An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Solving Summer Chaos

Monday, June 25, 2018

Solving Summer Chaos

When the kids are home all day, it's constant chaos - especially in the kitchen! Here's an easy solve to summer time meals

This post is sponsored by Red Baron but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Summer is a fantastic season, but if we're going to be real about it, it's a logistical nightmare for parents. The kids are out of school. Summer camps schedules create chaos and are constantly changing - one week it's art camp that starts at 9am and goes to noon, the next week it's all day sports camp, and on and on. Some weeks there is no camp at all, resulting in kids being home all day. That makes it really hard if you work from home like I do, and the constant inconsistent schedules make meal planning hard! Some weeks I grocery shop and we're out of food a few days later because everyone has been home; some weeks I toss rotten produce because nobody has been home to eat it. Red Baron stepped up to the plate to help you solve the summer food chaos problem with easy and delicious meals!

Our outdoor summer meals are casual - no shoes, no shirt, no problem! Jump in from the pool and eat in your suit:)

I really hope you caught the pizza party situation I posted to my Instagram Stories (complete with Italian music thanks to my husband!) because it was adorable... And I'm still cleaning flour off my floors from it. Henry has JUST decided that pizza is a food he now likes and will eat regularly. Slowly but surely that kid is backing up from "the pickiest eater in the world" cliff and accepting more foods, which makes me 1) happy that his diet is more diversified and 2) makes my life easier when meal planning. Win win. Go Henry!

Easy is the name of the game for us in the summer! Throw these in the oven and they're ready in 20 mins for a fast casual summer supper

While making pizza from scratch is a fun family activity, it took three hours for the dough to rise, an hour to make and bake it, and easily another hour to clean it up. Great for a Father's Day treat, but not practical for regular meals! Red Baron, on the other hand, is ready in under 20 minutes, cleanup takes less than 5, and there are flavor options for all palettes. Some day I'll try one of the fancier pizza topping combinations, but right now we're sticking to the classics - cheese and pepperoni. Both those go over well with the kids (and I can add veggies to my side).

Add a side of seasonal fresh fruit and an easy to clean up paper plate and our outdoor summer meal is complete

I love that I can grab a couple of these during my regular grocery runs and store them in the freezer. I don't need to worry about them going bad or if they'll "get eaten in time." Whenever we're having a chaotic day or the boys are extra hungry from summer camp, I can throw one in the oven and have it ready in minutes. Since Henry decided pizza is now on his discerning "approved to eat" list, we can all enjoy it! In my opinion, Red Baron is one of the best frozen pizza options on the market - I love the taste of their sauce, and the key to any pizza is great sauce!

Otto trying to remember his manners and wait for everyone to be seated at the table before digging in 

If you've got kids at home this summer, you know the constant chaos struggle! Schedules are always changing, camp days and times are different every week and then there are the off weeks where everyone is home nonstop, and likely eating you out of house and home! Red Baron to the rescue with their easy, affordable meals that are ready in minutes and a breeze to clean up - not to mention a crowd favorite, even if you have one of the world's pickiest eaters like I do.


  1. The summer food bill is killing me!! There is a prebreakfast snack, breakfast, snack, elevnsies, lunch, snack, snack, dinner, snack. During the school year: one snack in the lunch one snack after school.

  2. Oh Nicole I feel you! The snacking in this house is insane!! Chaotic days are crazy for sure!

  3. Hahaha. I love you had berries on the plate with pizza. We like to make our own pizza, But this brand is really tasty. I completely understand the summer chaos with kids being home.

  4. That’s the perfect and yummiest solution to summer chaos.


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  6. Red Baron pizza is one of my favorite summer dinners for those nights when I just can't drag myself to chop and slice. It happens... at least it's delicious?

  7. Summer chaos can be sooo difficult to deal with! Great post.

  8. Great idea they are so quick and yummy

  9. I actually much prefer cheap oven pizza than takeaway! Plus if your kid will only eat something that has ie sweetcorn on it, you can customise at home!

  10. We have 3 boys and some days I feel like I'm spending my summer in the kitchen! The hunger is real, ha! I love keeping a few frozen pizzas in the freezer for a quick snack or easy meal, and Red Baron makes a good frozen pizza.

    1. I agree! We have two toddlers and frozen pizzas are key. Will have to check out this brand!