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Monday, October 3, 2016

Fall SAHM or Weekend Style

Causal looks for SAHM's or the weekend are available for cheap at thredUP!

Gone are the days I wore heels everyday, curling my hair with perfect makeup, pressed shirt tucked neatly into a pencil skirt, sipping coffee as I commute into an office. Those clothes are actually still in my closet. Who knows if they'll still be stylish enough to wear when (if!) I return to a 9-5. These days, I need clothes that are comfortable enough to wear all day. I need to be able to sit on a floor and play at the park in them. I need to be able to carry 30 pounds of toddler in one arm and 20 pounds of baby in the other, without falling over. Clearly, I'm not spending a ridic amount on designer labels because that would be outright foolish - why spend $250 on shorts when I'm just going to get covered in toddler goo?! However, I still love high end names and looks. I've figured out a way to style them this fall for SAHM's or for weekend looks and thredUP helps me find them for cheap.

Cute distressed boyfriend jean shorts

I can't say that I'm particularly stylish anymore. I try to stay up with things, but I just don't have the time to read fashion magazines or gossip blogs to stay on top of it. I don't understand why anyone is wearing flared jeans (takes me back to Jr High and High School like whoa) and I laugh at grown women in rompers. Like seriously, how do you pee?! Why are you torturing yourself?!

I do know enough, though, to know that high waists are cool and short shirts are in. Booties have replaced tall riding boots. I'm just now becoming comfortable to have a shirt that might show just a glimpse of midriff if I raise my arms, as I've almost lost all my baby weight and I can juuuuuuust start to see those abs again. But frankly, as a mom, I just have no business wearing the full out midriff trend. The fact that I'm in my 30's seals that deal.

Boyfriend shorts with booties

Here in Texas, it's still 80-90 degrees (or more!) daily. Our fall weather looks like most others' summer. So for me, the perfect fall SAHM or weekend style is a good boyfriend distressed jean short, long sleeves and booties. If it's closer to that 90+ mark, replace the long sleeves with a short sleeve and an even shorter bootie. I can sit on the floor and play trains, I can run errands or I can play at the park in these looks!

Boyfriend shorts with ankle length booties for fall

The best part of these fall SAHM or weekend styles? I got the shorts at thredUP. I found a pair of Adriano Goldschmied (AG) boyfriend shorts that retail for $188 for a mere $47.99 on thredUP. They were brand new with the tags still on y'all. Now, I'm not big into consignment or discount stores, mainly for one reason: I can never find anything in my size. But on thredUP, you can search by your size so you're only seeing things you know will fit! Is there anything as disappointing as seeing something you love and then, whoompwhoomp, it's not available in your size? 

I mean, I can think of more than a few things as disappointing, but I digress.

The site has tons of things, all in good condition to brand new with tags, like these shorts I picked out. It's easy to search your size. If you don't end up liking it after you get it, you have 14 days to return it and they pay the shipping. How easy is that?! Not only that, moms - this means you can shop after the babes are asleep, get high end brands for pennies on the dollar and have zero regrets after buying because you can simply return it. Winning.

I'm no fashion blogger, but I also don't want to be a frumpy SAHM. These shorts are perfect for Texas fall weather. They're long enough to cover my butt (what's with the high-waist, butt-cheeck-haning-out-Cochella-style trend? Ahhh, see, I fail at real fashion blogging!) and distressed enough to let a little more skin show. I'll be able to wear these with booties and long sleeves, a cardigan, or even a few layers well into November here. Go check out thredUP to create your own fall SAHM or weekend style looks for less! 


  1. I LOVE ThredUP! And how adorable are you!!! LOVE your shorts too. :) You are a sexy SAHM!!

  2. You are rocking it! I can't bring myself to do the bootie shorts or crop tops either. But love this style girl!

  3. Paige, seriously. You are too cute!
    Ok. I think I'm going to give threadup a go. With the TAGS on?! Worth. It.

  4. I love those shorts. You look so good in them.

  5. ThreadUP sounds awesome, and you're rocking it! You look awesome, love this post :)

    Lee Anne

  6. Yeah I'm so glad you scooped up a pair of those! Seriously don't they just go with everything and are insanely comfy? AG is one of my fav denim brands, I will have to check out ThreadUP because hello killer deals you got on there!

  7. I LOVE thredUp! I always find amazing deals there. And girl, I'll be thrilled if I look anywhere near as awesome as you do when I'm a mom!

  8. With the tags still on?! That's awesome! I love a good jean short and now that mine are way too big, I better check ThredUp out!

  9. Actually... you do look pretty glam in those jean shorts. Never heard of ThredUp, need to check them out!

  10. Hot mama! You look so cute! ;) I hear such great things about ThredUp!

  11. I LOVE ThredUP!! I've been shopping there for a couple years now and always find great things for me and my kiddos!

  12. SO cute, Paige! I've never used ThredUP, but I hear good things about it. I've had several friends use it who had great experiences...I've got to give it a whirl!

  13. I love these shorts! I've never tried ThredUp...I'm a little nervous because i'm really picky haha. You totally rock this outfit though! :)

  14. i love thredup! these shorts are super cute on you. and i am with you.. i don't understand flared jeans.. but i think i have come to a point/age where i wear what i am comfortable in. i'm not down with high waisted anything or short tops.. but i do rock a romper like once a year lol.

  15. Those shorts are perfect! I need to look into Thredup!

  16. I love when I can create timeless, basic outfits! You look so cute, and I'm obsessed with your boots!