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Monday, August 29, 2016

What I'm Secretly Passionate About

I think all those "getting to know the blogger" posts I see others do are so fun to read! When I follow a blog, it's because I actually really like the person and what the person has to say. They're interesting and engaging. So I thought, heck, I haven't done a "get to know the blogger" post in a long time. I also thought it might be kinda fun to reveal some of the things I'm secretly very passionate about. Although I guess now, it's not so secretive... Anyway, here's a short list of my inner passions. STOP! I know what you're thinking. And yes, even the sponsored part is actually a real passion of mine:

Sexism is alive and well and annoying as all... 
Blah blah blah women get paid 73 cents for every dollar a man makes blah blah blah. Yay for stats. That's actually not what annoys me. It's the fact that you can't watch a new broadcast about the upcoming election without hearing about what Hilary Clinton wore. Why is that relevant? They never talk about what Trump is wearing... Because nobody cares. Because he's a man, and his wardrobe isn't up for public discussion or scrutiny. Why is the way a woman dresses an indicator of how good she'll be at her job?! Then there's the annoying #bossgirl and #bossbabe hashtags that have become so popular with millennials. Again with the appearance nonsense! Why is "babe" used to describe a female boss? Why do they need to make a "cutesy" hashtag by putting girl in it when we're indeed women? We don't call male bosses "boyboss." That sounds ridiculous and juvenile. So does girlboss, ladies.

See, sexism is so ingrained in our culture that young women take it and accept it as "cute!" or "fun!" when really, it's just reinforcing the old glass ceiling. Sigh. And these are the same young women who claim they "don't need feminism." Ohhhhhh, boy.

Yes. I'm passionate about feminism. And I'm well aware that I, and all women, need it.

Public education is worth its weight in gold
I went to an excellent public school growing up. My public high school was nationally ranked. I got an amazing education at the University of Minnesota too, a top 25 public research university. In fact, I believe in public education so much that we bought our house in a very specific location so that our kids could go to a great public elementary! I'm not here to hate on private schools, but I don't think the ability to swing a private school's tuition should be the barrier to a great education. All children deserve access to a great education, regardless of socio-economic status.

I'm so passionate about public ed, I spent two years of my professional career fundraising for public schools. Sounds funny, right? I bet you're thinking that because they're public, shouldn't they be fully funded by the public? No, they're not. And so many schools face cuts each and every year. It's demanded that they produce higher test scores and offer the best extracurriculars, but are forced to do so with less and less funding. In comes H-E-B and General Mills' Box Tops for Education! It's really simple: You purchase your favorite General Mills products (at H-E-B if you're in Texas!) and save the top section. Register your school online and when you turn in your tops, your school gets dollars. Such an easy way to help your school get more money. And private schools, you're not excluded - all schools can register!

Bonus if you're a Texas resident like myself: Go to this site and register your school, and you'll be entered in a  H-E-B sweepstakes for your school to win 20,000 bonus box tops - a $2,000 value for your school! 20 Texas schools will win, and the more you enter, the better your chances. Go for it! Better believe I put my son's school on the list!

Yup. Passionate about accessible, quality public education for all.

You create your own chaos
You know those Facebook friends (or real life friends) you have who are always in a rush, always frantic and there's always something crazy and bizarre happening to them? And they either dominate the conversation with all their chaos or they air it out on social media in every detail. They always seem to end with a "why is this my life/me/happening nonstop"?! Well, I can tell you. You create your own chaos, friends.

Things in life are a series of events and how you CHOOSE to react that that event. You create chaos by reacting wildly/with a bad attitude/frantically/negatively/and on and on. If you're wondering why your life is consistently too busy, too crazy, too out of control or too dramatic, look at what's happening and examine your response to it. Sometimes you can control the events in your life and sometimes you can't, but you can ALWAYS choose how you react. If you're constantly drained, tired or stressed out from your own life, choose to react to it differently. You'll be surprised how quickly you become happier again.

One of my favorite analogies for choosing your reaction is this: The skin is a semi-waterproof organ. When outside things come at you, let it roll off you like water rolls down your skin. When you're in the thick of something bad or negative, sometimes it helps to literally vision water rolling off your skin! Taking two seconds to visualize that means that you had two more seconds to let the event sink in as opposed to reacting to it right away. And that means you had two more seconds of peace!

Yes, I'm really passionate about personal accountability, especially for your own happiness and the amount of busyness and chaos you allow into your life.

This little guy chooses happiness... Most of the time, anyway!

Those are just three things that I'm now not so secretly passionate about. I find it fascinating how we all have our "things" that really get us going! I'll talk your ear off about feminism, public education, and "being the ringleader of your own circus" if you will. What are some things you're secretly (or not so secretly) passionate about?


  1. I am not so secretive about my love of food, travel and just life in general. If anybody ever looks at my blog it's easy to see what my passions are. Oh and I definitely agree with you on the glass cwiling and how it still exists. As I get older I see it more and more.

  2. I am not so secretive about my love of food, travel and just life in general. If anybody ever looks at my blog it's easy to see what my passions are. Oh and I definitely agree with you on the glass cwiling and how it still exists. As I get older I see it more and more.

  3. Great post. I loved how bold and just open about what you are passionate about. :)

  4. I mean - can I get an amen to all of this! Wonderful!!!!

  5. yes to public education! our next house will be chosen mainly for the location and what schools our kids (who don't exist yet) will go to. and i am with you personal accountability, i am not a busy person, and people are always like frantic and like OMG I'M SO BUSY i don't have time to do anything you're so 'lucky' blah blah.. yes, i know people with kids will have more to do compared to me, but still. all the other things? your life, your choice, stop complaining about the schedule you gave yourself. GEEZ.

  6. I love this. I like reading what the blogger is all about, it helps create more of a bond when reading your blog! These are great. And, I agree, you create your own chaos. I wish I could subtly tell that to some of my friends!

  7. Love this! I am all about public education too!!

  8. This was such a fun post!

    I love what you had to say about public ed. I went to a public school and then a public university (although... I private schools weren't a *thing* in my area growing up so I didn't have much of a choice K-12). I think what's important - at least as far as universities go - is choosing a school that is good at what you're passionate about. I was passionate about AG, and food, so I went to the O.G. agriculture school - Texas A&M. ;)

    I needed to read that last bit about choosing our own chaos, too. Although, you already know that about me. Baby steps are still steps, right?

  9. All great passions. Your "create your own chaos" is like my "you create your own happiness." I totally agree that people are fully in control of their lives and if it's chaotic or unhappy they have the ability to change that (I should take my own advice right now...chaos abounds, haha!).
    And I 100% believe in public schools. I got a great public education and feel very lucky.
    Love these posts!

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  11. I really enjoy this. When I read about the blogger, it makes me feel closer to their blog! These are awesome. Plus, I totally agree that we make our own mess sometimes. I wish I could hint that to a few friends! Can you also include Examples of Closing sentence examples for body paragraph in there?

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