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Monday, January 23, 2017

An Interview With The Hubs

On our third wedding anniversary, I asked my husband some questions on then and now

I see other bloggers have their husband's write posts, and I think it's really fun to see the "other side." I'm not sure where my hubs would start with the written word, provided he ever had enough time to sit down and pen a post. Also, who knows what would spew out of his fingertips! In light of his wildcard status and my lack of ability to give up control, I asked him a few questions about me and our relationship when we went out celebrating our third wedding anniversary last Wednesday. This is how the interview with the hubs played out - I didn't edit his responses, for realsies. 

The questions are in bold, his answers are in normal font and my thoughts on his response are in italics. Ready, go:

Think back to when we first started dating. What about me attracted you, way back then?
You're beautiful, and you looked good in a skirt!
Notice how one is present tense and the other past tense? Hmpff!

What attracts you now, after three years of marriage and two kids?
You're still beautiful! And you made me some beautiful babies, too. In terms of personality, you challenge me - you're not the typical passive aggressive Midwestern gal, you say what you mean and you say what you think. Even if it's not what I think, or we disagree, I know what's on your mind.
Well, at least it wasn't all physical.

Way back when we first started dating. Had to dig this one up from an old Facebook album

What's my best quality?
[Thinks for a long time] You're passionate. And you bring that passion to our family and our relationship.
This is true.

What's my worst quality?
[Doesn't take any time to answer] You're stubborn! If I really want you to do something but you don't want to do it, you just won't do it. Not even for me.
Nope, sorry buddy, do it yourself.

Quick, don't overthink it! Which kid is your favorite?
Henry. He's currently easier. But a month or two ago I'd have said Otto, and I'm sure it will be Otto again soon.
That's right guys, parents have favorites. They never stay the same kid for too long, but there's always a fave.

Mr Personality has favorite child status... For now

What's your favorite memory of us?
There's probably two, one before kids and one after kids. Before kids it was our first trip together to Carmel, CA. It was our first time traveling together as a couple and we had such a good time driving up and down the Pacific Coast Highway in a convertible. Post kids, it's probably just our daily life and routine. On Sunday afternoons we go to yoga together and then come home and play outside or if it's summer we swim in the pool and hang out with music on the outdoor speakers. It's nice to have the hour alone with you and then spend the rest of the afternoon together as a family.
The trip to Carmel is my favorite, too. 

Backyard swimmin' this past summer. I think hubs was trying to get Henry to keep water IN the pool

If you could do anything with me for a day, what would we do?
Get a sitter for the kids and go out in Dallas as tourists. We'd get brunch like we used to do every weekend and take a nap in the afternoon. Then probably have dinner in our courtyard and just hang out.
We're such homebodies! Seriously, we both love being at home. I know it's cool to travel and to be a travel blogger, but traveling stresses me out. Give me my family and my home, any day of the week. I traveled enough in my 20's to last me a loooooooong time.

Have you ever asked your spouse some funny (or even meaningful) questions while on a date? It was kinda fun to hear what he had to say, even if I did cringe a little in the beginning. The last responses to the questions in my interview with the hubs didn't surprise me at all. Maybe next time I'll do a reverse interview, and have him think of some questions to ask me. That could be an interesting post!


  1. Aw. I could totally read the responses in Kirk's voice. This was fun!
    We're homebodies, too. I love being home. Can't wait for the weather to behave so we can actually enjoy outdoor time together!

  2. My 3rd anniversary is coming up in February, I need to do something like this. I would love to know the answers to the questions. I bet your trip to Carmel was beautiful!

  3. HA totally the opposite. CANNOT be stuck in London. I think because it's London and I get overwhelmed with the energy and the fact that I live, breathe, work and party all in the same area of London too.

    Also, your responses were SO good. Even the cheeky inserts like "took a long time to answer."

  4. I love hubby interviews. And I totally agree, there is always a favorite kid, haha!

  5. Aw congrats on your third anniversary! I'd love to see what questions he would ask you!

  6. Love this! Congrats on three years! Makes me want to ask my hubs some similar questions... wonder what he's really thinking!

  7. hahaha your comments are my favourite part.
    i love to travel but we are also huge homebodies. i like to do a big trip once a year and stay home the rest of the year haha. i'm sure we will travel less when we have kids, and i am totally okay with that.