An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Friday Favorites September 25 Edition

Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Favorites September 25 Edition

Ahhhh, my first weekend at home or without house guests since mid-August! I'm SO looking forward to just relaxing and spending a quiet weekend at home after all our travel, guests and blog conferences. I was going to write something conference-related, but I'm tired of that so I'm betting you are too. Alas, here are some of my favorite things and experiences that happened the week of September 25:

1) Baby style! I cannot for the life of me find Christmas jammies in a 3T and a newborn size that are the same print. Grrr! However, in one of the multiple attempts I've made, I found these gems at Target. Yes, I just said I found cute clothes at Target. That's a first for me. Maybe I'm slowly coming around to TargetStyle... Maybe.

Oh, it sounds insanely early to be worrying about Christmas jammies? You clearly don't live in Dallas. The psychos here do all their shopping months in advance. If I waited until, say, November to make this purchase, I'd be left with a few mismatched socks and a small pile of wrinkled and stained returned items. I'm not a fan of this aspect of Dallas, lest you couldn't tell. 

2) Workouts! I'm allllllllmost in my third trimester, and I'm still working out 5-6 days a week. I feel great in barre and yoga classes, in fact. It's kept my weight gain nice and low, my energy up, and my arms nice and strong for carrying a 30 pound toddler through parking lots! I make him walk everywhere else now. Mama too big fo dat.

3) The master bath is getting close to done! Vanities and cabinets go in today and counter top slabs will be cut a week after that. My custom designed (by yours truly!) river stone shower is done and my soaker tub is installed. The finish line is near!

Bathroom remodel: custom designed river stone shower #bathroom #design
What's left open will be glass - yet to be installed, of course. That shower head was installed at the 8ft mark. This bathroom is built for tall people, and my tall heart is singing in joy!
 4) So much love! I received so much positive feedback from this post, it honestly made my entire month of September! Some of the emails I've gotten this week are the kindest I've ever got in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

5) The photgraphy improvements are real! You read here about how I'm attempting to up my Instagram game. One of the biggest parts of that is improving my photography and the way I style photos. I have a house with great light, but desperately needed better backgrounds for close-up shots. I'm working on a DIY back drop that I'll be sharing next week!

Post coming next week!
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  1. So stoked for the background post next week! I totally understand about Christmas shopping now, I don't even have fall things out at my house yet and I already feel so behind on the season ha! Have a great weekend, lady!

    Linds @ Not A Mom

  2. The bathroom looks AWESOME girl!! Can't wait to see it all done!
    Target definitely has some hidden gems for clothing pieces. I've gotten some stuff there that I get more compliments on than things I've spent way more money on. But it can definitely be hit or miss!

  3. I cannot WAIT to see the finished bathroom. SO so exciting.

    Can't wait to see your backdrop plan! I painted a board and that's what I'm using.

  4. Your bathroom is looking so great!! And great job keeping up with working out in the 3rd trimester! #rockstar I really can't wait for your backdrop post. I'll be DIYing one too, I'm sure, after reading it.

  5. Your bathroom is really coming along!!! I can't wait to see the before and after pictures! Dallas is crazy town it sounds like. I may have to start sending you things from FL if they keep on running out there. Yeah I want to see your backdrop DIY post. My house is like a black dungeon so I got a lighting kit that is still in its box but soon it will make it's way out ;-)

  6. This is an exciting week for Friday Favorites! Yay for Christmas jammies and master bathroom progress. I love that sneak peek of your shower. It's turning out so good! And way to go with still working out 5-6 days! You are awesome.

  7. Your master bath is looking gorgeous - love the colors!! Go you for working out so much - that's awesome! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. Yay for the bathroom coming along! Like everyone else, can't wait to see the finished product. And my house has the worst light ever. I need all the help I can get in the photo department so I'm looking forward to your backdrop DIY.
    Have a nice, relaxing weekend my dear!

  9. The bathroom looks gorgoeus! Love the colors you picked!

  10. This post is so great full of positivity it makes one smile ☺

  11. Matching PJs are available now on and if you find a store you can get them 20% off or watch for sales and get them even cheaper :-).

    And your bathroom looks awesome.

  12. Your bathroom is looking gorgeous! I can't wait to see the finished product. I've been tackling house projects like crazy this week. And cooking up a storm. I'm trying to incorporate more vegetarian dishes, just because they're so easy to do on a weeknight. Other than that, it's attempting to be a backyard gardener (I have sprouts!) and planning some fun fall things for my husband and I. Other than my atrocious allergies, I have no complaints.

  13. I can't WAIT to see your backdrop. I need ideas, desperately! I love how your shower is coming along!

  14. The master bath look awesome - even before it's finished!! - Svetlana @Life With a Side of Wine

  15. Your bathroom looks INSANE! You have to pretty please do a full tour when it is all done! I am dying to see it!

  16. Your bathroom is beautiful!!! I should probably get shopping for Christmas pajamas too for my baby.. I can definitely see every store here being out by the time it's closer.

  17. I love me some Target style! And that shower is gorgeous!
    Morgan |

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