An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Everyday Wear And Date Night Maternity Style

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Everyday Wear And Date Night Maternity Style

Looking for affordable, STYLISH maternity and non-maternity clothes for every day wear to date night?

This post is sponsored by Pink Blush. All opinions are my own. 

Guilty as charged: I am a horrible offender of finding one or two stores that fit my figure and sticking with them... Forever. I'm not joking when I tell you that I literally shop at the same three stores - two for non maternity and one maternity. Then I'm upset when I feel like all my clothes look the same and I have nothing to wear! I hate bargain shopping. Digging through bins of unfolded and likely returned clothes makes me want to pull my hair out! I'm not a frequent shopper. I don't go to shops or malls "just to look" and I don't enjoy browsing/window shopping as a recreational activity. When Pink Blush reached out to have me on as a style ambassador, I was like, "cool, but you probably don't have anything in my size or style..." I was wrong! The site is FULL of adorable maternity and non maternity styles that work for every occasion from causal, to office to date night.

The vast majority of my days are full of working from my home office in the morning and then play dates, splash pads or parks with my toddlers in the afternoon. I love casual clothes that are comfortable to sit in while at my desk, look good enough to run errands in, and can transition with me to "play time" when the kiddos are done at their summer camp.

This grey sash tie tiered maternity maxi hits all my needs! The fabric is SO soft and has stretch in it; the V neck isn't too revealing (no fears of pregnancy-boobs falling out while I play with my kids!), the tiers of the dress enable a lot of movement (and air flow in the Texas summer heat!) and quite possibly my favorite thing about this dress? It'a actually non maternity but works as a maternity dress! I'll be able to wear it next summer too. Let's be honest, I'll be able to wear this after the birth of the twins in the fall and all winter long, because this is Texas! There's nothing worse than falling in love with something and then as soon as you're no longer pregnant, you can't wear it because it's too big for you or doesn't fit right because it's maternity. This is a dress that will grow and shrink with you!

Fits true to size (I'm wearing a size S) and will work for women up to 5'10. I'm 5'10 and maxing out the length; if you're 5'7 and under, you'd be able to wear heels with it too. It comes in grey, navy and black and is such a great staple piece for summer! 

Here's something about me you probably didn't know: Kelly/emerald green is my FAVORITE color. I was secretly thrilled when Henry came a few weeks early and ended up with a May birthday instead of a June one because the birthstone for May is emerald, and my "push present" for him was adding a band of emeralds to my wedding set. Emeralds in yellow gold look so good together, so it's no surprise that the color of this sleeveless flounce trim maternity top looks fantastic on blondes!

The ruffle detail is cute and the fabric is light and breathable, making it a perfect choice for summer. It's a trendy piece with a shorter front and longer back, so it works with shorts or jeans. My only complaint on the top is that since the front is shorter, it won't fit this twin prego bump for very much longer. It also runs very large to size, so size down for sure. If you're a natural size XS or S, this top is just going to be too big for you (it's a tad too roomy on me; I'm wearing a S which is the smallest size available). I wouldn't wear this as a casual top playing with my kids because it's larger size makes it too revealing, but the style and color make it great to wear for a date night evening or a night out with the girls.

Looking for cute clothes - maternity or just regular clothes to wear for a variety of occasions? Pink Blush has you covered! I was able to easily find the appropriate for everyday wear maxi dress and cute enough for going out flounce trim top - in addition to tons of other cute styles! Check them out for great prices on comfortable, wearable, stylish clothes.


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  2. The grey dress is super adorable! It looks wonderful on you and I like that you can keep wearing it after baby arrives.

  3. I love that gray dress! It is so cute and looks great one you!

  4. This dress is adorable! I found the cutest maternity dress from PinkBlush a few years ago! They have such soft clothes!

  5. That maternity dress is so beautiful and looks very soft and very comfortable and it really looks wonderful on you.

  6. All the looks are so cute but i really love the maxi dress. Looks rally comfortable and stylish enough to wear for any occasion.

  7. These two maternity looks are so cute and look very comfortable, these outfits can be worn for many summer occasions!

    ~xo Sheree

  8. I really like that green top. It looks pretty and very comfortable!


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