An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Wednesday Confessional

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday Confessional

I love Wednesday Confessional posts! I laugh so hard at some of the thoughts my fellow bloggers have. It's been a hell of a few weeks around here, so I thought I'd finally join in the Wednesday Confessional fun and share what's been on my sick (literally sick, not figuratively) mind.


- I haven't been active on Instagram because I've been so sick, I haven't showered in dayssssss. Six days was my record actually. There is no filter strong enough for six days of unwashed hair. Nobody needs to see that ugliness. Speaking of ugly, when I do pull up the IG, I'm seeing a lot of crazy looking pics. Why would you put that out in the public sphere?! And if your finger is "post" happy and you put it out there anyway, why would you NOT filter that out?! No need to define what "that" is. Go to the IG and see for yourself.

When people put crazy looking (aka BAD) photos on Instagram, I be like...

- I'm really not liking this season of Game of Thrones. WTF, GoT? I'm losing interest fast. Not even large amounts of wine are making this season better, and wine makes everything better, so that says a lot.

This season's GoT make me be like...

- I ate macaroni and cheese THREE times this week. It's like I don't even know myself anymore. It's also like I don't want my pants to fit anymore. Get it together, Paige.

Miss J was my modeling coach in 2008-09. I KNOW he be like "!!!!" if he knew what I was eating...

- I'm wayyyyyyy too excited that Henry starts preschool in two weeks. Here's what society/mom blogs think I should be thinking: "I can't believe my baby is old enough for preschool! Time went too fast, slow down! Can't I just always keep him with me? What am I going to do without my baby!?"

Here's what I'm actually thinking: "Hell yes you're finally old enough to do something on your own! That was a rough year kid, but you're still alive and I'm still alive and you're actually a pretty kick ass kid, so it all worked out. Now go make some friends and some finger paint art for our fridge so we can fist bump to your awesomeness when I pick you up at 2pm."

Getting 10 hours a week of baby-free time and I be like...

 And to conclude, this is how me and all the well-adjusted, realistic moms will be walking out of the first day of summer session preschool. If you're the guilt-ridden crying type, use a different door so we have room to properly celebrate.

Happy Hump Day friends! Those are my deepest, highly edited confessions.


  1. ugh, then there are those moms who are all "oh, you let daycare raise your kids?". um, no, i use daycare to give me a break otherwise crabby, cranky, yelly mom comes out and no one likes that bitch.

    hope you get better soon.

  2. I can totally see you busting those moves. Ha!
    And I totally agree with you on GOT. I'm losing interest, too... they aren't even really following the story anymore!

  3. You crack me up!! i think you deserved that mac and cheese and you were sick it doesn't even count! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  4. Oh God I'm dying. Your fridge will be covered in art projects in no time. And 10 hours!!!??? I am jealous! A only goes 4 hours a week, which is barely enough time for me to get home and start my computer, let alone get any work done.
    And YES to GoTh! For sure loosing interest! There are way too many story lines. The hubs is getting pissed the dragons aren't showing up more, and I'm just confused by so many things. Are they in Winterfell, or The Iron Keep or whatever it's called? #cluelessinseattle

  5. haha love the preschool one. i hope to be a sahm as well, but as soon as my kids are old enough to do something on their own, bye felicia. mmm mac and cheese. i don't love mac and cheese but it sounds so good right now.
    i am intrigued over the IG thing. sometimes i am just like wtf why are you posting that.
    i haven;'t watched much of this season of GoT either. I miss Robb Stark.

  6. Whenever I'm sick I want comfort foods too and that leads to me over eating Mac n cheese too. It's the only time I don't worry about what I'm eating so I feel it's justified.

  7. Hahah use a different door, love it! That gif is hilarious!

  8. I really enjoyed your post! What a great theme for a link up/blog hop! I am NOT one of those sad-ridden moms who can't let go, when my son started daycare, I jumped for joy! (And I'd like to think he would have done so had he knew how to jump at that early age--he has Down syndrome.)

  9. Oh too funny, love the videos. Too many helicopter moms out there, so good for you.

  10. Funny! Everyone needs a break, even if it's so mommy can bathe or shop alone. :)

  11. You're still alive and I'm still alive <--- that is my entire mission in life when I have kids girl you have no idea. I hope you are feeling better!!!!!!!

  12. This cracked me up! My daughter's preschool ENDS today and the other two are out for summer tomorrow! I'm really worried about my sanity :) Hope you feel better soon.