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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Interior Design: Sneak Peek UPDATE

I made mention in this post that we had made some major progress in the nursery. Several weeks ago now, we realized that we had done absolutely nothing to prepare for this baby outside of picking out our midwives and going to prenatal appointments. So we shifted into high gear and started to get our act together... You know, since he's scheduled to be here in less than eight weeks. Oops!

This was the first post I did about the nursery. Here's where we're at now:

As I mentioned, I think it's important to have a calming space for a newborn. Little baby had to endure a lot of trauma to enter the world (hey, whoa! So did mama) and they just excited the only place in the world that would provide consistent, perfect climate and care for them (you know, the womb). So I'm not a real big fan of bright colors and loud prints in a nursery - I want to keep it as calming and comforting as possible.

As you can see, I've kept up with the neutrals, soft greens and blues. Oddly, it's been extremely easy to find this shade of green everywhere. The chair-side table was found on; the shelf is from Home Goods; the safari prints in the frames are from Etsy; the monogram letters I made myself with supplies from Micheal's; the elephant light is from Pottery Barn Kids off our registry (thanks, mama!); the grey giraffe blanket is also from Pottery Barn Kids; the chair and gliding ottoman are from Babies R Us.

Things are starting to come together! Our crib, crib mattress and changing table are scheduled to arrive the last week of May, and after those get put together, we'll pretty much be set. We have a few more necessities to purchase. You know, like an adequate supply of diapers (we learned this last weekend that newborns go through 70-90 diapers a week. WHUT), some bathing supplies, and a few more sleep sacks (we also learned this weekend that Kirk needs to work on his snapping skills. Thus, baby boy will be sleeping in sleep sacks as the hubby is on burping/diaper duty after my feeding duty... and I do NOT want to hear him struggle with the snaps of a footie pajama when I'm trying to go back to sleep.)

Outside of that, we're ready! Now. We just need to get prepared. Nobody around here is prepared, I can tell you that much.

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