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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Managing Night Terrors in Toddlers

Night terrors in toddlers is very common but there's an easy fix with the Lully Sleep Guardian 2

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If you've ever woken up to your toddler screaming in the middle of the night, seemingly for no reason, you're well aware of what a night terror is. I was completely unfamiliar with night terrors until Henry had his first. It scared the crap out of me, because in the middle of the night, he was absolutely hollering as if someone were trying to harm him! Upon going into his room, all was well and he was calmed down and back to sleep in less than 5 minutes.. While it was easy for him to fall back asleep, I was awake for another hour or two wondering what his deal was. Turns out, Henry has inconsistent night terrors. Luckily for both of us, I found a solution to managing those night terrors.

Night terrors are a weird thing. You put your child to bed and all is well. You retire for the night. You fall asleep after thinking about your to do list for the next day. Then all of a sudden, you're awoken by your child screaming bloody murder in the middle of the night. If you're not a parent, I don't think there's a way to me to describe how absolutely nerve rattling this is! A million thoughts go through your head. "Is his foot stuck in the crib? Did he vomit? Did someone break in and do something to him? What kind of a scene am I going to find once I get to him?!"

Henry is old enough now to get his foot un-stuck from his crib bars. We also still sleep sack him so that he can't crawl out of his crib and disturb his brother, so stuck limbs aren't really a concern. There's only been one case of him vomiting in the night, and let me tell you how NOT fun it was to have to turn on all the lights, change and bathe him, change the crib and wash the sheets, and attempt to get him back to sleep, all at 2am. The joys of parenting, right? Most the time when he's crying at night, there's no obvious thing wrong. He's just had a night terror. In fact, night terrors are extremely common as they affect 20 percent of all kids! Fortunately for us, Henry is easy to calm and get back to sleep, but some children get really worked up from their night terrors.

Lully Sleep Guardian 2 fits under your child's mattress and doesn't disrupt normal sleep

The real issue is getting yourself back to sleep after a bout of night terrors in your toddler. There's something about being a parent and hearing your child scream in the night that rattles you to your core! Whenever it happens, it takes me a good hour (sometimes even longer) to be able to get back to sleep. If my husband is off traveling for work, I find that I have to go about the house and re-check that all the doors are locked and nothing is amiss in the house before I can even think about getting back in bed. And if Henry bursts into screams at 4am, I just have to accept that I'm now up for the day because there's no way I'm getting settled back down only to get up at 6am again.

Enter modern day technology to save both parents and toddlers alike! Lully Sleep Guardian 2 is some of the coolest "mom technology" I've seen yet. There's a pod that plugs into the wall and fits under your child's mattress. Then you download an app and answer a few questions about your child's sleeping patterns and behavior. The pod and the app are able to track your child's sleep and it begins to vibrate once a night terror is about to start, waking your child up before it's able to take place. The Lully Sleep Guardian 2 is able to completely stop a night terror before it starts!

Happy camper without night terrors!

As parents we want our children to feel safe and sleep well at night. Night terrors are a challenge for everyone involved, and the sleep disruption just might be toughest on parents! But your child doesn't need to suffer nor do you. Check out this awesome technology from Lully to manage your toddler's night terrors.


  1. It is so fascinating to see how so many things can be controlled by technology! Does it help with adult night terrors haha?! I have to give a speech next week to MBA students :(

  2. What the heck?! That is the coolest thing ever. Can I get one of those for ME?! It would be so nice to have that for when I'm having a bout of sleep paralysis.

    I had no idea Henry had night terrors. Poor kid. Glad you found this awesome piece of technology!

  3. Good tips. Haven't experienced this but I will keep your thoughts in mind.

  4. Great tips... makes me so so sad when they're upset from night terrors!

  5. This is really interesting. I haven't heard of this before! My son suffers from night terrors and it was the worst! Thank goodness for modern tech!

  6. Poor kiddo but cool technology. How does it tell your child is about to have a night terror? What triggers it exactly??
    Very cool though!

  7. Seriously what will they think of next??!?! I love this idea and definitely want to look into it for my patients.

    1. We use dream catcher works amazing

  8. How have I never heard of this! Technology is amazing. Poor Henry, I hope he doesn't get them often and that this continues to work for him.

  9. I'll do you one better! Technology is great and it definitely has it's uses. However what do you do if you are away from home unexpectedly or there are power outages??
    Night terrors are pretty easy to clear from a child's nervous system if you are aware of the right remedy. There is a product you can get at ANY health food store called RESCUE REMEDY by the Bach Essence company. It is a homeopathic (read ultra dilute to the point of being only frequency essence left - no chemicals,no pharmaceutical actions) remedy made of completely nontoxic flowers that - if given consistently every night for a few weeks or months depending on the child - will clear the pattern of night terrors and fear completely! It's ultra safe, its easy to get, and comes in drops for easy application in a bottle or under the tongue!
    It can also be used for all kinds of physical and emotional traumas as well.
    check it out. Every mom should have this in their medicine cabinet!

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  11. We use dream catcher oil. Gets rid of them!

  12. I bough the Lully product before it was even off the production line! It arrived about 2 years into the night terrors for my daughter, and right around the start of my son's night terrors. By then I had begun my own experimenting and found that the Lully totally helped, but that I could do it on my own just as easily. For my daughter, I keep her from over heating by pulling back a blanket or two in the first hour or two of sleep, then I cover her up when I go to bed. For my son, I give him a nudge once or twice in the first 2 hours of his sleep. I just apply pressure somewhere on his body (under a shoulder, hip, knee or bottom of foot) until he stirs. I don't actually wake him up but seem to rouse him from super-deep sleep. The only time he has a night terror now is when I forget! On days when he naps, he doesn't need any interventions.