An Uncomplicated Life Blog: 10 Secrets About Me

Monday, February 12, 2018

10 Secrets About Me

10 fun little known facts about the blogger behind An Uncomplicated Life Blog

I always love reading posts like this on other sites. It's so fun to get to know the quirks behind the people who write content I regularly read! Humans are genuinely curious species, and there's nothing like getting a good look into someone's pet peeves, loves, quirks and personality. Plus, these posts break up my regular stream of recipes, DIYs, crafts, and opinion pieces to add some flavor around here! Read on for 10 secrets about me. I didn't hold back and dug deep to pull out the weirdest facets of my personality, just for your reading pleasure.

1) I brush my teeth with nearly hot water. It softens the bristles on my brush and feels so much better than cold water! I don't even get why anyone would use cold water on their teeth. Yuck.

2) I go commando in my yoga pants. Every now and then I'll be behind someone in a yoga class and see her thong hanging out of her pants and wonder how the heck she does all those forward folds in comfort... Nope, not for me! Also, I regularly check to make sure my pants aren't see through when I bend over because that's mandatory if you're going commando. #yikes

3) I've completely given up wearing "real" (aka underwire) bras. Ever since I nursed Otto and always wore a nursing tank, I realized how awesome the wireless life is. Now I'm straight bralette or sports bra (because I'm usually in athletic clothes, let's get serious). If you're still wearing a wire bra, are you even living?

4) I'm in bed 90% of the time by 9pm. Even on the weekends. I don't understand people who love "late nights." Oddly, I also hate mornings. I'm a mid-day kinda gal, I guess. I also could lay in bed for 12 hours, everysingleday, and would be in heaven. Sleep is life.

5) Anything under 85 degrees is cold to me. I think I'm just a cold-natured person. Or I naturally lose a lot of body heat. Who knows, but if it's 85 degrees or under, I'll be in jeans and a sweater. Good thing I moved to Texas.

6) In complete opposition to my last statement, I absolutely cannot sleep at night unless the house is AC'd to 68 degrees or cooler. I only blast the AC that high at night; that would freeze me during the day! But there's something about having it really cool at night that results in the best sleep, and even 70 degrees makes me wake up often in a sweat bath.

7) I'm the only woman you know who when she says she "just wants one bite of dessert" actually means it. I literally only want a bite of something sweet, maybe once a month or so. My husband was shocked when he learned this about me! He also now knows, yes, we can totally split an ice cream because yes, I really will only have one bite.

8) I have this nervous/excited tick where I make a fist and tap my fingers against my palm really fast. I've done it since I was a baby, and still going strong 33 years later. I've gotten *pretty* good about keeping it out of the public sphere, but every now and again I'll realize I'm doing in front of people and think, "Stop that, Paige!"

9) I totally look at and judge what other people buy at the grocery store. One time a guy a few checkout lanes over was buying 5 18 packs of eggs, coconut water and bread. What could that man have possibly wanted with all those eggs?! I mean, that's a lot of eggs. It filled up two grocery bags. Just with eggs. (It was November or so, so it wasn't like he was a Pastor buying eggs for an Easter egg hunt or anything...) Excessive eggs, vegans who buy excessive amounts of processed "vegan safe" foods and folks who don't buy a single fruit or veggie all get the stare-down from me.

10) I worked at a community pool for 6 years but can *barely* swim. I mean, I won't drown, but you won't find me swimming laps anytime soon. Not that I don't like it. I'm just not good at it. And I can't float on my back at all. I sink straight to the bottom. Probably why I'm a bad swimmer.

Bet you didn't know all those things about me, did you? Nervous ticks, judgmental grocery store stares, hot days and cold nights, and no undies to boot. I hope you still want to be my friend and read my blog, even after unearthing these 10 secrets about me!


  1. Thanks for sharing all that, Paige. I learned something new. :)
    I’m with you on no underwear in yoga pants. My husband gives me stink eye for it but I find it too hot wearing them, I don’t have to worry about shit sticking out, like you say. I cannot tell you the amount of times I’ve seen practically whole pairs of underwear sticking out of pants... and don’t get me started on see through tights. I shake my head and wonder HOW in the world do you not know you’re flashing all your bits to everyone to see?! I bend over in change rooms and the whole nine. I will not be flashing my vagina at anyone thank you. Lol

  2. I love that you judge at the grocery store. Seriously all those eggs!

  3. I did not know all of these facts! I also brush with warm water- it’s the way to go. I do think it’s funny when vegans or people thinking they’re healthy buy processed vegan crap.

  4. The person buying the eggs is likely consuming mostly the whites. My ex-husband used to do that and would make an omelette using 12 whites and only 2 yokes. There’s a lot of protein in egg whites. Body builders do the same.

  5. I love this post! I am going to try to go to bed at 9pm and see what difference that makes... but then aren't you up at like 4am?

  6. Number two yes!! I am the same, and don’t understand how people can wear underwear with leggings. A thong I can see, just out and about, but not full on undies. Nope. I love that you brush with warm water. That’s so smart!
    And I totally judge what people have in their carts too. It’s shocking to me sometimes!

  7. I brush with hot water, too. Didn't know it was weird until my wife asked why I did it.

  8. I stopped wearing underwire bras after nursing, too! Just discovered bralettes a few months ago and I'm in heaven!

  9. What a fun post!!! I love learning more about you!

  10. I love when bloggers give you an inside look to their lives on such a personal level.

  11. I totally didn't know #8. I would have NEVER guessed.

    Love these posts - it's fun to see more of you show through!

  12. Haha those secrets are so fun to read! I love that you judge people by what the buy - I am so curious on what other people eat as well ;)
    xx, Theresa

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