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Monday, August 28, 2017

What I'm Loving Lately

From the weather to fundraising, here's what I'm loving right now

Since I went on vacation for two weeks this month and wrote two posts on back to school, I thought it would be fun to slow down and share with you some of the things I'm loving lately. Kinda like a good old fashioned update post, but focusing on all positive, good or fun things. Go top off your coffee and settle in to read about what I'm loving lately.

Hurricane Harvey has brought us nonstop rain, which has kept Dallas so insanely green! It's also kept us cool. Guys, it's like 82 degrees. In Texas. In August. It actually feels like fall. When we get a break in the rain, we can actually go outside and and not be surrounded by miserable, sweltering heat. I know Harvey caused some SERIOUS damage down on the coast which is awful, but if you're in north Texas, it's made for quite a pleasant end of summer. Crazy how there can be two totally different results from the same weather system in the same state: Dallas is pleasant and Houston is a flooded disaster. It blows my mind.

It's been this cloudy and dreary for days on end

In a "former life" I was a director of fundraising for a large nonprofit. In fact, I spent over half my career as a professional nonprofit fundraiser. So when the folks at Ronald McDonald House Charities reached out to me to talk about fundraising, it was a no brainer that I'd partner with them. We're all familiar with the clown with the big red nose, but what Ronald McDonald House Charities does for families is truly amazing. RMHC provides lodging for families to stay near medical facilities where their children are receiving care. Imagine living two, three or even more hours away from the hospital your child was being treated at! You couldn't drive that every day, and staying in a hotel for a long period of time would be extremely expensive. RMHC provides that place for families to stay so that they can stay near their children.

They provided me juggling balls... I wish I had a video of me attempting to juggle. No juggling skills here!

But to provide that service, RMHC needs money to operate! The coolest thing I've seen as a professional fundraiser is this: You can literally fund raise for RMHC by doing anything! Love baking? Cool, host a bake sale at your child's school, your church, or your neighborhood association. Love juggling? Cool, start a Facebook live video and have friends commit to donating a few cents for every ball you catch. Anything could become a fundraiser! Click here to learn more and start raising funds for this wonderful charity that provides a valuable service to families with sick children.

Yup. We got back from vacation, and I had hubs climb up into the storage above our garage and pull down all the fall decorations. Yes, I'm aware it's August. So basic. But I refuse to apologize for my love of all things fall! My mantel now looks fully festive, and I can't wait to go all out all over the house with my Halloween decorations. I promised hubs I would wait until September for that, though. It's hard, especially given the weather here - it's so rainy and dreary and fall like, it makes me want to go nuts with all the decorations!

Pumpkins make me happy

I normally diffuse oils once a day, but I've really gotten into having my diffusers going nonstop lately. I have lavender or lemongrass going just about all day in our master bedroom, and I have thieves or Christmas Spirit (it smells spicy like a fall scent) in the living room. I used to love to get fall-inspired candles and have those going, but once I learned about all the toxic chemicals they use to artificially scent the wax, which you then breathe in as the candle is lit, I said nooooooooo thanks and switched entirely to running my diffusers. Not only is it healthy because you get the benefits of the oils, but I don't have to worry about little fingers getting burned with fire or hot wax. Win win! Check this out to see what diffuser I recommend.

That's what I'm loving lately! I hope this weather lasts. It's made it really fun to pull out all the fall decorations and get cozied up with a scary movie. Don't burn any of those nasty candles to get into the fall spirit though. Try some oils! Heck, maybe you could even turn decorating your own house into some sort of fundraiser for RMHC... Hmmm, maybe I'll even do that myself with the rest of my Halloween decorations. I think I just came up with a fundraising idea that's perfect for what I love!


  1. I'm so glad you were safe through the hurricane. Love that you find raise. Ronald McDonald house is a fantastic charity.

  2. The more I hear about RMH, the more I love it.

  3. i've always had a soft spot for ronald mcdonald house. that is crazy about the difference between dallas and houston, but thank goodness obviously.

  4. The RMHC is a great organization! My family has had to use their services at one point. Thanks for sharing! Love the idea of using essential oils in my life, too!

  5. RMHC is truly amazing and I, too, know families that have used and benefitted from their services.
    Your mantle is pretty awesome looking, Paige. :)

  6. I love that a cool 83 is hot here where I live in WI! I was just talking to my friend whose son required lots
    Of surgeries and she was telling me how RMCH really helped them because she could stay at the hospital during the month he was there. What a wonderful charity!

  7. I lovelovelove your fall decor! Time to break it all out!

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