An Uncomplicated Life Blog: High Five for Friday!

Friday, March 14, 2014

High Five for Friday!

Many of my favorite blogs do something called "High Five for Friday" where they recap five of their favorite things that happened during the week. So I'm jumping on the bandwagon, too!

The five greatest moments of the week:
1) Um, hello? I launched this blog! I futzed with the design for a good while, and finally decided that it didn't absolutely need to be perfect before I published the site. Also? I learned how to publish a site!

2) I was able to go shopping with a good friend, who is a teacher on spring break, and started making some headway on our nursery. Not only was it a blast to get out of the house, shop and have lunch with my girlfriend (which, upon quitting my job, was something that I thought I would have a lot more time to do... Not so!) but it's really fun to see my vision come together for our future baby boy!

Close-up of the elephant book ends I purchased for our jungle themed nursery

3) I chopped off FOUR INCHES of hair! I realize guys don't understand the significance of this feat, but ladies, I know you get me. While I love long hair on some people, especially you lovely ladies that have thick hair, I can't pull it off. Mid-length is about the longest I can go before I just have a scraggly, sad pony tail. The results of my stylist's chopping (and curling) skills:

Selfie after my cut and headshot photo's
4) I had my gestational diabetes test and 27 week checkup with my midwives on Wednesday. Upon drinking my "orange drink", baby boy started to straight up BOX my small intestine, so I think he liked it even less than I did! We'll get the test results back soon, but the midwife did manage to make my ENTIRE WEEK. Yeah, the whole thing. As she pulled up my shirt to squeeze that gel stuff  all over my belly for the Doppler machine to get baby's heartbeat, she exclaimed, "You have the cutest pregnant tummy! It's all baby. It's the shape that will go back to your pre-pregnant shape right away! I can tell you work out, you look simply fantastic."

Now, she may very well tell all her patients this to make them feel good, and that's a-ok with me. But she said it to me, and made me feel good about all the workouts I've been keeping up with while preggo and reinforced the results I'm hopeful for after baby, so HIGH FRIGGIN FIVE to her!

5) "Mommy Monday" has been, by far, my most visited/viewed post. That makes me so excited, because it's also my favorite post to write/create and the bulk of my content surrounds mama's and pregnancy, so I'm happy it's popular with y'all, too. Expect a great mommy post on Monday! If you need some entertainment before then, this twitter handle is HILARIOUS.

Happy Weekend readers! I hope you're all enjoying spring (spring has sprung in Dallas, but if you're further north, I hope it's improving for you) and will enjoy some time with your loved ones this weekend. See ya next week when I'm officially in my third trimester!


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