An Uncomplicated Life Blog: 9th Month Bumpdate

Monday, November 23, 2015

9th Month Bumpdate

It's the LAST bumpdate! Holy cow. I'm technically one week away from the 9th month, but I never go to 40 weeks, and I got some information last week that confirmed we will be having this baby SOON {details below}! I'm so ready to get this little baby out. All the way up until about 34ish weeks I kept thinking to myself, "Oh no! I'm getting close and I'm not ready to be done yet - I want to stay pregnant!" And then sometime in my 34th week a light switch went off and I thought, "Yeah. Now. Now is good. I'm done."

All about the final month of pregnancy, and a look back at all nine months of the baby making process

Thankfully, my body is bizarrely connected with my mind, and "being done" will indeed be the case in the next week or two. Wait, what?! You read that right. Read on for the details!

Want to catch up on the previous months? Here's my pregnancy with Otto, month by month:
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Mood: This isn't exactly a mood, but I have been insanely tired. I'm talking anemic-level tired, for those of you who have been anemic before. I go to bed at 9 and sleep until 6:30 and if I didn't have a toddler to chase after, I be taking a two hour nap at 1 or 2 in the afternoon, and I'd be resting/sitting on the couch immediately after dinner. As it would turn out, I have a toddler who makes that impossible. Better luck next time. Oh wait! Nope. Not how that works either. If you're on your first pregnancy, soak up all your ability to actually rest, 'cuz you ain't never gonna get that again!

Craving: It's officially official: Pregnancy cravings are a bunch of bunk. It's emotional/hormonal eating... So if you don't eat/crave weird things on your period or just generally in life, you won't while you're pregnant either. Nine months of two pregnancies and not one single craving. Oh well!

Weight &Workouts: The workouts slowed to just 3-4 a week - see below in updates for why! Walking causes MAJOR, timable contractions and yoga and barre put MAJOR pressure on my cervix. So at the 34 week mark, I toned all the workouts way, way down just so I'd make it to 36 weeks! At 35 weeks, I'm up just shy of 20 pounds. That's a huge jump from last month but I got reprimanded from my OB about it, so I went on an eating mission to find extra weight. And I was successful, my friends. All in all, looks like I'll be up 22-23 pounds with this babe. I'm quite pleased with that!

Updates: I had my last growth scan at 34 weeks. Otto has a massive head (so does Henry - tall and brainy, just like their mama!) but his abdomen was sizing small. There were already calcium deposits growing on my placenta, which means that's it's aging. My doctor looked at that and said we'd likely be inducing at 36 or 37 weeks! (No definitive date yet because I'm seeing a specialist to confirm dates this week, after this post publishes.) He was still thriving, but she doesn't want him to get to the point where he isn't, so an early induction for me it is... That is, IF I don't go into labor on my own. I was also 1.5cm dilated, 60% effaced and his head is fully engaged in the birth canal (LAWD HAVE MERCY, have I been feeling that pressure, too!) so I might just go on my own. I'm contracting regularly, and it really picks up steam after I workout. And thus, why I slowed the workouts down.

  • I think this baby will come sometime in his 36th week (that's NEXT WEEK, just FYI), just like Henry did (H was 36 weeks, 4 days). I have a OB appt on Dec 7, and I'm not convinced I'll make it to that - I think it will happen before, just based on pressure and the strength of contractions I'm already having. 
  • I think he'll weigh just about what Henry did (H was 5 pounds, 12oz - not shabby for a 36 weeker!) because at my 34 week scan he was sizing about 4.5 pounds. 
  • But unlike Henry, I think Otto will come out with a head full of dark hair, just like his daddy! I had HORRIFIC heartburn with Henry - I'm talking vomiting your stomach acid multiple times a day, every single day level heartburn - and I've had all of about 10 Tums with Otto. So I think he'll be my dark boy, simply because he's the opposite of my blond boy. 
We'll see if any of my predictions are right! I'm ready to meet this little guy. And for some Christmas cocktails. That's a wrap on 9 months of bumpdates! Watch for the flood of newborn baby pics on social media in the next week or two. Ahhhhh!!


  1. I remember when you were telling me you were pregnant and now he is going to be here! I am so excited for you and your family! Yes, please flood social media with him! Can't wait to see that gorgeous boy! I cracked up btw with the "yup, I'm good now to go" ;-) that's exactly how my sister was at the end of all her pregnancies!

  2. I'm sure you're going to be spot on with all your prediction!! Wishing everything goes easy breezy for you!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. A sweet dark headed little boy! YES! What dreams are made of. I cannot wait to meet Otto. Henry will be such an amazing big brother, and you and Kirk will continue to be amazing parents!

  4. Can't wait to hear about his arrival!! good luck!!

  5. I can't believe the day is almost here! I can't wait to see pics of that adorable little boy! Exciting to have him before Christmas too! I was done at 32 weeks with my last pregnancy, so we'll see how far I get with this one. :)

  6. Oh my gosh, the time is coming so soon!! How old is Henry? You are SUPER MOM and SUPER WOMAN, wow how do you manage everything? Can you be pregnant for me for my next? You look so amazing. Keeping you in my thoughts : )

  7. So exciting! I'm glad you're doctors are watching you so closely and have everything planned out. Can't wait to see if your predictions are correct and see all those pictures!

  8. How exciting! Hope everything goes well. Sending all the positive labor and healthy baby vibes I've got your way!

  9. So exciting! I hope all goes well :)

  10. First of all...amen on the pregnancy cravings. I'm definitely hungrier than normal but I haven't had any weird cravings! But I never do in "normal" life either so I'm right there with you! It's CRAZY he could come so soon! I'm at 24 weeks and feel like it's so far away, but once Christmas passes by I'll be at 30 weeks and it could come so soon after that. Crazy! I'll be thinking of you and am excited to see pictures and updates about your little man. Good luck, mama! You'll be great!

  11. You look great! You are so close!!! I can't wait to hear if he comes out with a full head of hair!

  12. I can feel the anticipation! What an exciting time! Take it easy :)

  13. OMG YOU'RE GONNA HAVE A BABY SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i'm so excited.