An Uncomplicated Life Blog: High Five for Friday!

Friday, April 25, 2014

High Five for Friday!

Hey Friday, heeyyyyyyyy!!

I, for one, am pretty excited for this weekend. It's our coed baby shower and housewarming party! This is probably our last big event at the house until after baby joins us... And since this is Texas, this might be the last planned outdoor event until October. Ahhhh, Texas summers...

So here are some of the highlights from my week as my mother-in-law and I prepped to co-host (along with my fabulous friends Brennan and Jenny!) the big event:

1) I had the opportunity to do a little crafting... Here is a little taste of what will be at the party this weekend:

Bow ties around silverware!

2) Since we had a visitor in town all week, and she just so happens to be future baby boy's grandma, we did a little shopping... And managed to get another load of baby necessities! After the shower this weekend, we'll take stock of what's left to get and make the final rounds of purchases for baby. He could be here in as little as three weeks and as long as eight! Whoa.

3) I've been wanting to add color in the form of flowers to our backyard since we moved in in late February! Typically this can be done in March, but with our bizarre winter and random temperature swings made me hold off until this week. It now looks like people have made this house a home!

4) I came across what was easily a three to four inch cockroach in our house the other day... I don't do well with cockroaches. In Georgia, they're even bigger and they FLY, so I've dealt with worse than this creepy fella. But wouldn't you know, our dog Baxter LOVES to kill bugs! Any bugs! All bugs! And gross little lizards, too! Better than that, he seemed to sense my distress, came out of nowhere, and jumped in on that nasty situation. Killed that cockroach dead. *Somebody* got an extra treat that night! He's a good guy to have around when your husband-bug-killer is traveling.

5) Did I mention it's our coed baby shower and housewarming party this weekend? Because it is. The classiness of this event is ranging from petit fours and custom cake pops to water balloons and drinking games. 'Nuf said.

Have a fantastic weekend!


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