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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

When You're Just "Over" Blogging

When you read this, it will be sometime Wednesday, but currently it's Tuesday afternoon. And try as I might, I just can't muster up anything to write about.

I spent a solid 15 minutes on this site, which is an awesome blog post generator, and I even got some great blog post ideas to write about in the future! But not for today. No, today, I'm just over blogging.

Maybe it's because I just had a super challenging barre workout, then came home to scarf down three pieces of veggie pizza from last night. Maybe I'm sluggish.

Or maybe it's because I'm reading so many awesome recaps of other bloggers summer vacations, and we have nothing - zero, nada, zilch - for travel on the books. Perhaps I'm having a bit of travel FOMO/jealously and it's blocking my writing ability.

Then again, it could be that my child is currently cutting eight teeth, four of them molars, and has been whining nonstop for about 48 hours. Maybe Henry has whined the creativity out of my head.

Anyway you want to slice it, I'm currently "over" blogging. Better yet, I took a whole post to tell you that! I have great posts planned over the next week, but today there was a blank space in my planner where my blog post idea should have been.

And instead of busting a$$ to fix it, I'm just over here like meh.

So I'm just going to keep on humpin' through this Hump Day. Blog on, bloggers! I'm sitting this one out so I can digest all this pizza while I stalk your vacay pics and listen to a whiny, teething toddler.

Similar to the veggie pizza I just crushed. Image source.


  1. I get that way once or twice a year, when blogging because more of a dreaded chore than a fun hobby, to the point that I've (on several occasions) considered giving it up completely. I think all bloggers have doubts and meh and just being over blogging days now and then.

  2. Oh how well I know that feeling. I've definitely been in situations where I can see the "bigger" blogging picture, but the present is just too blank. The good news is that it doesn't last. And in the mean time... enjoy that veggie pizza girlfriend.

  3. that happens to all of us. these days i don't feel like blogging either; i'd rather bake or spend time outside or do other things other than blogging. i have a ton of drafts that i could post but i can't even muster up the energy to do that at times. just blog when you want! we'll be here :)

  4. Shrug it off.. It'll pass.

    Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere this summer and anything I had hoped for is now down the tubes. One of our dogs has a torn cruciate ligament and possibly miniscus and needs a $3k surgery. Post surgery recovery looks awful and I'm trying to find the positive in it and having a tough time.. I guess it could be worst.

    Hope today is a Better one for you!

  5. Good for you! When the creative juices aren't flowing, there is no use in trying to force it. Enjoy your day "off"!

  6. Sometimes I just stare at a blank screen and have Mark asking me what is for dinner or if I want peppers added to the stir fry and then he has sports center blaring in the back ground and I'm like you know what sounds better than writing a blog post? Food and the couch. Yup. I'm always under the impression if the creativity isn't flowing don't worry about it.....we will be here when it does :-) Now I want pizza!

  7. It happens to all of us. Whenever I have a blogging block, I take a break. A little break is always want I need. Enjoy your day off and I hope your little one feels better soon. Cutting teeth is so painful for them.

  8. We've all been there, and taking a blog break can be quite refreshing. It's your space, and it'll be here when you're ready to come back. And now you have me totally craving veggie pizza :)

  9. Oh girl I feel ya. I have this feeling often. Especially when I'm totally overwhelmed with life and have so much going on and I'd just rather read blogs (which I've been piss poor at lately anyways) than write one.
    And on the vacay note, just hop a plane to Seattle. The weather is gorg, so much to do and A would love to play with Henry. :)

  10. We all feel that way sometimes! I love your honesty. That pizza looks delicious.

  11. I definitely feel this way sometimes! I think it's awesome that you wrote this honest post instead of trying to put together a recipe or tutorial. Usually I feel this way when I'm trying to do to much. Stepping back and taking a break always helps!

  12. i think we all get like that. well, not the toddler part because i don't have one of those. but if i keep barreling on without a break every now and again, i'll run myself into the ground!

  13. I find myself rarely blogging these days too. But I blame it on summer. Blogging is meant for rainydays and not when the sun is shining and you got a beach in your backyard.