An Uncomplicated Life Blog: I Tried CBD Oil Everyday For A Month. Here's What Happened.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

I Tried CBD Oil Everyday For A Month. Here's What Happened.

CBD oil is all over the news, being cited as the cure-all for just about any ailment. It's legal in all 50 states to buy. Here's what I experienced with it.

*Disclaimer: Young Living has asked me to edit this post because their CBD oil isn't approved by the FDA for internal use. CBD oil is recommended, by many reputable sources - in fact, every single one - , to be inserted under the tongue, held for 30 seconds, and then swallowed. Young Living’s  oil cannot be used that way, as every other CBD oil can. Consider that when buying your CBD oil.

CBD oil is all over the news. People tout it as a cure all for dang near everything - anxiety, sleep issues, pain, depression, addiction - if you've got an ailment of any variety, CBD oil is there to cure it! If you saw this post I wrote on apple cider vinegar, you'd know how blown away I was with the results of drinking it every day for a month. I really saw the benefits from it. CBD is hyped even more than ACV, so I was really excited to give it a try and tell you about all the amazing benefits I noticed from it. Except... That didn't happen this time. Read on to find out what happened when I tried CBD oil everyday for a month.

First, a tad on why I decided to try it. I've had pretty bad (as in, you know, really bad) insomnia since I had Henry. He was a terrible sleeper and I think my body just got used to having to wake up every two hours. Then we had Otto just 19 months after him, and the twins two and a half years after Otto. So, granted, I haven't had the ability to sleep through the night in over 5 years. Add in a traveling husband and it magnifies the sleep issues - I'm the only adult to respond to a child, so I sleep with one eye and one ear open, always. After Otto was born, and I was done nursing him, I went to my doctor about it and she prescribed me a non-narcotic sleeping pill. It didn't work. 

After the prescription ran out, I decided to try melatonin. While that would help me fall asleep, it wouldn't help me stay asleep. I've tried herbal supplements, I've tried cutting off all screen time an hour before bed, I read for a half hour before I go to sleep to help me relax. I've even taken Ambien, which I don't have a prescription for so don't ask me how I got my hands on that, but even THAT wouldn't knock me out! It was so hard trying to function with very young kids everyday when I would be awake for at least 4-6 hours at night. It was infuriating to lay in bed awake, for no known reason, even though my babies were sleeping. 

Fast forward to my pregnancy with the twins. Low and behold, I'd never slept as well as I did when I was pregnant! I'd wake up to pee, sure, but I'd go right back to sleep. It was amazing. And then I had the babies, and for the first few weeks all was well - I'd wake up to feed them, but fall right back asleep after they went down. That lasted for about a month, and then the dreaded insomnia started back up again. 

By this time, CBD oil has come into fashion. It's all over the news as an AMAZING product, with so many health benefits that help or outright cure nearly any ailment. I read so many testimonials on how it helped people with insomnia, I decided to give it a try. I mean, I'm not into scarfing up prescription drugs, and my natural remedies (lavender essential oil, Epsom salt baths, magnesium supplements, Melatonin, etc) all weren't working for me. I did some research on legitimate companies who supply the oil. Because it's an herbal supplement, CBD oil is largely unregulated so I wanted to find a legitimate source of CBD oil to try for my insomnia. Or, legitimate so I was promised per Young Living, which... is also a joke. More on that here.

Now, I live in Texas. While THC-free CBD oil is legal in all 50 states, marijuana isn't legal here in any form. Technically, medical marijuana IS legal here, but it has such a narrow window of legalization, it's basically a joke. So the CBD oil I was able to purchase was a THC-free CBD oil. I started with the lowest dose, 500mg for a 1oz bottle. I wish I'd have saved my money.

First, this stuff is expensive! it was $85 for the lowest dose bottle of CBD oil. I asked a few friends and Young Living leadership how they took it, and they said straight under the tongue. So I got a lemon-lime flavored bottle. It tasted great! It was easy to use the dropper and apply the oil under my tongue. I did it once a day around 5pm.

Aaaaand... I noticed NO difference in my sleep. None. After a month, I decided to try to skip nights to see if I'd notice a difference then. Nope. Nothing. I felt nothing different, did not sleep differently in any capacity and noticed no benefits to the oil. I didn't fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, or generally feel more rested after ingesting the THC-free oil for a month. It was SO disappointing! 

