An Uncomplicated Life Blog: DIY Makeup Remover Wipes

Monday, April 8, 2019

DIY Makeup Remover Wipes

Makeup remover is expensive and full of things you don't want sitting on your skin! Make these wipes yourself, affordable and toxin-free

Admittedly, I don't wear much makeup. For starters, I don't have the time to make myself up like I used to in my 20's. Then there's the issue that I work from home, and there isn't really a need to make myself up. Additionally, in my 30's I've become more and more comfortable in my own skin, therefore feeling less and less a need to hide under the guise of a fully made up face. And finally, I've become woke enough to all the crap that's in makeup, how it ages your skin and seeps into your blood stream, and I'm not interested in all that mess! Now that I've disqualified myself from making a makeup remover wipe, I will say that I regularly wear blush and mascara and I usually wear a thin line of eyeliner too. Just enough to feel human while out and about in public (especially in the South - all these women are so made up all the time!) What goes on must come off, but just like I'm not interested in the toxins and chemicals in traditional makeup, I don't want to use a conventional makeup remover, many of which feature mineral oil. Here's an easy, EFFECTIVE DIY makeup remover wipe that won't prematurely age your skin or cost you an arm and a leg, like traditional makeup removing wipes.

First, the essential oils! Revive oils are my new go-to. Yup, I used to be with Young Living, but the expense of those oils were insane. I asked some of my oily gurus who they got their oils from and learned about Revive. They're therapeutic grade, indigestible essential oils that are NOT a multi-level-marketing structure. You can go on their website and buy them like you'd buy something on Amazon - no need to sign up for some membership! They have packages with diffusers and single essential oils, plus roller bottles and other lifestyle items. Use code Paige10 for 10% off your order and experience the same quality of Young Living or doTERRA without the obnoxious price (and minus the sales people always trying to get you to buy things...)

Here's the thing: making these makeup remover wipes almost could not be more simple. It literally took me less than two minutes to make about a month's supply. Mason jars are sold in just the right size for this item, and it's still a pretty enough jar to store on your vanity, if you're one to store these things in plain sight like me. If not, it's smaller than having both a bottle of traditional makeup remover and the cotton pads under your sink, so no matter what you're winning here.

Don't even get me started on the traditional chemicals and garbage that's in over the counter makeup remover. Did you know there are tons of chemicals in your "anti aging" products that actually AGE the skin?! I don't use any of those products, and I don't do Botox or fillers. And people regularly think I'm in my 20's. All I use are natural products and most importantly, a natural mineral sunscreen daily, and I've escaped the aging machine! You know, for now. I'm sure it will hit eventually. Now everyone's genes are different, but it absolutely will not hurt you (or your pocketbook) to knock off the expensive makeup, makeup remover they sell you in conjunction, and the general over-flux of products to try to keep you looking young. The best looking people I know don't use any of it. None.

All that aside, if you're a budget shopper, this is a really great way to get an amazing product at a great price point. It's so easy to make, and you can refill it whenever you need it - no need to wait for Amazon to deliver more to you, or when you have the funds to buy your high end $75 makeup remover that lasts a whopping month. Nope. Get the ingredients once and it will last you a solid 6-12 months, you've just got to throw them together every now and again to have them at the ready.

Super simple. Here's what you'll need:

- 1/2 cup grape seed oil
- 3 tablespoons lavender witch hazel
- 5 drops frankincense essential oil
- round cotton facial pads
- glass mason jar for storage/other small glass container

*Be sure to use code PAIGE10 at checkout for 10% off your essential oil order! As always, shipping is free to the US and Canada

In a small bowl or cup, mix together the grape seed oil (which is AMAZING for sensitive skin, especially for the sensitive skin around the eyes), witch hazel (the lavender variety is great for sensitive skin too) and the frankincense essential oil. Mix together well. Put half the cotton pad into the mason jar, and pour half the mixture over the cotton pads. Allow to settle down, gently shaking the jar as needed, and then add the second half of the cotton pads and pour the remaining oil/witch hazel/essential oil over them. Shake the jar with the lid on to distribute the essential oil/grape seed oil mixture evenly over the cotton pads. Store with a tight lid away from direct sunlight.

I like using grape seed oil because it's so gentile on the skin. I know some people complain of coconut oil clogging their pores (I've never experienced this myself) but grape seed oil is perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive skin - exactly where you're using it most to get eye makeup off. Frankincense essential oil has been used to nourish and enhance the skin for thousands (yes, thousands!) of years, and helps to keep skin looking healthy and youthful. Finally, the lavender witch hazel works to help the oil absorb into the cotton pads, works as a very mild, natural astringent on the face to help dissolve makeup, and the lavender adds calming (read: anti-redness, anti-irritant) properties to the makeup remover wipes.

It's easy to make your own makeup remover wipes that don't contain harsh chemicals

Making your own makeup remover wipes is great for your skin because you control what goes in them! You can tailor the DIY to what suits your particular skin type - switch out grape seed oil for sunflower oil, use more frankincense essential oil, add lavender essential oil, use more or less witch hazel and so on. Not only are these DIY makeup remover wipes good for your skin, they're good for your pocketbook too, as they're incredibly cost effective.


  1. Definitely going to try this out, I have honestly had frankincense for so long and never used it!

  2. Totally want to try these! The store bought ones are crazy expensive! I’ve been using just a microfiber cloth and water lately lol

  3. This looks amazing!! I started using almond oil years ago to take off my makeup...eye makeup specifically. I'll definitely have to give this a try! Thanks for sharing!
    -madi xo |

  4. Okay I'm going to make a grocery list and go out and get all these ingredients I just love this idea! Thanks for such a great post.

  5. Love the idea of making them homemade. I definitely go through these so quickly!
    xoxo Carolyn @

  6. Such an awesome idea to make your own - I always try to buy natural, but will be giving this a go for sure!

  7. I love DIY natural alternatives. If I can do it at home I'd much rather have that in my armory than something I bought at a shop.
    I've been using coconut oil to remove my makeup, but this sounds like it might give you a deeper clean and be a little friendly for my oily T-Zone!

    Thank you for sharing the recipe x

    Laura //

  8. Love the simplicity of this. Much better for the skin and the environment than what is found in stores. Cheaper on the pocket book too. Thanks for sharing.

  9. I've never tried grape oil but will definitely taste it. I get you some times you just want to walk around without make up.

  10. Thank you for this DIY, I love it! I can't wait to make it. I make my own lotions using essential oils and I swear by them. Cheers!

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  15. I love your makeup remover recipe:
    15 DIY Makeup Remover – Step By Step Tutorial

  16. I love this product which is very useful and time saver. When we want to go on parties we face difficulties for removing our makeup but now with one makeup remover wipes we can easily remove our makeup.

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