An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Weekend Update

Monday, September 26, 2016

Weekend Update

Just a good old fashioned weekend update!

How long has it been since I posted a good old weekend update?! I tried to look back through my published post feed and made it three pages in before I got bored and didn't find anything, so I'm going to say it's been at least a year. Fixing that now! Hold on guys and gals, because this post won't show you how to do anything, won't list 10 steps to a happier you and you'll likely learn nothing. Hopefully, you'll be entertained half as much as we were this last weekend. Here's a weekend update, for your entertainment needs.

Friday was date night. I captured no pics even though I showered and had a real bra on. That's a shame, huh? Anyway, we went to Studio Movie Grill, where you get to drink 9oz wine pourswreath&o=1&a=B00NAQ8TZO" style="border: none !important; margin: 0px !important;" width="1" /> and eat mediocre food while you watch your movie. We saw Don't Breathe. Now in a normal viewing environment, this film would have fallen short of any shallow expectations I would have had. But at Studio Movie Grill, it was a hoot! I was on my second 9oz wine pour when the film took a bizarre shift, and the crowd started hooting and hollering at the screen. Hubs and I died laughing, right along with everyone else. It was a good time, and I had a solid cheap wine headache the next day.

Saturday was grocery shopping day, and per usual, I forgot several key items on my list. I finished decorating the inside of our home for Halloween, and hubs got this wreath I made hung. I'm not sure the pic does it justice - it's MASSIVE. I had so much fun making it this past week, too! If I had more hours in the day I'd consider opening an Etsy shop to sell my wreaths, but right now, it's all I can do to post here and keep an Instagram feed going, knawwhatimean?

In the afternoon, hubs took the boys to the gym so I got the house to myself for two hours. I chatted with a friend and made lasagne roll ups. See, during the week I nuked an Amy's Organic spinach lasagna and Henry ate most of it. In case you're new here, Henry is the PICKIEST toddler eater ever. He's a vegetarian (what two year old decides that?!) So I made these spinach lasagna roll ups and hid some portabella mushrooms in it, and he ate it with vigor! My husband even ate two plates full. Totally winning. Oh, and Otto? He's my champion. He'll eat anything happily, as long as it's what we're eating and not baby food. Love that little baby for that!

It might technically be fall, but it's still 100 degrees in Texas, so after the boys got home from the gym and while the roll ups were baking, we swam in the pool. And by we, I mean the boys and husband. And by swam, I mean splashed water on each other and on the poor dog.

Sinking Henry
Floating Otto

Happy Henry

Happy Otto and a cautious dog (who hates water)
Sunday rolled around and that means football. I threw some chili together in the Crockpot without following any semblance of a recipe, crossing my fingers that it would turn out ok. If it didn't, I planned on feeding my husband few beers beforehand so he wouldn't notice... However, it turned out great! Don't ask me for the recipe because I just threw crap together and have no idea what I did. There's some cumin and some tomatoes and some beef in it though.

What didn't turn out so great was the banana bread (recipe here) that is normally the BEST ever. I think my baking powder was expired. Actually, yes, I just went to look and it's indeed expired, so the loaf is a little... er... dense and flat. Still tastes good though!

Banana bread fail
And that's how the weekend was done! How did y'all weekend? Hope it was a good one! I have a hilarious post planned for Thursday, all about how I fail at being crunchy. See you then!


  1. Love this little chat!
    Your boys are the sweetest. You cannot go wrong with beef, cumin, and tomato! It always turns out fantastic.

  2. Love a good ole fashioned catch up post ; ) Your date night sounds like a great time, and I've been on the hunt for a good bread recipe, so I'll be trying yours out (and checking my expiration dates).

  3. HAHA! I loved reading this! Can we just talk about how hilarious it is that Henry has decided to be a vegetarian... proper Texan, eh? #NoMeatNoMeal

  4. Hahahahah that is exactly how I make my chili as well. Throw some crap in the crockpot with tons of seasoning and just pray it works out. I'm glad you had a good date night!

  5. Throwing shit in the Crock Pot is my jam. So glad you had some quiet time at the house and enjoyed a fun date night.

  6. You know I love posts that showcase the blogger behind the posts, the real you. But you knew that already. ;)

    It has finally cooled off here. We hit the freezing mark up north three hours from we live this weekend. It was a huge smack in the day because I'm in denial summer is dunzo. So I'll continue to live vicariously through you until you hit cooler temps.

    Have a great evening hun!

  7. lol @ the movies.. isn't that a scary movie? i want to drink cheap wine while watching a movie. off to see if something like that exists here hahaha.
    those lasagna roll ups with mushrooms sound delish.
    i don't know if i make chili exactly, but my favourite thing to do in the crockpot is throw shit in and hope for the best. KC loves those kind of recipes rather than the i spent hours on this and it's healthy as all get out. he doesn't love those as much.

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