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Thursday, November 21, 2019

5 Best Anti-Aging Essential Oils

At 35, I have minimal wrinkles and crows feet. Here's how I keep my skin looking youthful with essential oils, from the exact oils I use to how I apply them.

I remember when I turned 30, I saw it in a photo of me: the beginnings of crows feet around my eyes when I smiled. Now, I'm not one of those women who are terrified of aging. In fact, I'm more terrified of Botox and what's in that to cause muscle paralysis than I am of wrinkling or aging skin! I've been invited, but have yet to go to the Botox parties that are extremely popular here in Dallas. Instead, I went the more natural route. I did some research on skin care and essential oils that help your skin fight the free radicals in the air from pollution and from years of sun damage, and I started there. So far, I'm more than impressed. Here are the 5 best anti-aging essential oils I use, and how I use them to combat aging skin on my face, neck, hands and upper chest.

I'm going to go head and state the obvious, just in case there was any question. The best way to prevent premature aging is to stay out of the sun, and to wear sunscreen daily. Yes, even in the winter. Yes, even if you're "just" going to sit in the shade. Yes, even if you're just going to garden for an hour, or take the kids to the park for a bit. Everyday. Every time. My favorite is Babo Botanicals tinted SPF. I don't wear foundation. In fact, I wear very little makeup and don't use many products because it's actually been proven that the chemicals in conventional skincare in the United States prematurely ages your skin. If you're interested in my standard morning routine and the products I use, you can check it out in this two minute makeup routine post where I outline it all.

Sunscreen? Check. High quality, organic and chemically minimal skincare? Check. What else can we use to combat aging? The following essential oils!

I mix in frankincense and lavender to my face cream daily, just in the palm of my hand before applying to my face and neck


5 best anti-aging essential oils
Geranium and Rose Geranium - a strong anti-inflammatory, this oil helps to shrink pores and tighten skin. I notice my face is brighter within about two minutes of mixing one drop with my daily moisturizer. When I have dry, pale winter skin, this is my go-to oil to apply in the morning to my face and neck! It's a strong anti-oxidant, so it will fight the free radicals in the air (thanks pollution) to help reduce daily damage to your skin.

Frankincense - known for thousands of years to be beneficial to the skin, this oil is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiseptic, all three factors that are essential to slowing down the aging process of your skin. It helps your skin regenerate cells faster, so it's the "go to" oil for reducing age spots, sun damage and balancing your skin's pH, which helps improve it's tone and elasticity. FYI, this oil is also great for stretch marks!

Carrot Seed - not commonly found on many lists, this oil is just starting to prove it's worth scientifically. It contains a large amount of flavonoids which improve the outer most layers of the skin. It's also high in carotol, which helps regenerate skin cells. Just like geranium, it works to fight the free radical damage done to the skin so that new wrinkles and age spots don't form. You can also add a drop or two to your body moisturizer to help tighten the skin on your arms and legs. 

Lavender - is there anything this oil isn't good for?! I always say if you're skeptical about essential oils, buy a bottle of lavender. It's a known "soother" so if you have dry, irritated, inflamed skin, lavender will help. Like Frankincense, it assists your cell regeneration so that your damaged skin cells can turn over faster. A unique thing about this oil is that it indirectly helps your body do it's job better by reducing stress (a major factor in aging!) and promoting better sleep. When you sleep well and are less stressed, your body naturally ages slower.

Ylang Ylang - this oil is known for moisturizing the skin. Moisture balance often becomes a problem as we age, and the drier your skin is, the more likely it is to wrinkle and form fine lines. Ylang Ylang works to balance the skin's sebum, keeping it hydrated without producing too much oil.

Another great oil - perhaps the QUEEN of essential oils for skincare - is rose essential oil. I didn't include it on my top 5 list because it's so insanely expensive, it's not obtainable for the average person. Young Living sells it for well over $200 for a 5ml bottle; Revive JUST launched it for $70 for a 2.5ml bottle or they have a rose oil roll on for $50. Why is rose the best in terms of skincare? It's insanely rich in microbial and anti-inflammatory compounds that help refine the skin's tone and texture. It's a moisturizing oil that works to deepen the skin's natural moisture without causing breakouts. It's kinda like Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Frankincense all rolled into one, with an incredible scent to boot. 

At 35, I'm feeling great about how my skin is "aging"
What I've learned (hopefully early enough) is that the best methods in anti-aging are all preventative based. It's hard to actually reverse aging; therefore, it's best to try to curb what causes it! Wearing sunscreen is a great first step. Even better, stay out of the sun or wear a hat! After that, limit your exposure to skincare chemicals that actually work against you. After that, the essential oils from plant materials are one of your best bets to fight free radicals that age the skin; these are found in pollution and from sun damage.


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