted. I like to do something with the kids to make a meaningful gift. This is the Father's Day gift idea I came up with this year.

I've had good years of crafty gifts and total duds, too. Last year I got him a "Man Crate" with pizza making supplies so the he could make pizzas with the boys. That was a good one! His first Father's Day ever I got him cuff links with Henry etched into them. That was a pretty good idea, too. One year, I took both boys to Michael's Craft Store and let them pick out what they wanted to make for daddy. We wandered the aisles for a good long time before they settled on a birdhouse. We then picked out some paint colors, and I had overly high expectations on their skill level (and frankly, their interest level) of how we'd paint this birdhouse. It was a flop! Otto was a baby at the time so he napped while Henry and I went outside. Henry was all of two years old and far more interested in painting his hands than the actual birdhouse. It looked like junk and only got about half painted. To this day, it sits on a shelf in the garage... That year was a fail for sure. My intentions were good but the execution wasn't there. Turns out, doing crafts with kids isn't exactly easy! Pinterest will tell you it is. I'm here to correct your expectations.

As you know, we spend a ton of time outdoors. Several hours a day, and on the weekends, we're out there nonstop. We've also gotten into gardening and showing the boys how food is grown and where it comes from. This year for Father's Day, I thought a great gift would be a "stepping stone" with a hand or footprint of the boys in it with the year so we can see how they've grown year after year. I ordered this kit on Amazon that said it had enough mix for several "stones." My plan was to have the twins share a stone while Henry and Otto would get their own stones so that they could decorate them as they pleased (and I hoped it would turn out better than my failed birdhouse idea...)

Ours didn't quite turn out like the box, but that's ok!

As it turned out, Henry had a sick day from school so it was the perfect time to "test drive" this craft. It is DEFINITELY messy! I highly recommend doing it outside. I also learned that there's a narrow window for when the hand print will stay in the set plaster - meaning, it's not too wet, but still wet enough to put a print in it. We got a somewhat decent cast with Henry, but I decided it would be a terrible idea to try to get a print of the twins. This is definitely a craft that's good for older toddlers and children, not so much babies. Especially babies that are juuuuuust at the age where they stick everything in their mouths, and you can't control it. I knew the second I put their hand in that plaster, got it good and covered yet hadn't cleaned it off yet (because twins, and I'd have been busy sticking the other baby's hand in the plaster before it set too much) he'd eat a fist full of plaster. No thanks! We'll do another craft with them another day. Maybe this fall... I love a good fall craft, and they'll be turning one! No foreshadowing or anything.

You have to get the plaster at JUST the right time to mold a handprint in it!

After Henry's cast dried, Otto got to make one. Once his was dry, I decided to let them paint the front part of the stone. I wrote their names and years on the back side where the actual hand print is.

Overall, I'd say this is a fun craft for Father's Day if you're into making gifts. If your children are really young, however, I'd wait a few years. And most certainly do it outside! The dust really rises when you mix up the plaster, so much so that the kit includes a mask and gloves to wear. Plus, to clean out the bowl you mix it in, you'll want to do that in your yard with a hose because you don't want to rinse plaster down your sink or you'll ruin your plumbing. But as long as you can go outside and your kids are at least 3 (or so) years old, it's a fun way to make a personal Fathers Day gift. 


  1. what a great way to make a memory one tht dad will love

  2. Such a great idea. Nothing beats the effort that you will put to your gift. I bet his dad really loved it

  3. It's always great to put a little effort into your gifts so it has sentimental value.

  4. This is a really cool idea! I had the boys draw their hands and color them in once. I really like this one though.

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