An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Wedesnday Confessional: The Worst Job I've Ever Had

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wedesnday Confessional: The Worst Job I've Ever Had

Last week, I wrote about the perks of being a SAHM, my current job. Which got me thinking about the WORST (all caps necessary) job I've ever had.

I was extremely lucky/hardworking and graduated college in three years and got recruited by the massive Ameriprise Financial headquarters in Minneapolis for a sweet corporate gig right after graduation. My first boss, coworkers and job as a project coordinator in the event department were all fantastic. The problem was, it was boring. Event planning is not my calling. I just don't care how napkins are folded, y'all.

After just shy of a year in that role, I started talking to some peeps over in marketing strategy. They were smart! Witty! New Yorkers! Fast paced! {I thought} I loved everything about them. I knew I'd have more responsibility and get to use my brain more. I was offered more money and the chance to get my financial licenses, so I jumped ship (nooooooooo!) with my event planning buddies and went down to floor 13 (literally, the department was on the 13th floor. It was a bad sign from the start.) to become a marketing coordinator.

Awwww yeah, I thought! I've not even been with this company for a year and I'm already moving up! I'm going to be the next corporate rock star!

Ahhhh, the illusions of a 22 year old.

The shininess of the job rubbed off in less than three months. My manager, Robyn, had never managed anyone before. She had horrific communication skills, and was even worse in delegating tasks. Her manager, Mike, was a goofy-faced guy who got where he was because he had been with the company for, like, ever.

Bad sign #1: the management was a complete joke. My colleagues, on the other same hand, were like a dysfunctional, jealous family. "Who threw who under the bus" was a term used at every meeting. Everyone was so busy trying to out-do the next person that nothing got done. The sales teams hated us because nothing got done.

I tried my best. My manager rolled with the "popular" kids/coworkers, and loved playing mental games with me. I was miserable. It was literally worse than a Junior High lunchroom, with which employee was "in" and who was "under the bus" and who was the latest butt of the joke in the next strategy meeting. I had one friend, Monica, who I will forever be thankful for.

Seven months into the job, I knew it wasn't going to work. I DESPISED Robyn and the smug looks she'd give me as she threw me, her only direct report, "under the bus."

I applied to graduate school late in the spring of 2008. I found out I not only got in, I received an Honors Fellowship that would pay the bulk of my tuition. In July, I found out I would be gifted another scholarship. In August, knowing that my boss wanted me fired/gone/actually thrown under a real bus, Robyn wrote me up for not taking notes at a meeting. Shortly after, I handed in my two weeks notice, happily planning my soon-to-be move to Georgia for grad school.

On my last day, Robyn was supposed to walk me out and take my ID badge. I went to her cube and waved, signaling I was there and ready to leave when she was. She made phone calls. Started a conversation with the person in the cube next to her. Avoided eye contact. I waited for 30 minutes. Finally, I simply turned and walked out. Without her. And handed my badge to security, Monica at my side.

The marketing department fell apart in the housing market crash later that fall in 2008. Everyone was let go. I hear karma can be a real b***h like that.

Meanwhile, I moved to Georgia, met some of my best friends, rocked grad school, and transitioned my career into fundraising. Boom shakalaka.


  1. Everything happens for a reason and let me tell you - sounds eerily similar to my first job out of college to!! I was overworked and under paid for real...but blinded by thinking I was a corporate rock star like you said lol! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. ugh, bad management or sucky colleagues can really make or break a job. my first office job, i loved, but i had some crappy managers and lame people i worked with. it was like 50/50, but after a few years it got worse and worse. why can't people just act like grown ups? it's so embarrassing sometimes.

  3. Ugh that sounds awful! Your comment about it being worse than a junior high lunchroom reminded me of teaching - I'm not sure some of my co-workers realized that we TAUGHT high school and weren't actually still IN high school. So glad you got out of that and moved on to bigger, better things!

  4. Oh girl. I'm so glad you were able to get out of that situation! That sounds like a nightmare.

    I was offered a position at a company with a turn around rate of like 4 months. Uhhh... no thanks. I'll pass.

  5. Bad management is the root of all badness in business. That goes for restaurants, financial institutions, assisted living facilities, ANYWHERE. If one does not have good motivational, organizational, and most importantly communication skills, they have no business being a manager. Aren't you fortunate that you got out when you did? Wow.

  6. Everything happens for a reason for sure. That sounds like a crap job. The hubs has a manager he works with who sounds a lot like that lady. So glad you got out! Karma is right!

  7. Ummm I worked for Amerprise then...left Feb 2008 & worked with a Robyn spelled the same way. Hmmm, I wonder if we crossed paths! I was in Institutional Marketing.