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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Shop Texas: Fredricksburg

Yesterday's post was all about traveling to and around Fredricksburg, TX, and I mentioned some of the fantastic shopping. Logically, today's follow-up post is all about shopping Fredricksburg!

What I loved most about shopping in Fredricksburg (besides the PERFECT weather, friendly people and hillsides covered in wild flowers) was how unique everything was. There were no big-box stores in sight, and the stores along main street carried a wide variety of unique items.

Unsurprisingly, there were also a large number of "Texas" themed treasures. You know this thrilled me, because I'm currently wrapping up my Texas-themed dining room!

Alas, we'll start there. Behold! My Texas themed items:

Wood and metal Texas wall art from Junque Dynasty

Reprint of 1930's Wild West Show advertisement from Yee Haw Ranch Outfitters

Henry also scored big on this trip. We found this adorable antique rocking horse just outside of Fredricksburg:

Refurbished antique rocking horse from Junque Dynasty

And at Natural Baby, they had the CUTEST clothes and I died at all these adorable leather shoes. (I have a thing for baby shoes.) I got Henry the elephant pair!

I wish I knew someone who just had a little girl, because this feather romper melted my heart!

As I mentioned, we stayed in Austin, not Fredricksburg. Well wouldn't you know, it was the Pecan Street Festival, and it was right outside our hotel door. It made for some fun nights and even quirkier shopping! We saw these prints of our dogs with alcohol and just had to grab a pair that resembled our four-legged babies.

Top pic resembles Otis Beaufort, bottom doggie resembles Baxter. Booze hounds!

While I'm typically not a shopper, it was so nice to spend a weekend away with the hubs, enjoy the nice weather and see a new part of Texas! It was also great to finish getting all the things to round out my Texas themed dining room. More to come on that!


  1. Hahahaha Oh my gosh! I love those prints of the dogs.
    And that Texas?! Swoon. You scored BIG girl.
    That rocking horse? So sweet.
    Fredericksburg is one of my favorite places to shop because everything is so unique.

  2. If you would have come back with nothing but that rocking horse it would have been worth it - what a great find! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Love it!!! looks like you got some great stuff. I need that Texas metal and wood wall art!

  4. Love the TX sign! And that rocking horse. Oh my gosh how adorable! Such great finds!

  5. I love, love, love that old Wild West print. That's going to look so good with the rest of your stuff. Small town main street shops are my favorite. I could (and usually do) spend all day going in and out of little places like that.

  6. Oh that feather romper I can't even! So cute!!!! I am obsessed with those elephant shoes definitely keep those around ;-) Fredricksburg looks like such a great weekend day trip away!

  7. What great finds! I really like the Texas sign. I'd want one for Florida!

  8. Awesome finds! Have you been to the Fredericksburg Trade Days? Oh my goodness it is amazing!!!

  9. oh my gosh how cute is that feather romper? i want it, haha. and those shoes! the elephant ones were such a good pic, so cute! and that rocking horse!!! GIVE IT TO ME.

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