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Monday, August 3, 2020

Life Update! New Business Ventures

Best natural beauty brands for women and men, discovered

I took an unexpected month off of blogging, and it was much needed. There's been a ton of changes in my life recently - both personal and professional - and I had to take some time to process them and get them off the ground. What a crazy month it's been! Oh, 2020, I see you... Anyone else never ever want to hear the term social distancing, the new normal, mask up, or Covid ever again? Yeah, me too. But this post isn't a rant on current events, it's a life update, so let's jump in.

More to come on the personal aspect... I know y'all love a good personal life update, and trust me, I'll fill you in when I'm able. But this post is focusing on the professional things I'm transitioning to, which I think will probably be of interest to most of you.

Blogging has changed. When I started, it was about sharing ideas and thoughts and DIYs. It was a community. Back when I started, I loved everything about blogging! It was such a fun creative outlet, and I genuinely enjoyed meeting other bloggers, bouncing ideas off them, writing what was on my heart, and sharing my life with complete strangers on the internet. It also morphed into my major source of income, which was a huge bonus.

Blogging looks a little different now. I still love writing and idea sharing, but I'd prefer to talk about the things that I'm passionate about and that really matter to me. Taking on sponsored posts makes that challenging. One of the things I dislike most about reading other blogs are the sponsored posts that talk about products I KNOW that blogger doesn't use, and potentially doesn't even like. Frankly, it ruins the efficacy of the whole blog for me. I don't want this to be *that* kind of blog, so I'm switching my strategy. If brands are an excellent, and I mean seamless fit, for me and for the niche of this blog, I'll absolutely tell you about them. But I don't want to sell my soul or bore you will marketing content on brands that are of no interest to you.

All that said, I've fostered a new relationship with a natural beauty brand that I absolutely stand behind. Their products are, hands down, the best I've experienced in my (nearly) 36 years of living. It's a small company that handcrafts it's products in small batches from Colorado, and the owner is a complete gem. In fact, she donates (and it's a SHE owned company to boot!) a portion of her profits to end child trafficking, which as a mom of four children, I support 1000%.

I've honestly never been so excited to be a part of a company, and am proud to be a product ambassador for such high quality products that are organic, sustainable, helpful and woman-business-owned-centric. 

If you're interested in learning more, you can follow my Instagram account here, and I've also created a Facebook group to educate on natural beauty products, share DIYs, and essentially support a more natural lifestyle with a heavy focus on education and community. If that interests you, I'd love for you to join us, so click here to get in on it