An Uncomplicated Life Blog: High Five for Friday!

Friday, March 21, 2014

High Five for Friday!

It's that time of the week again: FRIDAYYYYYYY!! Not only is the weekend about to start, but it's also officially spring. Really, the only thing better than a Friday is a Friday that leaves winter behind in the dust. Especially THIS winter, amiright?

In addition to spring, lots of good things are happening around here. It was hard to narrow down my Top 5 Favorite Moments of the Week, but after a little editing, here they are:

1) I entered my third trimester on Monday! Last one. Third and final. He'll be here in about 12 more weeks. Expect a future Mommy Monday post on what I really think about pregnancy (hint: I'm not a fan. At all. Not even a little bit) so let's just say that I'm SO THANKFUL to have the finish line in sight! Now, about this basketball I done went and swallowed...
Top: Pea in the Pod; Jeans: Hudson Jeans; Watch: Micheal Kors; iPhone Case: I literally picked this thing up at ATT for less than $30
2) I completed my taxes... And it's the last year I'll file as a "single" person! It's also the last year I'll have to pay Minnesota state income taxes, since Texas has no state income taxes. I mean, I'm about to shout out loud from the rooftops I'm so pumped about that!

3) I started working with two of my girlfriends to plan and host my Dallas Coed Baby Shower in April. I had a traditional shower back in January because I had the rare opportunity to have close friends and family members all in the same state. This one is going to be a little less conventional... And will also be a way for us to have a housewarming party so our friends can see our new home (we were running out of dates to get all the partying in before baby arrives!) So far, it's shaping up to include some fun coed games (we already have corn hole/bags ready to go!), beer towers, a BBQ and other fun surprises. My theory is, as long as there's plenty of beer, man-food, and fun games to play, men won't have an issue showing up :)

4) I shared in this post a little bit about what's going on in our living room. There's only one project left and it will finally be complete! We plan on making some of the final purchases to finish it off this weekend so that we can get our common living spaces all wrapped up prior to our planned April shower. I don't even need to tell you; you know you'll see it here once complete!

5) Spring has sprung in Dallas: it was at least mid-70's and sunny ALL week long, which meant I got to spend lots of time outside, playing fetch with these little lovers:

Little Otis Beaufort on the top of the couch and big boy Baxter spreading his legs out
Have a wonderful weekend dear reader! Until next week... Au revoir!


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