An Uncomplicated Life Blog: What I Do To Promote My Own Happiness

Thursday, February 22, 2018

What I Do To Promote My Own Happiness

Feeling or stuck in a rut? Here are some mood-boosting things you can do today to take charge of your happiness!

This time of year always seems to drag on a little bit. Late February. Winter is still here (yes, even in Dallas! Well... Kinda, it's all relative). Daylight savings hasn't kicked in, the days are still short on sunlight and cabin fever might be ruling your home. I'm getting bummed out just writing this! I thought it might be helpful to compile a list of things I do that promote my own happiness. Whether you're reading this in the final stretch of winter before spring hits, or the middle of a blissful summer break, happiness is something to seek year round! Here are the little things I do - sometimes even daily - to promote my own happiness. *affiliate links used*

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1) Diffuse "happy" essential oils
Essential oils have a mega effect on moods and emotions. If you're feeling like Debbie Downer, try diffusing lemon, orange, or grapefruit essential oil. Either one at a time or all three! Citrus oils are bright and cheery, and diffusing them lightens up a whole room. Bonus: They're also some of the most affordable essential oils! I diffuse citrus oils daily.

2) Get a manicure
If you look good, you tend to feel good. While I might not put on makeup everyday (because seriously who has that kind of time for something that's going to get washed off several hours later!) I do regularly get manicures. My nails are something I "wear" 100% of the time, so if they look good, I automatically feel better about myself. Don't have the budget or the time for a professional mani? Do it yourself! Nail polish is a couple of bucks, and you can use a q-tip and nail polish remover to clean up the edges. I love this drug store brand and it's a new spring color!

3) Take an Epsom salt bath
I prefer Epsom salt over bubble baths because there's health benefits to the salts, but you're likely just drying out your skin with artificial fragrances and conditioners in a bubble bath. Still, do whatever makes you happiest! I like to add essential oils to my salts, then sprinkle them in the tub with the water going. This smells amazing, and the Epsom salt naturally replace the magnesium in your body, which is essential for good sleep (read more on that in this post). Not only does hot water feel good but added bonus! You'll likely sleep better. I know I'm a much happier person if I've had a good night's rest...

Where I have the privilage of taking baths

4) Go for a quick walk outside
I almost wrote this one as simply "exercise" because exercising increases serotonin in the brain, which is your happiness hormone. However, I find there's something specifically about being outside that magnifies the benefits of exercise. I even live in a city center, and love getting out and about in my neighborhood. Luckily I can be outside year round in Texas, and I schedule outdoor play daily for my kids, provided it isn't miserably cold or raining. If you're feeling blahhh, get outside, even for just a 15 minute walk in your neighborhood! Listening to birds chirp, my kids laughing and feeling the sun on my face instantly boosts my happiness.

5) Get off social media
No, not permanently but you'd probably be happier overall if you (and I) did... If you're feeling unhappy, commit to disengaging from social media for a full day. Don't log into Facebook, don't read any tweets and don't scroll your Instagram feed. Take note of the difference you feel! I've found that when I focus more on living my own REAL life and less on watching the highlights of what others want me to think their life is like, I'm instantly more happy and more present in how great the current moment is.

These are all quick, relatively simple things you can do to boost your own happiness, almost instantly! I'm telling you, that brisk walk outside works wonders. Weekly baths not only help me relax, I sleep better and am a happier person because of them! And a great mani is always a reason to smile, even if it's an at-home manicure. There are tons of ways to promote happiness, and these are just a few of the things I do to give myself a happiness boost. 


  1. Yes to all of this!! I tend to buy myself some flowers and clean the house. Great tips to promote happiness for anyone.

  2. Getting off social media permanently has crossed my mind lately. And yes to diffusing essential oils! It helps so much!

  3. Epsom salt bath! That's a great idea! This is a really great post!

  4. Definitely having a bath or a brisk walk helps me for sure! Great ideas

  5. Such great advice! One of the things I promised myself this year would be to get regular manicures--a little self care goes a long way!

  6. Yes, it is so genius and easy - happiness is within us. Making someone happy helps me too! Sometimes when i'm really sad, just a couple of good words to make a stranger smile makes me so much better. Thank you for sharing! I'm off to do my manicure ;)

  7. I love all of these! I need that bath asap!

  8. Girl, YES! Such simple tips, but so true. I always feel better when I've been off social media and outside for a quick walk. Exercise doesn't have to be scary! (Or that's what I tell myself, anyway.)

    *Sorry if I've commented twice. I don't know where my original comment disappeared to!

    xo, Victoria


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