An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Currently, April Edition

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Currently, April Edition

What I'm thinking, feeling, doing and loving... Currently

Let's catch up a bit! There's been tons of fun ideas on the blog, from gardening to decorating to essential oil DIYs, but what about a good old fashion catch up sesh? I've been focusing on trying to slow down life, which is no easy task with four kids. I'm trying to be more intentional about how we spend our time together in the afternoons after school (less than a month of that left, ahhhhh how will I survive four kids at home all day?!) and that means no phones or social media - just trying new things, playing outside and being together. I've done the same with my blog, pulling way back on the sponsored posts I accept to instead write about fun ideas that come to me. It's been kinda nice! But here's what's going on behind the scenes, as it were. Here's what's going on on the "personal side" of the blog, currently:

Easter was a hoot
We got everyone dressed up in their outfits. I got the twins size 9 mo clothes back in February thinking that they'd fit them by Easter. Well, turns out their long and skinny like their parents so the outfits were a tad large. But I tried to get everyone dressed up in pinks and blues! We lasted exactly 20 minutes at church, then left to come back home so that everyone could be as loud as they wanted/needed to be. I made an egg bake the night before so brunch was a breeze, and we enjoyed an outdoor meal on our patio. The big boys had gotten their Easter baskets earlier in the morning, and who would have known that $3 of play-doh would entertain them for hours. I mean, hours! We spent the entire day outside. When I realized I hadn't planned anything for supper because I was too focused on making a good brunch, we went out for Mexican and everyone behaved themselves. It was truly a miracle how great all four boys were all weekend long.

I had a really fun feature written about me
I had a full feature titled, "Conversations With The Inspiring Paige Leitch" written about me in VoyageDallas Magazine. Being interviewed is a blast! And the best part is that I was referred to the magazine for the feature via a reader (I don't even know her personally!) so that made me feel pretty special. Click the link to check it out.

I've been researching more and more into essential oils - my most popular posts here! - and I'm trying other companies
I've debated whether or not I've wanted to talk about this here... But there have been a few things about Young Living that have really made me question the company. While I know the quality is there (actually, I don't *know* it, because YL refuses to publish their third party quality reports unlike doTerra or other high-quality oil companies... hmmmm) I've seen some really questionable suitability/recommendations from the company's independent distributors. So I started doing a little of my own research into the company, and learned that they mark their oils up by about 400%! They do this to pay out their multi-level-marketing structure (doTerra has a similar markup with a similar MLM structure) and to reap record profits year over year. Mind you, these are the same people who complain about the profits Big Pharma reaps in... Think of that what you will.

The markup and the poor suitability recommendations drove me to look into other, high quality oil companies, which I'm just starting to test now. I'll let you know if I find a good one, but spoiler alert: I'm 98% sure I have (I just ordered another round of oils to test out to make it 100% sure). Maybe I'll write a whole post about the exact poor suitability recommendations I saw and the weird "drink the coolaid" culture that pushed me to search out alternatives. That might be a pretty negative post, though, and I don't want this space to be all DebbieDowner. I have to think on that one a bit more! Bottom line, YL has been disappointing lately and I'm trying to find a better fit for me and my philosophy with oils.

(That philosophy: not every oil is good for everybody or every body; while oils are a great place to start for better wellness, sometimes Western medicine is what you need; one needs adequate education before they recommend oils or dietary supplements to the general public.)

Some of my most popular oil posts, if you haven't already read them or are looking for info on oils:
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Extra grainy because it was blacker than night as a big storm rolled through Dallas... Per usual, it seems

It was time to mix up my hair
I cut it pretty short last August, and have also been rocking the "heavy roots" look for about a year. In fact, my hair hadn't gotten highlighted for 18 months! I got tired of it. While I'd love to have my hair long again, it's not practical right now. I mean, hello postpartum hair loss... Could you leave me with SOME hair? Kthnx. I'm in the regrowth stage, so I'll need a few more good trims until I can grow my hair back out. Given that, the only thing I could really play around with is color, so I decided to lighten the whole situation back up. Because, summer! Then went with an angled lob again. So that I can pull it back everyday and avoid babies pulling out the remaining strands of hair I have left.

That's what's going on around here! I'm looking forward to summer happening... If it ever does. We've just had so much rain, so much doom and gloom, so many storms lately! I mean dang. How about some sunshine, Tejas? You're being a big, cold, dark, wet buzzkill and have been since October. Stop bumming us all out and be your normal, sunny, hot self. Great, glad I got that out. See ya later April, we're on to May!


  1. I cannot believe how big your boys are getting - they look like fine young men in the picture and NOT like kids anymore. WTF!
    Great article and adorable picture of you and the family. :)
    I have nothing to do with oils and that's okay, but YL not posting any of their quality reports is a little troubling and the 400% markup? Just wow. That's cray.

    Love the hair girl. Im chopping off my hair but I called my girl and I can't get into see her until end of May so I may just go crazy and cut it off myself. Not a good idea, but doesn't sound half bad. LOL


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