An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Holistic Living Fails

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Holistic Living Fails

I try to implement an all around holistic lifestyle but some things I just fail at.

Like many parents, I'm concerned about the "crap" we have in our home. I'm concerned about the environment I provide for my kids. I don't want there to be unnecessary chemicals or toxins that we're constantly exposed to if there are better alternatives. I use essential oils for skincare and other beauty/personal DIYs. I've recently cleaned out my makeup bag after reading about how the FDA doesn't regulate what's in cosmetics - and you know they just banned the crap that's in antibacterial soap, so they're way behind the curve. Your skin is your biggest organ and if you're spreading cheap drugstore cosmetics all over it, I'm concerned for you. I really am! All of that said, I'm not perfect. I don't fully implement a holistic living life. In fact, I have some pretty big holistic living fails. Here are my top offenders:

So funny! This crunchy blogger talks about when she chooses to not go organic and why

Wearing standard deodorant
Yup, I wear good ol' toxic-y Secret deodorant. I tried to do a DIY deodorant with essential oils and arrowroot powder, amongst other things, and it was a FAIL. It actually did keep me from being stinky, but I developed a rash in the folds of my armpit (TMI?), I'm assuming from the starchiness of the arrowroot powder. Anyway, I gave it a solid try and went back to conventional brands. We all know the natural deodorant aisle doesn't have anything that works and I couldn't make some thing that worked, so there you have it.

Gimme the deodorant that WERKS

Using conventional dishwasher detergent
I have tried EVERY (ok, not really, but it sure feels like it!) natural brand for dishwasher soap. It's almost as if these brands leave your dishes dirtier than when you put them in, no? There's literally a nasty residue left on all your glasses, and your silverware still have food on stuck on plus that nasty, grimy residue. We use Finish . Oops. But dirty, cloudy dishes are a pet peeve, not to mention just plain out gross! And Finish leaves them sparkly and squeeky clean. There's something about the dishwasher specifically that doesn't work with crunchy detergent, because I've used the natural stuff for hand-wash only dishes with some success.

#sorrynotsorry I want my dishes sparkling

Using traditional carpet cleaner
This is one I wish I didn't use, and really want to look into other options. So far, all the other options involve vinegar of some sort, and call me crazy, but I'm NOT putting that on a carpet! Would the smell ever come out? Wouldn't I just be trading a stain for a smell? We have hardwood or tile everywhere except the playroom and the bedrooms, and let me tell you: Boys do a number on them. All my boys. Not a day goes by that my husband doesn't spill coffee (not kidding) in one of the rooms, my dog will have wet and muddy paws that leaves a mark somewhere, and Henry will use a carpet as his own personal napkin after a messy PB&J. I NEED a good carpet cleaner! Someday we'll replace all the carpet with more hardwood, but until then, I'm going to steer clear of all this vinegar talk I see and use some good old chemically cleaner. Sue me.

A boymom's best friend

I visit a drive thru several times a year
I know, I know, "several times a year" isn't anything to be ashamed of in comparison to the national average... But I wish I never went at all. The only place we go is Chick-fil-a or Jakes (local to Dallas) because daaaaaang, sometimes I'm tired and don't want to cook and a burger with a poppy seed bun is calling my name, or a fried chicken sandwich (why get grilled when you can get fried? If I'm going out, I'm going ALL out!) with pickles on it is the only thing that will do. I try to keep it to no more than six times a year. And those are some glorious six times, friends. Sigh. Don't worry, I eat extra-organic the next day for balance!

Hey guys, I'm not perfect. I try to live the healthiest lifestyle I can. I try to make sure my house has as few chemicals as possible, and I sure do try to be as holistic as possible in my lifestyle and approach to healthcare. But sometimes, just sometimes y'all, the crunchy way isn't the best way. Sometimes I just gotta go the conventional route, and write my loss off as a holistic living fail!


  1. I can totally relate to you, Paige! I have been making more of a conscious effort especially with my skin and beauty products, but I haven't figured out (or maybe just refuse to...) totally commit to this. I heard of people making their own laundry detergent, but did I see somewhere you were saying that it's actually not so great? Let me know so I'll know to skip it.

  2. I totally relate! I had issues with homemade deodorant, but found that I couldn't use baking soda. The arrowroot powder doesn't bother me. To each their own, though!
    As for the drive thru...a couple times a MONTH happens here. I'd hang my head in homesteading shame if it wasn't for the fact that I LOVE Chick Fil A! :)

  3. we had chick fil a for dinner last night, zero shame. i even got a fatty milkshake because i am a horrible person lol. i definitely use cheap drugstore products that i know nothing about, so you should be concerned for me! i am trying to change everything and get a proper routine in before i am 30. i'd like to be more aware of what i am putting on my body.
    i can't even use women's deodorant, i have to use men's. so i honestly doubt that natural would work for me.
    i have 3 cats.... so yeah. proper carpet cleaner is a must.

  4. I've been making more of an effort since we moved into our house to switch to natural cleaning products, but there are definitely some I've had to compromise on. When it comes to the bathroom, I'm using the chemicals! I've also found that natural dishwasher soap doesn't work as well!

  5. I would love to fully make the switch, but I find it near impossible. We've switched our cleaning products in the kitchen, and wouldn't look back. But unfortunately some areas need a bit deeper clean and high potent products (i.e. the toilet). I've also found that all natural toothpaste just doesn't do the trick.

  6. I also use Finish dishwasher soap. It just works so well!
    I will say, though, that when vinegar dries the smell disappears. And you could infuse it with dried lavender flowers to help with most of the smell, if you wanted. :)

  7. Yep. I'm right there with ya. I use Secret or Dove, definitely use Resolve carpet cleaner and regular old dishwasher soap. Sometimes you just need chemicals to get the job done. It's just how life is.

  8. Hahaha! Keep it real, girl. You know I'm not crunchy - so I was surprised to see that I did a few of these things that you don't. :P
    Vinegar on carpet! Girl - YES. It smells while it's wet, but it dries odorless and it really does get the gunk out. We only use it when we steam clean, though. I also use vinegar to clean my makeup brushes.

    And I'm all about natural deodorant. I've tried soooo many, but I keep going back to my favorite - the crystal. You know that purple package with the slab of salt crystal in it? It works. Seriously... but only if you shower EVERY DAY and apply it directly after the shower. Ha. May not be suitable for your hippie/mom lifestyle but it works for me if I use it that way.

  9. I believe in the 80-20 rule. Try to lead a healthy, holistic, clean life 80% of the time and the rest... well, you know. I think it helps me stay sane honestly.

  10. Do what you can, it's better than not trying at all! And girl, chick-fil-a...sometimes you just have to.

  11. I completely understand the struggle. As natural as a try to be, sometimes I still end up having to use something conventional because the natural product simply won't work!

  12. I think that it's okay to have some of the toxic ingredients, but I do think that it would be better to use an alternative ( obviously ! )

    I was having problems with natural deodorant, but then I tried the Schmidt's brand and it worked really well for me! Also, vinegar is safe to use on your carpet :) I use it for A LOT around the house actually.

    I'm dog sitting for my cousin right now and I was having A LOOOTTTTTTT of issues with him peeing in my apartment (i was so mad!! good bye security deposit! ) and there was on spot that WOULD NOT go away and i made a vinegar solution and the vinegary smell didn't last long at all and it got rid of the smell. I think you should try it :)