An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Ways To Workout You'll Actually Enjoy

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Ways To Workout You'll Actually Enjoy

When it comes to working out, finding something you ENJOY is essential for actually showing up for your workouts time and again

I get it: Working out is not everyone's favorite. If it were, we wouldn't have nearly 70 percent of adults in America overweight or obese. The thing about the word "workout" is that it encompasses sooooo many different physical activities! You don't have to go to a gym and run on a treadmill or lift weights. There are nearly limitless ways to get physically active. And did you know you'll reap the benefits of physical exercise in as little as 30 minutes a day of it? Yup, fancy scientists say that for the heart benefits of exercise, it doesn't matter if you bust your butt on an elliptical for an hour or you go for a brisk walk in your neighborhood for a half hour after dinner. Let's talk about all the ways you can workout that you'll actually enjoy, so that you'll stick with a physical exercise program and meet (or exceed) your goals in 2018.

How to find a way you enjoy working out so that you show up time and again for your workouts

I used to be a big runner. I'd run at least two half marathons a year and didn't consider a run a "good one" unless I went at least six miles. In fact, I didn't consider anything a good workout unless I did it for an hour or more! What a nutjob I used to be. Now, I don't do anything unless I can do it barefoot. That means I stick to yoga, barre and Pilates... And that's about it in terms of my workouts. For me, these are the things I enjoy doing so it doesn't feel like work. It's something I GET to do instead of something I HAVE to do. See the difference?

If you mentally frame your workouts like this, you'll look forward to it as opposed to dread it. And looking forward to something is key to doing it over and over again. And doing it over and over again is key for results. That said, what are some physical activities you might not have considered that you'd enjoy spending your time doing? Here's a short list of the things I've done in my life:

- City league volleyball: You don't have to be a pro, and most cities have a community education program that has something like this. Big bonus - it's a social activity too! Also, it's really affordable. I think I spent $50 for the whole season. I love volleyball, but this could be kickball, softball or any other community type sport you enjoy or want to give a try.

- Barre: This is one of my favorite workouts! It burns so good and works every muscle in your body. The studio provides all the props you'll need so all you have to do is show up in some stretchy clothes. Bonus: Studios like Barre3 have childcare! They're nationwide so see if there's one near you. I do my barre classes at LifeTime, which is also nationwide and also has childcare. Whoop!

- Road races: If you like to run, or maybe you're not sure if you like to run but want to try it, sign up for a road race. Every city and town has them and most benefit a nonprofit cause. It gives you a goal to work towards, and I bet if you sign up for one and see how fun they are, you'll do another. Bonus: There's always food at the finish line, and most of the time, there's beer too.

- SoulCycle: Think of this as less of a spin class and more of a nightclub that happens to be held on a stationary bike. It's a massive calorie blaster, and you'll leave drenched in sweat! Plus it's so much fun, the hour goes by before you know it. Full disclosure: SoulCycle is NOT cheap. You're gonna need a good sized budget to do this regularly.

- Walking: As in, we leave the car in the garage and actually walk to the park that's about 6 blocks away from us. My neighborhood happens to be super hilly, and pushing a double stroller with two heavy toddlers in it adds to the physical challenge of the hills! I think walking is totally underrated for physical fitness. It's pleasant to get outside, reconnect with nature (as much nature as there is in a city...) and get moving. If you resolve to walk somewhere instead of drive even just a few times a week, you're already making improvements to your lifestyle!

- Yoga: I won't bore you with the details on how life changing yoga is... How it restores your body and your mind, make you more calm, more present, stronger, more flexible, builds long and lean muscles... Ok, got it? I could go on and on. Studios are EVERYWHERE and there's yoga classes within traditional gym atmospheres (think LA Fitness) too. There's intense, advanced yoga classes, classes for beginners and hatha classes for when you need a "rest" day. We Yogis in Dallas has childcare to boot (as do a number of studios).

Try a Pilates class

Traditional gym memberships and traditional gym workouts aren't for everyone, myself included! I hate tolling away on a cardio machine and following it with the same lifting routine. That's why I've broken up with the gym to only do "barefoot" exercise classes I actually enjoy doing, and physical activities with my kids. If you think outside of the box and find something you enjoy doing, odds are good your mindset will shift from "I have to do this" to "I get to do this!" and you'll end up getting into a solid physical activity routine you can sustain for better health.


  1. Yes! There are so many ways to be active. It’s all about finding what you enjoy and being consistent with it.

  2. There are a TON of ways to get that activity in. There's truly something for everyone.

  3. Thank you for the motivation ☺️ So true - do what you like and you’ll be more likely to commit ����

  4. Hiking is my fave for working out without feeling like I'm working out!

  5. I've been wanting to take a Barre class for so long! I don't even know what's stopping me haha but I definitely need to change up my workouts a bit.

  6. I am definitely someone who hates exercising. But only if it feels like exercise. I can spend hours walking through the countryside, I cycle just for the fun of it most weekends and I love how relaxed yoga can make me feel! I haven't tried some of the other things you've mentioned though so I'm going to make a note of them and give them a go when I get a chance!

  7. I have so many friends who say they hate working out because they hate the gym....there are so many ways to be active without stepping into a gym! I keep getting tempted to try a Barre class so I might actually do it.

  8. Walking and deep water aerobics are my fav ways of working out. Living in Florida, I have access to water all year long.

  9. Totally agree with you, there are so many ways to be active. I think many people dont consider a walk even for 20/30 minutes a workout but they forget those 20/30 minutes a day could drastically change their life. Thank you for sharing all this good info. I am trying to find a good spin studio by me, that is my favorite thing.

  10. I love to practice yoga and go for walks in a nearby park. I broke my ankle back in October which I am still recovering from, so I bought a mini bicycle that fits under my desk. I will get my exercise anyway that I can these days!

  11. I absolutely second the idea of "I GET to do this instead of I HAVE to do this" - if you enjoy something then you'll want to go out and do it! I love running for the sake of running, as well as yoga, hiking, and climbing, so I always want to go do those things :)

  12. I love Barre classes! I also do Zumba which I am a former dancer so I really love those classes.

  13. Yes, it's important to find something you love so exercise is fun! I do a lot of walking and running outside in the warm months. We just got a treadmill this winter, best purchase ever! I used to be so lazy in the winter, but now running while watching Gossip Girl has become my daily routine, lol!

  14. Great ideas! It's so important to find something that you enjoy or it'll get old really quickly.

  15. I totally agree with your recommendation to find a workout that is FUN to get you in the routine of working out. I started doing Hot Yoga religiously and within a few weeks, I was ready to add another exercise that I don't love (running) to my routine. Now I need to do both almost every day or I feel totally "off"!

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