An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Summer Schedule

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Summer Schedule

Happenings and musings as summer approaches

It made me laugh to write that title, because it's been hot here since the end of April and we've been out of school since mid-May, so "summer" has been happening here for ages, it seems. Or, you know, a few weeks. Anyway, with four kids aged 5 and under at home, the blog schedule is gonna change for a bit! More on that, what we're up to, and what I've been thinking and feeling lately - all about our summer schedule and a catch up post today.

First, the blog schedule. For the summer (June through Labor Day) I'm dropping down to one post a week, publishing new content on Mondays. Of course I'll be around on social media (be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook!) but blog traffic slows wayyyyyyy down in the summer months. Plus, I've enrolled in a marketing course which I'm SO excited about! I haven't done any "professional development" type things since 2015. I was literally 36 weeks pregnant with Otto the last time I went to a blog conference. I'm so pumped to get back in the saddle of learning and then taking those skills and applying them here. There will probably be exceptions to the new Monday's only schedule, but that's the plan. I'll pick back up again in the fall after Labor Day when ALL OF MY KIDS ARE IN SCHOOL! Oh my word y'all, I'm going to have the house to myself three days a week from 9-2 again. I'll be able to write and take photos without crying babies in the background. I'll be able to brainstorm at home again. I can't even... But until then, I'll be rounding out the summer with posts on Mondays.

I'm actually pretty excited for the slow down. I'm a mom to four kids. I'm on my last babies. I want to pull back so that I'm fully present and able to enjoy them. In the fall, they start preschool. This is the last time they'll be at home full time, so I want them to be my focus and the blog to be secondary. Even though I LOVE blogging and working, I know this phase of life is fleeting and I should slow down and enjoy it.

A weird side effect of blogging only what I personally enjoy for the last few months has been a surprising realization that I actually really like being at home and doing homebody, homemaking stuff. I'm looking forward to a slower blog pace to really focus on some new hobbies, including gardening and crafting. It will be fun to slow down a little, spend some time doing these outdoor summer toddler activities, and just enjoy life until the busy fall season hits.

Unless I'm just totally kidding myself and will have absolutely no time for such things. That's probably more accurate! But a girl can dream, right? I should have time to pursue personal interests with four kids at home, don't you think? Ha! What will more likely happen is we'll be up to a whole lot of what I wrote about in this post

On a personal note, I actually have some fun travel planned! We'll be here in Texas for the bulk of summer while my two older boys go to a summer camp. Then in August, before Henry starts kindergarten - and that starts Aug 15 down here in the South - we'll pack up my big ol' Yukon Denali XL and head down to the coast of Houston to rent a beach house for a week. My sister, her husband and son will fly in from Boston and my folks will fly in from Savannah, and we'll spend a week together on the beach as a family. My kids are already talking about how excited they are for it! I am too - I'll get to see my nephew and sister, be by the ocean, and enjoy family time with my mom. And we don't have to get on a plane! (Just a quick 6 hour drive, hahaha! Ahhhhh... Hopefully all goes well and is painless.)

Then in September, I'll be headed to NYC with my best friend from high school to go wedding dress shopping. I haven't been to NYC since 2009 so a full 10 years later... I'm excited! I also haven't left the state of Texas since early 2017. That's the issue with having all these babies. You never escape. But I will. Soon. And am so excited to be a part of my BFF's big day and fun event and to see NYC again (and remind myself why I live in Texas, because condensed cities like that are cool for a weekend, but drive me absolutely insane for any longer than 2-3 days.)

Come October, the twins turn one so we'll have a birthday bash for them/us, and I turn 35 four days later. One of my to-to's this summer is plan a trip for just me and my husband to celebrate the milestone birthday. Where should we go? Wine country in Oregon? The coast of California somewhere? New Orleans (my fave city)?! I need to get on trip planning, stat.

That's how the summer is gonna go around here! A nice slowed down pace for the summer before the insanely busy fall we have planned with travel and birthdays filling our time before the holiday season starts. I can't wait for the slowed down pace, hot weather, and maybe - just maybe! - some time in my slower summer schedule to do some hobbies. Anyone have any fun summer plans?


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