An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Happy Friday on a Thursday!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Happy Friday on a Thursday!

Oh, hey.

This time tomorrow I'll be waist-deep in a sea of boxes and moving guys/gals and delivery men/women and cleaning supplies and a big hot general mess. So I thought I'd holler at you a day early, before my internet is disconnected, and say, "Happy Weekend!"

Don't get to cray cray with your Thirsty Thursday plans.

I'll catch you all on Monday, with a brand new and sparkly post. After the internet has been reconnected. From our new home. A home that actually has heat and air and plumbing that works.

It'll actually be like I live in 2015! Goodbye $2600/mo Amish lifestyle. You sucked.

The landlord put a black roof on this Texas house since this picture. Because that will do wonders for the $450/mo utility bills we paid all summer. Not my problem anymore!


  1. Yay for moving day!!!! I hope it all goes well!!

  2. Yeah!!!!!!!!!! I'm holding up my wine glass in celebration for you over here in case you couldn't see it ;-)

  3. yayy!! cant wait to hear and see more, cause i'm nosy like that!! and seriously, good riddance to that awful rental!