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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Monthly Box Subscriptions

Alas, after over two years of receiving my monthly Birchbox, I'm cancelling my subscription.

I just don't use the samples anymore, and I'm not even excited about my boxes like I used to be. At first, I thought it was because I had just had a baby, and therefore wasn't interested in trying out all these beauty products I didn't have time for. But Henry is nine months old now, and is quite content to sit on the bathroom floor while I actually make myself up everyday again. (Hurray! Finally.)

So the baby excuse is gone. Which is all I had... Outside of "I'm sampled out." I wave my white flag. I'm beauty sampled out!

The Birchbox graveyard at the Leitch residence. I haven't touched the last two boxes.

Birchbox, you were a blast for a good long while. But I bid you adieu!

You know that means?! I'm on the hunt for another monthly subscription box! I love having a little monthly surprise and a fun "mail day." I'm currently looking into Stitch Fix and Happy Mommy Box.

I'm not a shopper by nature, so I really like the concept of Stitch Fix. Someone to send me things that might look good on me?! Yes please. I signed up and my first box is set to arrive March 4. Whoohoo! BTW, if you're interested in it and want to be a sweetheart, you can enter my referral code:

Stitch Fix asks you about your style preferences for your profile: This was my favorite set of "looks" for my SAHM lifestyle

The Happy Mommy Box is completely a new company. It's adorable and full of things that will make a mama smile. It contains a wide range of items, from stationary to edible treats to jewelry, so I think the variety could be a fun surprise. I'm also giving this box a solid trial run to see if it's a good fit.

Happy Mommy Box... Makes mom's happy? I'll find out!

Any other recommendations out there for monthly boxes? I know there's a ton of them, for every person, interest and age group! I mean, hubs gets a monthly box of craft beer, so I should be able to find something feminine for myself, right? Right!


  1. I cancelled my Birchbox about two years ago and I was so happy to do that - the sample sizes irritated me!! I am getting glossybox right now and I'm renewing for another three months! The portion sizes are just so much better and the quality of products is better my opinion!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I also cancelled my Birchbox and Ipsy subscriptions a while back. I did find out about some new brands and some things I really liked, but most of them were disappointing. I have been thinking of trying Scentbird. It's perfume samples only. I love trying new perfumes but it takes me a while to finish a whole bottle. I also want to get a coffee subscription and I am a pretty big fan of Club W (wine delivery). Those Stitch Fix outfits are so cute!

  3. Yay for cancelling the birchbox! I always read about them and almost sign up, but I never actually do because while it would be cool to receive something like the beauty blender, i wouldn't use all the samples and whatnot. i've only had one stitch fix, so far i like it, don't know if i will do it forever, but at least you can set up automatic fixes or like whenever you want, which is really cool.

  4. I used to get subscription boxes, and I would constantly get samples when I ordered things online, so now I have more than I know what to do with. I really just don't want ANY samples anymore ever! I have my own samples graveyard going on. I always tell myself I'm going to use them yet they continue to sit in their drawer...
    I'm really thinking about trying Stitch Fix. I just can't decide, but the part of me that really hates shopping (like 95% of me) is super into it. It sounds so great in theory, I just don't know how well it would work for me in practice.

  5. I'm getting my first stitch fix on the 4th too! I can't wait to compare.

  6. I gave up on my Birchbox a few months ago and honestly really don't miss it at all. Which was surprising because I had loved it for so long! Rocksbox is another great subscription!

  7. I still have my Birchbox subscription, but the samples are starting to pile up at an alarming rate...I recommend Rent the Runway Unlimited for some great accessories!

  8. I just blogged about how zoned out I am to discovering all the cool kid toys. How have I never heard of any of these! Well i've heard of birch box (I used to do luxebox). I totally want to do the craft beer one - which one do you use? and I might just check out the other 2 you just mentioned.

    Its funny because I JUST discovered polyvore and created by first board for summer travel style inspiration... and then I head over to your blog and see you got a board pinned with style inspiration with Stitch Fix. If I sign up, Ill totally use your referral. Looking forward to seeing what's in your mommy box too!

  9. I axed birch box after 6 months in a row they kept on sending me hair oil. I have thin hair I don't need hair oil!!!!!!! Plus my face is so sensitive anything new was like breakout central. Let me know if you find a good one because I am interested in a monthly subscription just don't know which one!

  10. Maybe you should have a giveaway/contest for all your unused samples. I'm a beauty junkie currently on a WalMart budget. High-end samples would be nice!

  11. I really dislike samples honestly. That's a big reason why I've never done a subscription box. I really do want a health and/or fitness one that would offer full size things. But Stitch Fix is awesome. I have a few friends that use it and really enjoy it. Be careful though, the cost can start adding up; especially if you like all the items they send you.
    And Happy Mommy Box was started by two bloggers! It's really awesome too!