I spoke to a few of my friends about my disappointment, and my upline from Young Living  recommended that I try to ingest the oil twice a day for maximum benefits. I started that the same day I heard the advice! I put a dose under my tongue in the mid-morning (between 10-11am) and about two hours before I went to bed (roughly 7-8pm). Aaaaaand... I still noticed NO difference, even after trying that for a solid month. Two months in, and I noticed zero effect on my sleep. I was so disappointed. I really wanted to be able to write a post on the benefits I noticed, even if they were small. I'd love to join the thousands of testimonials on what a great product CBD oil is. But I experienced no benefits - not even one.

What are the benefits of CBD oil and where you can get it
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I'm not saying CBD oil is a load of crap. Or that it won't work for you. Or that it won't work for a different ailment, like anxiety, or pain. Or maybe I needed a higher mg bottle, therefore creating a stronger dose. I've also heard that it's best to get it with a little THC in it, but that's not legal for me to buy here in Texas, so that's a no-go. That's the thing about unregulated products like CBD oil; there are many companies that make it at different strengths and a million different people telling you how it *should be* taken to assist whatever ailment you're experiencing. Because of the lack of regulation and the lack of knowledge the person telling/prescribing how you should take it may have, it could reasonably take you months and thousands of dollars to find what works for you - IF it ever does work for you.

I tried CBD oil everyday for a month. Did it help my chronic insomnia? Absolutely not. There was literally no change to my sleep with the addition of the CBD oil. Will I buy another bottle in a higher mg dose to try it again? Also no. If I develop some other health issue that may benefit from the oil, I'd try it again for that, but I'm not going to waste hundreds to thousands of dollars on CBD oil that had absolutely ZERO impact on helping me sleep better at night. 


  1. Oh that's unfortunate that it didn't help your insomnia! I've been really wanting to try CBD oil for quite some time for anxiety and depression but the cost is always what holds me back! I don't want to waste money I really don't have if it isn't going to work for me. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    Renee @ Maritime Mama

  2. I have found (in my personal experience) that the THC is a necessary ingredient. I use 20:1 for my pain (20 g CBD to 1 g THC) and have had some success.

    Interesting review, glad you shared it!

  3. I have been wanting to try CBD oil for awhile to see if it helps with my A.D.D. However, I am so afraid to dish out all that money and have it not work. I feel like everything I read is about how great it is, I am so happy to see another side of it.

  4. That's too bad that it didn't help with your sleeping. I've been interested in learning more about CBD oil, but I suppose it's a little different for everyone.

  5. That's a bummer that it didn't help you! This is a good reminder that these hyped up things don't work for everyone! Hope you find something else that works!

  6. This is such an interesting review and I'm so glad you shared. I've been so curious!

  7. I have been taking CBD oil for two months. I can't take the oil after 11 am because it has a reverse effect on me, it keeps me awake. I was taking two doses and realized early on not to take it after 11 am so went down to only a morning dose. Once I did that, I could sleep better. I use CBD for anti inflammatory purposes and for me, it works! I also think you have to find the brand that works for you. Not all of them are the same. I started off with the Ultracell brand. Am now taking a different brand but not working as well.

  8. Oh no, I'm sorry CBD didn't work for you. I find that kind of stuff really depends on your chemistry. CBD relaxes me a lot, although I haven't been having issues with insomnia lately-- just generalized anxiety. My husband accidentally gave me a really big dose the first time, and that definitely knocked me out, but I don't know if I can recommend that! As for insomnia, this might sound crazy, but do you think you're not tired enough? I find I have zero issues with insomnia if I'm regularly doing heavy workouts in addition to housecleaning and taking care of my two kids. The latter two things should be enough to knock me out, but somehow it's not! Don't know if you've tried that, but I thought I'd mention it as it sounds counter-intuitive so not everyone knows of it! Good luck! Insomnia is the worst!!


  9. It's so interesting because some people love it & others can't really notice a difference! I too don't find that taking CBD improves my sleep, but I do take it when I'm feeling bloated & it seems to help! My fiancé just started taking it as well & he loves it! I think it just depends on the person!
    -Madi xo |

  10. Well, I won't try that, then. My insomnia is so sporadic. Sometimes I won't sleep well for three or four days and then I'm so exhausted that a Tylenol PM will put me out. But I don't like the groggy feeling when I wake up. If you find something that really works, let us know! Thanks for this post.

  11. Oh no sad to hear the CBD oil didn't help much with your insomnia. Thanks for the honest review!

  12. That's too bad that it didn't help with your insomnia! I've been thinking about trying it and want to gather as much info as possible, so thank you for your honest review!

  13. I've heard depending on the brand and mg it can depend. Just like EO they don't work for me. It's all trial and error.

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