An Uncomplicated Life Blog: BLOG BREAK!

Monday, August 14, 2017


Hey guys, just like I took a two week break last year to soak up the rest of summer, I'm doing so again! I know many of y'all are cramming these last few weeks of summer in with family vacations, last minute weekend getaways and getting that summer bucket list as marked off as possible. Me too! So go enjoy the weather and I'll see you back here with TONS of awesome content (and some really cool collaborations) on August 24 - just in time for those kids to go back to school.

See you Thursday, August 24! 

This is what we'll be up to! And by we, I actually mean the boys, because I hate fishing. So gross and boring.


  1. Aw such an adorable picture! I have never been fishing and even if I ever did, I would probably think the same of it- gross and boring.

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