An Uncomplicated Life Blog: October Currently

Thursday, October 20, 2016

October Currently

What I'm thinking, feeling, loving and hating right now!

I had honestly planned on doing a birthday recap post today. I turned 32 on Sunday and we actually threw a little party for me on Saturday. Turns out, I was having so much fun that I completely forgot to take a single picture! Whoompwhoomp. So I'll just break out a classic old school "currently" post, so y'all can get caught up with my thoughts give me some advice. Full disclosure? Monday's blog post was a ton of work and I have a few more coming up that are labor intensive sooooooo this post is just going to be a hot mess until I'm caught up with my posts/editorial calendar. That's what happens when you spend your weekend day drinking instead of blogging. But, yay birthdays!

Currently, I'm:

Loving: Henry at two and a half. The "terrible two's" is a load of garbage, two's are awesome! He hugs me and Otto constantly and says, "I love you mommy!" "I love you Otto!" and he helps me in the kitchen, knows how to do the laundry, helps clean up the playroom at night, loves a good game of tag, and most importantly, he walks himself to bed promptly at 7pm. What a champ. Before you Negative Nancy's speak up, I know - three is supposed to be awful. But he's not three, he's two and a half, and I'm enjoying it to no end. He's also taken a liking to Halloween, and it's making my little heart swell with pride!

Just look at this face!

Hating: All things social media. Obvi Facebook is a mess of political opinions. I've had to hide more than just a few people for their insane beliefs and comments. If you run a page for a business or blog, you've probably also noticed that your reach is way down. They've changed it so that you basically HAVE to pay to reach even the people who like your page, and it's outrageous. All the way until this summer, I got great organic reach through a simple strategy. Those days are over. Instagram is also falling to pieces with algorithm nonsense. And then I think, "am I really basing my blog or my own worth on the number of likes and comments it got?!" And that's just a sad place to be, isn't it? Ughhh social media, I hate you.

Basically I'm only enjoying Pinterest, and that's because I never "niched down" -- I always kept to pinning what I enjoyed, even if it was "off brand." Well low and behold, that's the only thing that's fun anymore!

Consuming: ProNourish. I'm pretty sure I wrote a blog post a year ago or so about how important breakfast is, yet I never eat it. I wake up and get one kid out the door to preschool, hit up a yoga or barre class and it's nearly noon before I'm back home and still just running on coffee. Not a healthy way to live, Paige! I found ProNourish and it's great - I can throw it in my purse and drink it en route to preschool drop off. It's a low FODMAP drink, so it fits with so many different lifestyles. Best yet, I scored it at Kroger on sale. Healthy, good tasting, I can eat it on the go AND on sale? Pshhhh, winning.

Feeling: Much better than last week! I was completely out of commission for several days with a stomach bug. Two weeks prior to that I had strep throat. For all of October I've had a sinus infection. It's been a hell of a month of sickness for me! But, um, the silver lining is that I' at my pre-baby weight so it's not all bad. Vain? Yeah, so what.

Shot this pic with a fever from strep:

Buying: Henry's teacher at school told me he was the only kid without a nap mat and I was like whaaaa? I mean, the school provides them mats, but I guess I was supposed to get some fancy cover thing for him. Thanks for waiting a month to tell me, preschool! So I got him (and Otto, who starts preschool in January) these cute nap mats. They come in tons of prints so if you have a little one heading off to preschool you should check them out! Reasonably priced, too. And now, Henry won't be "that kid" who's mom was too dumb to know he needed something special for naps. Poor guy.

Watching: American Horror Story. I loved season one, was ok with season two, hated season three and was meh over season four, but they've redeemed themselves with the Roanoke season five. I actually don't even think I watched every episode of the carnival season and I fell asleep for several episodes of the hotel season. But this one? Excellent.

Soon enough, I'll be on to Christmas movies. What's your favorite Christmas movie? I need to fill up our queue!

Reading: Car reviews. My lease is up in May and while I get that's more than a few months away, I need to have my replacement vehicle ready. I currently drive a Volvo XC60 and we're going to move 'er on up to a full sized SUV. Hubs and I are SICK of being cramped in the front seat with two car seats in the back! I'm tall, hubs is tall, Henry is tall, and Otto is the lankiest baby on the face of the planet. We need room for all these limbs, y'all! Volvo doesn't make anything with three rows so I'll be switching makes and models. Normally, I know exactly what I want but I've never had a car this big! I need room for the kids and the double stroller, so I need leg room and trunk space. Oh yeah, and safety is probably also important.

In addition to your fave Christmas movies, y'all got any thoughts on full sized, three row SUVs?  

Excited for: Otto's first birthday and the party I'm planning him! I'm in full out planning mode for his Lumberjack themed affair. His invites arrived from Mint and they're beyond adorable (as they damn well should be for what they cost), and now I need to get some decorations and favors in all things plaid and woodsy. Of course I know he won't remember this... First birthdays are for parents and pictures guys. I don't believe in throwing a big birthday party again until the child is old enough to ask for it! So. Much. Work.


  1. Thanks for the tip about the nap mats, those are adorable! I pretty much love all Christmas movies but The Holiday and Home Alone 1 & 2 are my all time faves!

  2. GOTTA FIT ALL EM LIMBS IN THE CAR HAHAHAHAHA. I love reading these recaps so much. I also love that you're talking about your kids' long limbs and you're like 94% legs. I SAID IT.

  3. I feel your pain with social media.

  4. 1. I love hearing about your kiddos. From what I read from you and see on SnapChat, Henry seems like the kid anyone would want to hang out with, kid or adult. 2. Funny thing about Pinterest - there was a short time where I really felt like I needed to niche down, including my social media. When I started niching down what I was repinning on Pinterest, my Pinterest traffic plummeted! As soon as I started pinning anything and everything again, it went right back up!

  5. happy belated birthday!!! glad you had so much fun you didn't take any photos.
    i mean if henry is skipping the terrible twos, maybe he'll skip the 'threenager' or whatever the funny thing is for 3 year olds.
    i don't really have a brand or anything, but as soon as i stopped caring about numbers and stuff, it became fun again.
    glad you're feeling better after all the sickness.
    i want to say my best friend drives a..... nissan something. i know, super helpful right? but it has 3 rows.
    my favourite christmas movie is the santa clause. no shame.

  6. I drive a GMC Yukon XL. Tons of room for kiddos, and even with the 3rd row up there's plenty of space for stroller, groceries, and shopping bags. My 2nd row has captains chairs, so each car seat would have its own 'seat'. It's perfect for a tall, growing family!

  7. I'm so glad you're feeling better! And I'm with you on Facebook lately.

  8. 2 was great for us as well! Probably my favorite age so far with A.
    Christmas movies: Elf of course, A Christmas Story, White Christmas if you like classics....that's all I got.
    And cars, I'm sure most people will say get a Chevy or a GMC, but I want a Mercedes GL450. It's my dream car and when we get back from our extended holiday overseas (ha!) I think I'll be getting me one. I big heart eyes love it. You can fit 3 tall adults, a child and ALL THEIR SKIIS in it and still have room. But it of course comes with a hefty price tag. It drives like a dream though.

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