An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Thursday Confessions

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Thursday Confessions

Deep, possibly dark, usually embarrassing thoughts

I know I wrote a "Currently" post last week and now I'm changing up Wednesday Confessions to a Thursday, but here's the truth: I have a few sponsored posts in draft form that I thought would get approved but haven't yet. So I can't publish those. We're headed on vacation in one week and the boys are off from school, so developing "real" blogger content has been, ummmmmmm, challenging. Have you ever tried to stage a photo shoot with toddlers around? Either they tear into it, ask you what you're doing seven million effing times, or start fighting/tearing up the house. It's impossible. So, I'm getting personal with you with some of my (possibly snarky) confessions today so that I don't have to do any photo shoots/editing. 

I confess that:

I have a BIG "influencer" crush. Hasan Piker is a political reporter and super leftist, but is tall, dark,  handsome, seven years younger than me and loves the f-bomb as much as I do. True love? Yeah, probably not, but his Instagram stories make me laugh and I love all his videos on Facebook. Crushin' that cradle rob so hard right now.

Oh, hai Hasan. Image source

I'm absolutely DREADING flying with two toddlers this month. Henry will have his own seat but Otto will be a lap baby. He's squirmy and HATES being confined, so this 2.5 hour flight will be a freaking delight for us and everyone around us. It's right about the time he takes his nap, so he'll either be kind to us and sleep or a complete terror and not sleep until we get in the car, which will then throw off bedtime and be a nice 15 hour day from hell. I'm betting he's a complete terror. For those of you who have well behaved children on flights, good for you. Every time we fly with our kids, I say NEVER AGAIN. Yet here we are, about to fly... Shoot me. 

Look at these faces! Flying with these two will just be a TREAT.

I've actually eaten enough tacos this summer to get "taco'd out." Yeah, I don't know how that happened, but it did. I need a solid week or two off from taco consumption, so it's a good thing we're headed to the land of Worst Mexican Food Ever, aka the Upper Midwest. 

I've forgotten what it's like to step outside and NOT get donkey-kicked in the face with heat, so I'm pretty excited to regain some memories of pleasant summers in Minnesota. Oh, and see water that is actually clear, and not a radioactive green like the "lakes" (all man made reservoirs) here in Dallas.

I'm already designing my custom planner for 2018. What's that, you say? We still have half of 2017 left? Whatevs, there's no time like the present, or so they say. Whoever the hell "they" are.

I'm reading Little Big Lies, and the book is better than the HBO series, if you watched that. I always tend to do things backwards, and watch the movie/series first, then read the book if I loved the movie. If you were into the series, get the book and read it! If you read the book, watch the series! 

I'm getting a little tired of Game Of Thrones. There's one more season after this and I think it's time they called it a day. Don't get me wrong, it's still great... I'm just a little "dragon and warfare and magic saturated" right now. SciFi has never really been my thang. And when it goes mainstream, it kinda loses it's appeal, amirite? I dunno, I watch it and I'm just like put the Mother of Dragons on the throne already and be done with it! How many more raunchy sex scenes and fake blood squirts do I need to watch here, dang. 

Y'all, I DIED at this meme

That's what has been lingering in the dark corners of my mind lately! Sorry I don't have a bunch of beautiful pics for you to check out. Don't worry, I'll have tons after our trip to the scenic lake lands of Minnesota. I was planning a blog break for that time, but inevitably that's when I'll get approval for these sponsored posts, so I'll be around. I'll certainly be around on my Instagram and IG stories (checking out Mr. Piker, duh, and likely posting stupid rants after a few glasses of wine, oops.)


  1. To the window, to the wall. Oh my gosh. I die.
    Good luck flying. I remember hearing about last time. 😂

  2. I echo Jaelan's sentiments! God, sometimes I feel really old! Ok, now I have one more #mancrush. Although, yikes, he is young! Good luck flying mama! I still remember your post from last year on it, which sounded horrible! Lots of wine! xxoxo

  3. Hahaha this was hilarious! I'm looking for Game of Thrones to end as well, or for them to just hurry up to good stuff and let us know who gets the damn Iron Throne.

    Anywho, good luck flying with the kiddos! Thankfully it's only 2.5 hours

  4. I really like the idea of doing a "confession" post like this. It is such a fun read. I hope that you and your family have a great vacation.

  5. I love the type of post, confessions are so liberating! Hahaha that was hilarious! I'm looking for Game of Thrones to end as well, or for them to just hurry up to good stuff and let us know who gets the damn Iron Throne.

    @ thinkbaby

  6. i definitely got a bit over game of thrones.. last season i think. or the one before. i don't know. i got bored. flying with toddlers sounds terrifying. we are planning to go home the christmas after we have a kid. i know we don't have a kid yet, but you know what i mean. so the kid's first christmas is in my country lol. and i am already not looking forward to it! haha. i read big little lies and loved it! just felt meh about the tv show. and yes i order my planner for the following year in july or august so you're not crazy! if you are, so am i. ha.

  7. That meme, lol!
    Yeah flying with toddlers is for the birds. I'll be doing it again soon and swore I would never do it by myself with E again.....we're both insane, haha!

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