An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Layering For Fall And Winter

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Layering For Fall And Winter

Southern fall and winters were meant for layering. Here's how to do it to stay warm and cozy through the cold weather months

This post is sponsored by Cuddl Duds but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

The best thing about moving to Dallas seven years ago was I no longer wanted to die every winter. In Minneapolis, winter started at the end of October and lasted through early May. From December through March, it was a constant battle to stay warm enough. In Texas, winters do get chilly, but the chill is manageable with layers! With four boys, we're outside year round, and layering has been the key to our happiness and comfort in staying active outside 12 months out of the year. But it took me a while to get the layering thing down, since I was used to wearing the thickest wool and the heaviest coat for half the year growing up in Minnesota. There's a trick to layering so that you're comfortable throughout the day, especially when the mornings start out just above the freeze mark and climb up to the 70's by mid-afternoon. Here's how I've learned to layer for fall and winter.

Cuddl Duds work great for layering! Dress it up to go out with a vest, necklace and boots
The key is going light, and slowly building up to heavy. You want the lightest, cotton layers nearest your skin, and then build out to wool or down filled vests/coats on the exterior. I usually like to do a cotton tank top over my bra or bralette. Then do a cotton long sleeve shirt. Then add a sweater (usually cotton, because this is the South, but if you're in even the northern South, you'll probably want a wool sweater) and then finish it with a down vest. This way is helpful because you'll peel off the warmest layers first; down and wool are super warm so you can pull those off as soon as the morning chill wears off. Then you're left with cotton, which is quite cool and breathable, which is perfect for anything in the 70 degree range.

One of the other weird things about the South is that the weather seems to change by the minute. Minnesota had large temperature swings but they usually occurred overnight. In the South, you can literally feel it happening as you're outside! I remember one day earlier this fall, I was sitting outside supervising (aka refereeing) my kids playing and during the hour or so that we were out there, it dropped 10 degrees (we have a thermostat outside, so this number is legit). As the wind blew, I could literally feel it getting colder and colder. It was so bizarre! But yet another reason why layering is so essential. When you can feel the air changing temps, you want a good selection of layering pieces to keep you warm.

The shirts have thumb holes! And my sunflowers are nearly as tall as me

I've talked about this brand before, but they seriously are GREAT for layering. Growing up, we always had thick "long johns" to wear to the bus stop on the cold days. Cuddl Duds would work great for that! They have fuzzy and warm fleece lined clothes that are fitted enough to be worn under your clothes. They also have cute cotton fitted styles, like I'm wearing, which is perfect for warmer climates or for sleeping. I love how soft the cotton is! It feels like something that costs three times as much. A cool thing about this brand is that it comes in various warmth levels, so if you're in the South like me you can pick a lighter one or if you're up North like I was in my childhood, you can bulk it up with their fleece line and still stay warm.

We love to get outside year round and Cuddl Duds is the perfect thing to wear for outside play. I walked the boys down to our neighborhood park and it was perfect. On the way there, it's all downhill so it's an easy journey, but coming back? Oh man, that's one big uphill climb! The layers worked great for me to shed as I pushed 100 pounds of double stroller filled with the twins, and shouted bike directions to the older boys. You know, telling them when they had to stop so their slow mom could catch up to them. Just once, I'd love for them to push the stroller while I get to ride the bike, but I digress... They'd also be great for shoveling snow, ice skating, walking your dog, raking fall leaves or even dressing them up for a night out! The leggings aren't see though so they're perfect to pair with boots and the V neck is great for showing off some fancier jewelry when you want to spruce yourself up.

Perfect for an afternoon with a cup of tea, fuzzy socks and a book, too

Right now they're 30% off at Kohl's! Click here to check out all the different styles, sizes and warmth levels they have and take advantage of the savings. On sale now through November 6, so stock up for the winter. You'll be warm enough to keep doing all the fun outdoor activities there are to do in winter. Or, you'll be comfy enough to settle in by a fireplace with a book or a movie, it that's more your cup of tea. I know there were many days in Minneapolis I decided to do that instead. Any way you decide to spend your time, layer up to stay comfortable this fall and winter.


  1. They actually look super comfy! Not a damn clue, though, if Kohl's ships to Canada because their website keeps crashed and redirecting like crazy, so I'm out. Again, super comfy looking, though. :)

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