An Uncomplicated Life Blog: How To Plan the BEST Birthday Party For A 1 Year Old

Monday, May 18, 2015

How To Plan the BEST Birthday Party For A 1 Year Old

It's no secret that our little peanut turned one on Saturday.

It's also no secret that I don't care for typical children's parties. They're an extensive amount of work for the parents hosting the party, they're not fun for parents bringing their children to said party, and if you're inviting child-less friends to come and celebrate too, forget it. They'll despise it (this is FACT: I was speaking with two non-kiddo friends who had to endure these types of parties recently and both wanted to poke their eyes out).

So how did we celebrate? We cooked for two days, bought several cases of beer and wine, got some fancy cupcakes and a few cutesy decorations from my friends at They have the BEST invitations and decorations for all sorts of celebrations - showers, birthdays, anniversaries and more!

Half of the spread

The morning of the party, I headed to a party supply store and got some balloons, just to be extra festive. I just beat the rush, and holyguacamole, what is with the excessive princess crap for children's birthdays?! The woman in front of me bought $70 worth of princess balloons. #Iwillneverbethatwoman

 Ahem. Back to the awesome party we threw.

Cupcake flags/banners from Minted!

We had about 35 people eat and drink their way through Henry's party. Corn hole was a massive hit with the 15 months-4 year old demographic. Henry was passed from person to person, drooling this thanks on all the guests. My mom managed the food situation. And the weather, which has been about six weeks of a non-stop monsoon here in Dallas, cleared and the sun shined!

Henry had his first taste of refined sugar, and my health-nut-obessed-self can rest easy. He hated it. #dodgedthatbullet

Not impressed with cupcakes, despite the blue icing and spinkles

Everyone said it was the best one year old birthday party they had been to! Even a dear friend who's hosting his daughter's first birthday party at the end of the month said, "You win at one year old birthday parties." #fistbump

Here's the thing folks: Your kid is turning one. Do you remember your first birthday? Me neither. So plan your party for the adults who are coming. Especially consider the folks who have rambunctious three and four year olds - have some activities for them to expel their energy, and some alcohol for mom and dad. Have a few things for kiddos to do that are in easy view of where parents can gather and socialize.

Keep it simple. The fewer fussy, high maintenance things you provide, the more fun EVEY ONE will have!



  1. $70 in balloons? Um, no thank you! It looks and sounds like you nailed your party!

  2. Oh dear his face with the cupcake is just the best!!! I loved all your details - great job girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. this is my kind of kid party! i totally agree - i'm childless, and i love my kids friends.. but parties aren't necessarily my jam because they are filled with several other people and their kids all vying for the attention of the birthday kid.. if that makes sense. i'd rather just hang out with my friends and their kids so i can monopolise the kid's attention. haha! I love that Henry wasn't impressed with the cupcakes - that's fabulous! let's hope he stays that way ;)

  4. You rocked it! Perfect mix of kid friendly activities and adult fun. Booze should be available at every birthday party, regardless of the age of the person being celebrated...

  5. Now this is how to throw a little kid's birthday! As someone who doesn't have kids yet but gets invited to my friend's parties for their kids, I would enjoy a party like this way more. And the kid would still have tons of fun!

  6. Yes! That's exactly what we did. Food, drinks, and way more adults than kids. Now that A will be turning 4 this year it may transition to a "drop your kids off, or we're doing a princess tea" type of party, but for the first 3 years it was much more geared toward adults.

  7. so so true! I never understood all the hoopla about making it about the baby, it should be about the parents! My friends had a "we managed to keep our baby alive" party for their son's first bday and it was awesome

  8. I would have TOTALLY been down to party with y'all. I'm actually kind of bummed we missed it... stupid anniversaries. ;)

  9. Wow, you truly nailed this birthday party. I love your cupcakes. They look so delicious. His face with that cupcake is so hilarious. Love this picture! Anyway, I also attended a grand New York city party yesterday. I enjoyed a lot there with my friends.

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  13. Their children to said party, and if you're inviting child-less friends to come and celebrate too, forget it.