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Monday, March 10, 2014

"Mommy Monday"

Something I enjoy as I sip my morning coffee and check out all the blogs I regularly follow is "themed days." Now, when I first hear themed-anything, I think about those dreadful days in high school when you dressed up to show your school spirit. Remember those?! Jeez, I disliked those! And as a cheerleader, I had to not only participate fully in them (bell bottoms for '70's day! Get your tie-dye on!) but I also had to pretend that I loved it. Woof.

Okay, so not like *those* days. But if you would like to get dressed up in the comfort of your own home, protected by the anonymity of your laptop, gon'gititnaw.

Rather, more like a day of the week that has content that is specifically focused in one area. When I thought about creating a theme that appealed to many, it struck me just how many of my friends and family are in the process of expanding their families. I don't mean to get all statistical on you, dear reader, but no fewer than 80 to 85% of folks I know are either TTC, in a various week of their pregnancy, due any minute, or have had a baby in the last year or two. That's a fact, right there. Thus, I arrived at the theme, "Mommy Mondays" to talk about all things mama-related. Fellas, don't run away just yet! I know I'll have some content that will amuse you, too.

The week we found out we were pregnant (and we found out rightwaway) I started taking a weekly belly shot of myself. In the beginning, I tried to push that tummy out as far as it would hang, comparing the currant shot against last week, looking for any signs of a bump! At 27 weeks, no pushing of anything is necessary. In fact, I look back at those first trimester pictures and long, no - YEARN - for the days when I didn't have trouble rolling over in bed or getting my shoes on! Just like I'm confident that, in another ten weeks when I'm full-term, I'll long for these "comfortable remaining days" of  my second trimester.

(Umm, oooookay, quick side note: Whoever said that any part of pregnancy was comfortable for any length time was lying. If you had or are having a great time, consider yourself INSANELY lucky! To all my other mamas, I hear ya, sister. Man-ohhhhhhhh-man, Ihearya!)

So, in celebration of the last week of my second trimester, ladies and gents (although, by this point in my post, let's get real, it's probably just ladies), Ze Bebe Bump! I included one of my early shots for growth reference. Yes, I fully realize I'm publicly posting the fact that I'm 29 years old and wearing Victoria's Secret PINK pants. And I'm publicly going to give that company a HIGH FIVE for creating fitted comfies and yoga pants for tall women. In fact, my mom even wears this brand regularly now. Boom.

(Final note: it's also fun to watch how my nails changed over the seasons! There's a nice vampy-grey, as the six week mark was in mid-October and a light pink, as March is spring in Texas)

6 Week "Bump"
27 Week BUMP

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