An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Daddy's Second Father's Day


Monday, June 22, 2015

Daddy's Second Father's Day

This weekend was hubs second Father's Day. Which, being the terrible wife I am, I completely forgot. Not the Father's Day part, I remembered that! But the part where Henry was already born by Father's Day last year, making this hubs' second daddy's day.  I'll chalk that up to pregnancy brain... Either pregnancy brain from last year or this. I have options with these back-to-back pregnancies. #perks

Anyway, I did NOT forget Father's Day. Henry and I teamed up and made daddy a cute print (thanks Pinterst!) with Henry's foot print on it, and got him a card. The card was for a daddy's first Father's Day, because, you know, pregnancy brain.

I asked hubs if he wanted me to make breakfast or dinner or anything special. You know what he wanted? Donuts. So he got up early with Lil' H and went to get fresh donuts. He tried to get Henry on board with the morning sugar rush, but I don't think he was successful.

Squiggly toddlers and nonstop Seattle-quality-weather make for grainy photos. He spit the donut out. That's my boy!

Any outdoor plans were rained out, just like for Mother's Day, so we kept the day simple and restful. After his sugar rush, he opened his present. Crafting tip: if you have a toddler as squirmy as mine, do this when they're sleeping! Blue paint was ev-er-y-where!

After daddy got a nap in, we went to yoga. Yes, I got my husband into yoga! He thought it was just a bunch of stretching, so I dragged him to a class a few years ago. He was hooked! The man works some 70-80 hours a week and can't make class during the workweek, but we've made it our tradition to go to a Sunday afternoon class every week together.

Daddy wanted tacos after yoga, so we hit up our favorite taco joint (literally, called Taco Joint. If you live in Dallas and haven't been, you're wasting your life away!) where daddy had a few cervezas and I over-indulged my pregnancy love for fountain root beer.

After we put our little man to sleep, we curled up on the couch and turned on one of the BEST SHOWS ON TV - True Detective. If you didn't watch last season, holyschmolly you're missing out! We hope this season can live up to Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson's greatness in season one.


  1. Love that footprint art! We made my hubs "Yoda Best Dad" handprint art (he's a big Star Wars fan). We just finished watching last season one of True Detective last week and caught the premier of season two last night - already hooked!

  2. That print is seriously the sweetest thing ever - I think next year you should do both of the little ones feet :) Glad your husband had a wonderful day with you guys! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. We watched True Detective last night, too! I didn't know how they were going to follow up with season 2 since the first was SO good, but I think I'm digging this story line.

    Yay for fathers and Father's Day!

  4. I saw the preview of that and anything with Rachel McAdams in it I'm sold. I love her. Seriously that is the sweetest present and you are always thinking! When they are sleeping so smart! I can't believe how big Henry is getting! Such a big boy!!

  5. Aww, what a fun day! It sounds like you made your hubby feel extra special yesterday.

  6. That was such a sweet present. So thoughtful.

  7. That little footprint art is soooo cute! And yes, totally blame everything on the pregnancy brain, because it is for sure a legitimate excuse! The problem is though, then it just becomes mom brain and it gets worse and worse with each baby and year... :(

  8. Sounds like a perfect Father's Day to me. You even got a workout in. Love it! And Henry's footprints. Precious!

  9. Donuts and Bottomless rootbeer - sugar rush indeed! Atleast tacos and yoga balanced it out :)

  10. aww what a sweet fathers day! love that y'all do yoga together. and that Henry is not on board with the sugar rush, lol.