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Friday, May 15, 2015

5 Things I'm Excited About

I'mma have to keep this Friday Favorites post quick and to the point, since SO much is going on this week and this weekend! I thought I'd round up a few of the things I'm most excited about:

One - Hubs turned another year wiser on Thursday, so we got to check out a new dive bar. The man loves dive bars and burgers! We check out a new one every year for his birthday, and it usually gets added into the regular rotation.

38?! When did my husband get so old?

UPDATE: We went to Lakewood Landing as we heard it was a top 10 burger joint in Dallas. Upon entering, we were asked to leave because they didn't allow kids in the place. So, F*** YOU Lakewood Landing! We found another place to eat, where Henry was welcomed and adored. So many "trendy hotspot" eateries in Dallas aren't kid friendly and I just don't understand it.

Two - Henry turns the big O-N-E on Saturday, and we're throwing a big party for him! Not the lame kiddy party, with a petting zoo and clowns and whatnot. He's one y'all, he won't even remember this. No, we're throwing an adult party with alcohol and yard games, and if the invitee happens to have a kid(s), it's cool if they come too. That's how children's birthday parties SHOULD be, especially when they're too young to remember. Nobody wants to sit around sans-cocktail and watch little Sally scream and open presents she doesn't even deserve while eating mediocre food. We're not those lame parents. I bought party hats. Boom.

Party in the front, business in the back: Our invites look innocent, but the back explains just what kind of party this is!

Three - Because our Lil' H is turning one, my mom is flying into town to celebrate with us! And help me cook for all these folks who have RSVP'd for the par-tay. Thank. Goodness.

Four - Do you see that cake I got for hubs birthday? I get to spend the next few days 24 hours polishing off that yummy piece of perfection. See y'all next week when I'm plus five pounds!

Five - BOTH my boys have birthday's this week! Remind me next year to clear my calendar two weeks in advance to better prepare for this madness.

Have a great weekend y'all! Linking up with Amanda, Karli, H54F and Miranda!


  1. happy birthday to your boys!

    i don't get bday parties that serve no booze. adults are there, kids are there, everyone should have a good time! :D

  2. WHOA!? Hold the phone...a place actually asked you to leave because of a kid? That is...almost unheard of. Holy cow! And favorite thing about bdays is the leftover cake I get to snack on for a week... :)

  3. My husband loves dive bars too! Happy Birthday to all the men in your life!! :) And have an amazing weekend!!

  4. That adult-style birthday party sounds awesome, and very practical! I hear about people spending thousands of dollars on their child's first birthday, when the child won't even remember it.

  5. I almost understand SOME places not being kid friendly... but a burger joint? is this real life?? wtf. i would leave just on principle.
    i do not envy you having 2 big birthdays in one week! i do envy you that cake though, yum. and i love your style of birthday parties, if we ever do parties for our kids that will be our style as well. have a good weekend!

  6. They wouldn't LET you in? Seriously? Yeah. F that place. Henry is such a great baby, anyway.

    Happy birthday Kirk!!

    I wish we were going to be at Henry's party! One year, can you believe it?! Happy birthday tomorrow, sweet Henry!

  7. Happy Birthday to both your boys! Have a great weekend!

  8. Lots of lovely celebrations for both your boys!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend my friend!


  9. Stopping by from the linkup. Happy 1st Birthday, Henry!!!

  10. And, wait, they asked you to LEAVE? Seriously, screw them!!!

  11. Your kid birthday philosophy is the SH*T! I wish more people would adopt that idea when it comes to the little ones. I'm happy to attend a crazy, all-out party with the kiddos (I'm usually the adult in the bounce house trying not to spill her wine), but for a one-year-old? Nope. Happy birthday to both your boys!

  12. okay, for some reason your posts aren't showing up in my Bloglovin' feed every day. I just saw this one! I just need to start going directly to your URL. I had no idea your hubby was 38. He doesn't look a day over 34. ;)
    So glad Henry's bday was a big hit! Not surprising to me though, I feel like we have very similar party styles (the more food and drinks the merrier!).
    And screw that place that asked you to leave! That is ridiculous and they should be ashamed.