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Monday, January 16, 2017

Favorite Moments In Motherhood

Motherhood has it's challenging moments, but it's also full of joyful times

There are TONS of articles and blog posts on how "hard" motherhood is. And they're warranted; motherhood is the toughest job I've ever done. It's relentless. But if you read this post, you know that my "word" for 2017 is joy. As such, I thought it'd be fun to talk about some of my favorite, joyful moments in motherhood. You know, put the challenges and excessive poopy diapers on the back burner for a moment, and focus on the fun stuff!

Throwing acorns with a frontal diaper wedgie

Henry and Otto have two very different personalities. Henry is a goof; he's always making faces and marching around the house in a weird way, dancing, and talking to himself and/or Otto nonstop. Otto is my "all in" child. He's either laughing with gusto, screaming like his life is ending, or intensely watching what his brother is doing. Let that set the stage for some of my favorite moments in being each boy's mommy.

When Henry was about 15 months old, he started walking. With walking came his ability to dance. Now, I always have music on in the car when we drive places, and I refuse to listen to anything specifically for kids. Usually, it's hip hop on up in my ride. So Henry REALLY got into The Weekend. One of my favorite things to do is turn on music around 4-5pm (right as our witching hour hits) and have a dance party. Wouldn't you know, I was pregnant with Otto when I turned on The Weekend for Henry to dance some of his sillies out and the boy starts to twerk. I'm talking hands on the floor, butt up in the air with a rump shake that would make any club goer proud. I promise I didn't teach him this (I was too pregnant!) but my jaw dropped and I started laughing hysterically at his dance moves.

Which, of course, made him shake it more.

He was singing a song with vigor to his two bubble sticks

For Henry's second birthday, I got him a mini basketball and hoop to shoot. He had been dribbling a ball since he could walk and was better at it than I am. I no sooner set the hoop up before he was shooting the ball and was making every single shot. It was amazing! He could dunk it, he could do a layup, he could shoot it. And he was only two! It's still one of my favorite things to do with him because he's so proud when he gets the ball in the hoop and his gleeful, "I got it!" never gets old to my ears.

He's always having a good time, this kid

Otto was breastfed for seven months. As I mentioned, he's my "all in" kid. He'd absolutely scream when he was hungry, but as soon as I'd sit down and pull a boob out, he'd get this wide-eyed grin and he'd frantically move his head around, trying to latch on to anything that came near his mouth. If a knuckle of mine came near his mouth as I fumbled with nursing top clips and straps, he'd latch on to my knuckle and suck frantically. It was so funny! The kid still loves a good boob grab and always has his hand on one of mine, or the nanny's or the girls who run the daycare at the gym. No seriously, this kid is grabby. But if one of his hand's is on a boob, he's calm and happy. At some point I'm going to have to break him of this grabby habit before it becomes creepy...

Protesting our Instagram photo shoot

Otto started crawling at eight months, but he'd still get so frustrated that he couldn't go as fast as big brother Henry. So we got him a walker with wheels on it that he can sit in and chase his brother around. We have a single story house so there's lots of room to run and gain speed! Otto's favorite thing to do, even to this day, is to get his little legs moving, pick up speed (this kid is fast!) and once he's hit his max, he lets his legs go limp, he throws his head back and laughs as he coasts along our hardwoods. He's so happy when he's cruising in that thing! And when Henry chases him he squeals and screams in delight. It's so fun to watch those two play together.

Happy boy learning to cruise along things

Yeah yeah yeah, motherhood is tough. But it's also full of some of the very best moments. Having two kids very close in age has been a blast. These two boys are best friends and I'm so excited to watch them grow up together, and develop more favorite moments in motherhood.


  1. I love this! Motherhood is hard but it's also so awesome. Your boys are adorable.

  2. It is good to focus the JOYS of motherhood, so glad you captured these moments so you can remember them in the future. However my kids LOVE to hear stories about how bad they were as babies, so write those down too!

  3. It's all about enjoying the little moments of motherhood!

  4. This is the cutest post in the world. So, can I start making cheer posters for when Henry joins the NBA? Will keep them on brand, no worries.

  5. Watching O run around in that walker was so much fun. I loved reading these moments.

  6. I love posts like this because you're right, motherhood isn't all terrible. There are some really great parts. Hearing about your boys is so fun. I feel like our kids' personalities line up; Henry with A and Otto with EJ.

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