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Monday, October 28, 2019

The Best Essential Oils For Colds And Flu

How to use essential oils to boost your immune system and stay healthy this cold and flu season

This post is sponsored by Revive Essential Oils. These claims have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. All opinions are my own. 

One of the biggest benefits I've noticed from using essential oils is how they help me and my family stay healthier during the icky cold and flu season. My twins have had two colds each; both have been on antibiotics once for an ear infection, but that's it. Not too bad for babies who go to preschool and a gym daycare! Henry is my healthiest child. Kid is rarely ever sick and when he is, he's so easy to care for. I think he's been on antibiotics once or twice in his entire five years of life, which is absolutely fantastic! Otto, on the other hand, got RSV at four months and spent the first year of his life on and off a nebulizer. He now doesn't get sick as often, but when he's sick, man - every time he does fall ill, he makes sure everyone is as miserable as he is, that's for sure! To avoid all that, I've learned all kinds of great ways to use essential oils in order to fight colds and flu outright, and to lessen the effects of the illness when it does hit. Here are the best essential oils for colds and flu, and how to use them to fend off or lessen the life of an illness.

Roller bottles:
Roller bottles are amazing because you can throw them in your purse and use the oils anywhere. They're already diluted, so you can apply them topically directly to your skin. I'm a fan of all roller bottles, but a few blends from Revive are essential for battling colds and flu, and are great to help you manage your symptoms if you do happen to get sick:

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I apply this to my feet every night! I also use it on my five and three year old's feet. I'll also use it on my one year old twins - I just dilute it a tad more with more coconut oil since all the oils in it are "hot" and baby's skin is so sensitive. The bottom of the feet is a great location because it seeps into your blood stream to help you fight illnesses without the irritation you can get elsewhere (the skin on the bottom of your feet is the thickest skin on your body - that's why it's a great testing location for oils!) Another great way to use this roller blend is by applying it to your chest and rubbing it in for respiratory support. I like to rub this on my chest with a few drops of wintergreen or peppermint. It feels so good and really helps to open up your sinuses.

Breathe Easy
Got the sniffles? Super congested? This roller bottle is perfect for helping you breathe a little easier. I like to apply it to my cheek bones and behind my ears to help clear my sinuses. I don't suggest putting it directly on your nose if you've been blowing it a lot - you  probably have some raw skin and no oil should be applied to raw skin (it'll burn a little)! I'm also a fan of applying it to my hands and then inhaling deeply as I cover my nose and mouth. It's also great applied to the upper chest area to help break up upper respiratory issues.

Aching body? Sore muscles? This is the roller you want! If you're feeling ill and achy, apply this roller bottle to the places that hurt. It's a great blend of oils all to help relieve those aches and pains. You can apply it anywhere that feels sore and achy, but my favorite way to use this is on my neck. A stiff neck is the worst! When the roller bottle is applied there I find it helps with headaches too. Shoulders and in between the shoulder blades is another great spot for muscle relief.

Anxiety Ease
Anxiety is another way we don't feel good. I know as soon as I hear one of my kids have the sniffles, I start to panic and plan on all four of them being sick, which in turn contributes to me feeling even worse! This roller is great for helping you ease anxiety, whether it's over sick kids like me or missing work or even just general life stuff that causes anxiety.

Diffuser blends:
Diffusing essential oils is a great way for your whole house to reap the benefits of the oils. Diffusers put them in the air with a cool mist, so not only does your house smell good without the use of toxic chemicals, but all who breathe in the air get the oils in their system via the lungs. It's a gentle way to use oils in your home. These are some of my favorite germ-busting or respiratory support blends to diffuse daily during cold and flu season:

  • immune system support: 5 drops Immunity Boost, 3 drops Clove, 3 drops Lemon and 1 drop of Oregano 
  • respiratory support: 5 drops Breathe Easy
  • "cleaning" the air: 5 drops Purify, 3 drops Lemon and 2 drops of Tea Tree
Essential oil bottles and diffuser with faux lavender in the background. Essential oils that assist with colds and flu
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Sore throat spray If you're suffering from a sore throat, you've GOT to make this sore throat spray. It helps numb your throat and the oils in it help your body fight off infection and the common cold. The Immunity boost and cinnamon in it are life savers. They're "hot" oils, meaning it will burn for a few seconds after you apply them. Then the numbing properties kick in! They also help shorten the life of your cold. Ever wonder why they used to serve cinnamon milk and hot toddy's to sick people before the age of antibiotics? Yup, because cinnamon, lemon and cloves all are known for promoting health and assisting your immune system to kick that cold to the curb.

Fall sniffles relief roller Not sure if you have a cold coming on or just seasonal allergies? Yeah, it's hard to tell sometimes! Make this roller bottle yourself and give it a try before you start pumping yourself full of cold or allergy meds. It smells great and really helps with seasonal allergies.

Revive has become my oils of choice because they're therapeutic grade and indigestible (all their third party quality reports are available on their website, unlike Young Living or doTERRA) but you don't have to pay the high MLM price tag. There's no membership to purchase or commit to; you simply buy them like you'd buy something on Amazon (and, they have free shipping AND free returns in the US and Canada! Don't like it? Send it back to them for a refund. No MLM does that!) If you want to give them a try, use code Paige10 at checkout for 10% off your order. I was so skeptical as a dedicated Young Living enthusiast, so I started with one bottle of lavender. After seeing the quality firsthand and enjoying the customer service, I'm a convert! Revive is IT. It's the real deal. High quality oils minus the multi-level-marketing prices, sales tactics, and shipping costs with no ability to return products you don't like. Revive essential oils is a GAME CHANGER!

Cold and flu season is tough to deal with. When you're a parent, it seems like there's always someone who's got a runny nose, is running a fever, or generally doesn't feel well. Since we started with oils, I can say we get sick a whole lot less and when we do fall ill, the cold doesn't last as long. These are my go-to, best essential oils for cold and flu! When one hits your home, be sure to use all of them in conjunction: the roller bottles, diffusing various blends to inhale the oils and have them purify the air, and making some DIYs. That way you're getting the benefits of the oils topically, in the air, and in your digestion system.


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