An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Travel Texas: Fredricksburg

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Travel Texas: Fredricksburg

When you think "Texas" do you think tumble weeds blowing in the wind, cactus, cowboy boots, over-sized highway passes and guns?

You might. But you'd be wrong. Way, way wrong.

Wild flowers run rampant in Texas Hill Country

Hubs and I ventured out to Hill Country this past weekend for a quick getaway. We stayed in downtown Austin, but spent the day traveling an hour out to Fredricksburg. There also happens to be some of the most beautiful wineries I've ever seen, and my reference for comparison is Napa Valley.

It. Is. Gorgeous.

It's a historic downtown with a charming, bustling main street. Every shop was lively and booming, and every parking spot was full (we somehow managed to snag one in the heart of downtown, at the strike of noon. Lucky ones, we were!).

Fredricksburg, TX

The shops range from stereotypical cowboy, Wild West-ern apparel to organic, bamboo baby clothes. There's a local brewery that's been in business for over 20 years and wine shops from the area wineries. There's beautiful local sandstone buildings and classic, 1800's brick and mortar with wrap-around front porches.

Texas limestone building in Fredricksburg, TX
Historic charm of Fredricksburg, TX

Fredricksburg has cute B&B's to stay in as well as hotels. Or, you could do what we did and stay in Austin, about an hour and 10 minutes (with traffic) drive away. A scenic, beautiful drive to boot, full of additional antique and treasure shops!

After you check out all the shops, there's a Pacific War museum, parks, and winery after winery where you can smell, sample and taste all the flavors of the Texan soil.

Of course, this IS Texas. There is a little Western flavor to be had, even in the midst of a beautiful historic town!

Just outside Fredricksburg, TX, one can find plenty of Western treasures!

And pass a truck full of longhorns.

Have you been to Fredricksburg, Texas yet?!


  1. How cute is this little town? I've never been to Texas, but I would love to visit sometime soon. I think I'm going to just have to do a road trip so I can visit all these places I've been hearing about.

  2. Oh Fredericksburg. I seriously love it. I'm sad we missed being there this past weekend. I know the wild flowers would have been out of this world!
    I'm glad you got to experience it!

  3. Fredericksburg is one of my most fave places ever but its second to Wimberley. They both are so scenic with such an awesome downhome vibe. I love the wineries all around and of course being that close you have to stop at Luckenbach and have a drink and buy a tshirt.

  4. I haven't properly been to Texas yet!!! I love how open everything is there! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. I've heard Fredricksburg is awesome. Don't believe I've been there but hope to go sometime!

  6. I love Fredricksburg!! Such a pretty town :) You should definitely see Guerne! Just as pretty :)

  7. Just another city I need to add to my 'must see' in Texas!! This place looks adorable. Glad you guys had a good weekend!

  8. oh my goodness, that last picture! that would freak me out. lol.
    Fredricksburg looks amazing :) I hope to travel and see more of Texas one day!

  9. One of my favorite towns! But really, all of the hill country is beautiful.

  10. Yay! I'm so glad you were able to make it to Fredericksburg! I think we'll be going this weekend to do a wine tour. I've been wanting to..the last one we did was like 4 years ago. My parents live only 15 mins outside of Fredericksburg so I've been a billion times and still love it :) I've stayed at a B&B since my parents are so close but I've heard that they're great.

  11. I haven't been to Texas in years and years, but I've been trying to wrangle some way to go to Austin to visit two of my friends sometime this or next year! This town is so pretty! :D

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