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Thursday, March 27, 2014

One Of *Those* Days

So I have one of my favorite people coming into town tomorrow, and we have a pretty packed agenda that required a good chunk of prep-work prior to her arrival. "No prob!" I thought, as I organized my day so that I could get everything done, including pre-writing some blog posts.

I spent my morning getting a TON of work done, and was feeling pretty good about my accomplishments! Then right as I was climbing into my car to knock some personal to-do's off the list, I realized... I completely didn't know what day it was. And I had written all the wrong blog posts. "What the heck is WRONG with me?! Where did my brain go?!" I thought as I headed towards errand #1. And as I snapped out of my mental abuse session, I realized... Where am I going?! This isn't what I was supposed to be doing! What road am I even on?!

Ever have days like that? It's almost like your brain REFUSES to work properly. C'mon brain. Get with the program here. Keep operating in this capacity, and natural selection is bound to 'off us, and real quick like, too.

So, I guess I'll share with you all what I spent some of my time doing during the day, instead of creating a legitimate blog post:
Robins Egg blue pedi
Neutral pink gel mani
Yes, I spent a few hours at the nail salon, and now I'm blogging about it because my previous posts I spent some serious time on are for tomorrow and next week. While this isn't particularly blog-worthy in my book (oooooookay Paige, get serious: this blog post is a sad joke thus far!) THIS IS WORTH MENTIONING:

While I was sitting in my chair getting my toes did up, a man brought in his elderly mother for her to get her nails done, too. She was likely in her 80's, he in his late 60's. He was kind, sweet and attentive to her, making sure she got the color she wanted and was comfortable before leaving her to run errands while she enjoyed herself. He even gave her manicurist his number in case she needed anything, or forgot where she was while he was away.

My heart melted.

And in that moment, watching that interaction from a few feet away, I was so immensely glad, overjoyed, thankful, humbled, thrilled, and filled with love over the fact that I'm having a son, too. My husband treats me the way this man treats his mama; I cannot wait to watch my husband teach his son how to treat important women in his life, and I cannot wait to be an active participant in those lessons myself.

And now, you know, before I cry or something, let's break it down to the realest level: My penchant for having my nails done up right isn't fading as I get older, and at 29, I'm a sub-par and distracted driver, so...... You know. Mama gon' need a ride to the nail salon, son. Raise'emright!

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