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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Game Changer

I went to my local Target to restock on my Burt's Bees favorite skin item, which I talked all about here. And I couldn't find it! Whole Foods wasn't carrying it when I did my weekly shopping, either. This was the second time in the past month that this has happened. Ummm, is this some sort of joke?!

I was left a little bewildered in the skin care aisle. What else was there to do but check out some of the other products, right? I had noticed these facial cleansing towelettes before, and my Target was running a sale on them so that they were all of about $5. There were multiple varieties to choose from given your individual skin's needs, so I went with the grapefruit as I have breakout-prone skin.

Kind of funny that they're 99.1% natural, right?! I wonder what that .9% is made of...

Guys. GUYS. These smell ahhhh-maze-zing! They leave your face with a nice tingling clean feeling (and also leaves that fresh scent behind). It removed all my makeup - even stubborn eye makeup - without any scrubbing or harsh rubbing necessary.

I don't know about you, but sometimes getting ready for bed with the whole skincare routine just seems like SO MUCH WORK. Especially if I might have happened to fall asleep on the couch first, then have to force myself into responsibility with personal care. Those are the nights when even taking out contacts seems like a lot of work, nawwhutimean? These wipes will come in so handy for those nights!

I also am going to pick up another pack and keep them in my yoga bag. We're now to the point where it's +/- 90 degrees everyday and starting to get good and sticky. Having these in my gym bag to freshen up after a sweat-session will feel GREAT! They don't leave behind any residue that makes you feel weighed down or perhaps like you're contributing to any future breakouts. They just leave you feeling clean and refreshed, which is exactly what you want after a great yoga class!

I don't know why I can't seem to find my beloved blemish stick anywhere these days, but I'm rather glad I couldn't that day. This was a great accidental find! Don't get too excited, I'm not a walking spokeswoman for Burt's Bees. In fact, the last two products of theirs have left me disappointed... But my faith was restored with this fantastic, compact, travel-friendly and effective product.

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