An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Holiday Essential Oil Diffuser Blends


Monday, September 21, 2020

Holiday Essential Oil Diffuser Blends

What to put in your essential oil diffuser to make your home smell like the holidays without the risk (chemical or fire) of candles

I see it every year: moms in various mom groups online asking when Bath & Body Works is having a sale on their seasonal candles, which then sparks a debate about what smells are best and what candles are toxic and and and... Here's the thing. I LOVE my house smelling good. But have you ever walked by a Yankee Candle Company store in a mall and gotten an instant headache or felt a wave of nausea? Even when I walk by Bath & Body Works or the perfume section of of a department store and boom. Instant sore throat and headache. The best way I've found to have my home scented without the headache of candles (or the fire hazard with four young kids!) is essential oil blends in my diffuser. A common question I see in oily groups is that people don't know what oils to blend together for great holiday scents, so I'm rounding up my favorites for you to mix your own essential oil blends that will carry you through the holiday season.

Orange slices and chestnuts with three different essential oil diffuser blend recipes listed in font over the image

First off, a quick note on essential oil brands and quality. Revive is my favorite brand because they have pure oils (quality reports are published to their site - Young Living and Doterra don't do that!) that don't break the bank. How? Because there's no multi-level-marketing club to join, which essentially means you're not paying your "upline's" bonuses or their trips to Hawaii that you'll never get to go on. You simply buy the oil that you want, when you want it, and it ships free. The quality is the same as Young Living or doTERRA, but since you avoid the MLM drama, you don't have to pay their prices. If you're looking for high quality, affordable oils, check them out. You can use CODE PAIGE10 for 10% off your order, too. Plant Therapy, Eden's Garden and Living Libations are also great brands that won't rob you blind.

These diffuser blends are for a 500ml diffuser tank. So, if your diffuser is smaller, you might want to consider using less and if it's bigger then use more. Most of my tanks are 300-500ml, which means I basically use these drop amounts no matter what diffuser I'm filling. If you have a 200ml tank or less, however, I'd reduce the amount of oils used and if yours is much larger than 500ml, I'd definitely add more so that you smell it throughout the duration of your diffusing.

Favorite fall through Thanksgiving scents:
Sweet fall spice
- 10 drops sweet orange
- 7 drops cinnamon 
- 5 drops clove

Spicy fall spice
- 10 drops wild orange
- 10 drops clove

Pumpkin Pie
- 10 drops pumpkin pie
- 3 drops nutmeg
- 3 drops ginger

Candy canes and Christmas lights in the background with a text overlay of several holiday essential oil diffuser recipes

Favorite Christmas scents:
The Ultimate Christmas
- 7 drops Christmas tree
- 5 drops Holiday haven
- 5 drops Christmas morning

Homemade Christmas
- 8 drops balsam fir
- 4 drops cinnamon
- 4 drops clove
- 4 drops sweet orange
- 4 drops Protect

Christmas Cookie
- 7 drops vanilla
- 2 drops cinnamon
- 2 drops nutmeg
- 2 drops ginger

Favorite blends for the New Year:
Party Pants
- 10 drops Good Fortune
- 3 drops neroli

Fresh Beginnings 
- 5 drops Inspire
- 3 drops lemon
- 3 drops Royal

The smells of the holidays are one of the best parts, don't you think? They shape the memories of our children and help create a sense of nostalgia in adults. Candles are... fine, but these diffuser blends use real plant based materials to scent your home, which means you won't have headaches or burn toxic fumes in an enclosed space. Not to mention, diffusers are far safer if you have young kids or pets that want to touch the flame! Make your home smell amazing this year with these holiday essential oil diffuser blends, and ditch those dangerous candles. 


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