An Uncomplicated Life Blog: 5 Tips for Creating Business Partnerships with Your Blog

Friday, June 12, 2015

5 Tips for Creating Business Partnerships with Your Blog

One of the best parts of being a blogger is creating business partnerships with other brands. Not only is it fun to learn about new companies and play with their products, but getting paid actual cash to blog is an awesome perk!

However, unless you have professional, office-level experience, it's easy to unintentionally offend potential business partnerships. You may even be turning away potential collaborations without realizing it!

So what are some great ways to create, build and maintain those partnerships? I've narrowed it down to 5 must-follow steps. Implement these in your blogging communications, and watch your site soar with great (and lucrative) business and brand partnerships!

1) Be professional in your email. Open with a salutation. Thank the business/brand manager for reaching out to you or thinking of your blog. Be clear about what you want and what you're willing to do for them. Do NOT use "text talk" such as "u" "ur" "srsly" and so on. Spell out your words and make sure you're using the right conjugation of your verb. Proper etiquette and grammar go miles with businesses!

2) Respond in a timely fashion, always. Don't wait two days to answer an email or return a phone call. Be available. Remember, blogs are a dime a dozen and if you keep a business waiting, they might find someone else who better meets their needs.

3) Know the quick stats on your blog. Be ready to answer how many social media followers you have in any given channel at the drop of a hat, as well as your monthly page views and unique monthly visitors. Know where to find more detailed information should they request it, such as your readers interests, or weekly engagement stats like comments and social media interaction numbers. It's YOUR site. You're the expert. Make sure you know and own your analytics, too.

4) Be assertive. I have a price for sponsored posts that includes details on what the sponsor "gets." I've had companies try to talk me down, or say they "don't have a budget for paid posts right now." Great, find another blogger! They don't work for free or a fraction of their salary - why should I? Respectfully ask for what you want out of the partnership.

5) Be flexible. If they want certain legal language in your post, insert it. If they want your post to go live on a certain day and time, try to honor that request. Be the kind of person YOU would want to work with.

Have you built any brand or business partnerships with your blog? Do you have any other tips for creating and maintaining the best relationship possible?


  1. Yes to all of these! I've had some success in building brand partnerships with my blog. Emails are such a big part of it! Being professional and responding quickly is a big part of it. My next goal is to get a media kit made to send along with my emails.

    1. Media kits are great too! They're essential when YOU'RE the one pitching the brand. But when the brand contacts you, I've found that they're not interested in attachments and fluffy designed pieces about your numbers. They want that info in an email and easily accessible/viewable! And this information applies to phone calls, too - but since we're on a written platform, I've found most brands reach out to me via email first :)

  2. Could not agree more with #4!!! If I'm taking time to do something that will promote your business that I believe in - then I feel that should be reciprocated as well! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Yes! I try to maintain a very professional partnership between companies. This is my business, my brand!
    But then again, nothing bugs me more than when a company doesn't reciprocate that. When they send mass emails by copy and pasting to 100 bloggers? That annoys me.

  4. #4 forever! They wouldn't work for free so why should I? Always try to be professional for sure. Agree with Jaelan's comment, I hate when their email is a general "we want you!" email. Um, no you don't, you just want anyone.

  5. Great advice! I'm just starting my blog so these tips are perfect. Stopping by from Feature Friday's Linkup :)

  6. Love this! This is even true with any business relationship. I deal with clients who will email me using "ur, u..." and other things like that! It immediately makes me not want to work them. Great post! Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. I feel like this is also a post that the brands themselves should read. I can't tell you how many unprofessionally written/mass emails I've received from brands who are offering nothing in return for hours of work, take days to respond to their own pitch, have no idea what they actually want you to write about, and are unwilling to change/be flexible with anything. I realize that every blogger gets these types of emails, but I just wonder if these brands know how badly they are embarrassing themselves. Last week a major brand emailed a pitch to me with the subject "Collaboration with Amanda Writes". My jaw hit the floor. It's one thing to get my name wrong but when it's also the title of my website, that shows a level of laziness I can't condone. There wasn't even a whiff of an apology when I clearly corrected it in the reply.

  8. Yes yes and yes! I have that email ready to go that is a catch all reply back that lists my stats and why I should get paid what I get paid to write a post for them. It is so unsettling to see how many respond back with "sorry don't have funds but I PROMISE I'll display it out through our social media links" suuuuureee

  9. great info! especially number 1. It drives me nuts when people write cause or ur. Thanks for the tips.

  10. Great list, and I agree, #4 all the way! I'm working on deciphering the more detailed info on Google Analytics these days. And you would think some of these would be common sense, like correct grammar and professionalism, right?

  11. these are great tips! i love the part about them not working for a fraction of their salary.. so true!

  12. Paige, this is great info. Thank you! I have been trying to work through some of this myself, and brands are contacting me but not willing to pay for posts, etc. This really helps! FAB post!