An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Halloween Favorites


Thursday, October 27, 2016

Halloween Favorites

The best Halloween has to offer, from movies to decorations to activities

Halloween is my favorite, the same way Will Ferrell's favorite is Christmas in the movie Elf. My absolute favorite. It's only fitting that I share some of my favorite things about this fabulously bizarre holiday, right? Right. Let's jump right in then.

Favorite decorative piece: This skull cookie jar. We got it on our trip to New Orleans, which is one of my favorite cities. Tons of fun voodoo shops and haunted history there, so that's no wonder, right? I don't actually put cookies in it because I don't want any grubby toddler hands breaking this little gem.

Halloween cookie jar

Favorite scary movie: The Conjuring. Y'all, don't watch this one alone! I had some bad dreams after this movie, no joke. The Conjuring 2, however, is pretty lame so either don't get your hopes up when you watch it or go head and skip it all together. The Ring is a close second. I think I was in high school when that one came out and I didn't sleep for about a week thinking that distorted shapes were coming out of my closet, about to manifest into a ghost or demon.

Favorite bad scary movie: Cabin Fever. You know movies that are SO bad, they're actually amazing? Like you're sitting on your couch in awe that the film got production funding - that bad? Well Cabin Fever takes the cake in this category, hands down! Everything about it is fantastically awful; the acting is horrific, the plot sucks, the gore is so fake I think they used watered down katchup for blood. It's so bad, it's amazing. And hysterical.

Favorite costume idea: So here's the thing - I'm TERRIBLE at costumes. No really. You'd think that for a woman who loves Halloween, she'd be the most clever at figuring out costumes, right? Nope, I suck at it! I usually go as a witch, which as you can see from this throwback (photo of a photo, sorry digital didn't exist in 1990 when this was taken) is a perennial fave of mine. You're welcome for this pic.

Just Witch/Zombie twinning with my sister

With the kids, I let them choose their costumes. Henry went as a ninja turtle last year (which ever one the purple one is - he definitely chose that costume because his favorite color is purple. I think it's his favorite word, too. He says it 100+ times a day) and he's going as that again this year, because hey! That thing was $40 and it still fits and he still loves purple. Otto will be a pumpkin, because Target had that costume in his size. Told ya I suck at this costume business.

Our little Ninja Turtle last year *heart eyes emjoi*

Favorite Halloween activity: Decorating the house. And doing a new decor craft like these pumpkins every year. I LOVE holiday decorating and actually get sad when it all comes down because the house looks so bare! It's fun to open the storage boxes and think, "Oh hey! I forgot I had this!" or "Oh wow, totally forgot I bought that on super sale last year!"

Carving pumpkins and trick or treating are actually on the bottom of my list: My skin is allergic to pumpkin so carving is kinda a bummer (hives like whoa) and trick or treating is cute for a block with the kids... But the issue is that in Texas, people don't seem to understand that you only ring the doorbell of the homes with their porch lights on. Our kids go to bed at 7pm. And a-hole kids STILL ring the bell (and make the dog bark) well past 9pm, when not only do we have the porch light off, we've turned off all decorations and made the front of the house dark too. So rude! I sound old and crotchety.

Halloween is fun because it's laid back, there's no stress with hosting family for a large meal unlike Thanksgiving and Christmas, the weather has cooled down and there's treats. What's not to love? These are a few of my favorites for this fun holiday. Happy Halloween!


  1. Your little ninja turtle is the cutest :)

  2. i never dressed up (until i was an adult and shouldn't be dressing up) but i can imagine i would suck at costumes and my future kids are probably going to have awful costumes unless my MIL helps lol. but Henry is super cute as a ninja turtle so it's great that it still fits. KC loves that Cabin Fever movie for the same reasons you mentioned, how awful it is. i can't do scary movies at all, just reading the titles of the two you mentioned gave me the heebie jeebies. gremlins gave me nightmares when i was like 5 and i made the mistake of telling my first boyfriend so he made me watch it at 15 and it gave me nightmares again. so i stay away from scary movies totally.. and yes, if gremlins still terrifies me you know my benchmark is crazy low. wimp, party of one.

  3. Love hou you included bad movie cabin fever which is aweful. Fun to do something new every year with decorations

  4. OMG HENRY LOOKS SO CUTE. Also, your witch photo is basically a female-witch-Henry. SO GOOD! I also can tell you enjoyed putting this post together. I CANNOT do scary movies.

  5. I've never seen The Conjuring, so it's definitely on my list! I love that skull jar and would probably have it out all year. That picture from your childhood is so so sweet.

  6. Annnnnnnd that is why I love you so much. I love Halloween more than Christmas but same that I'm terrible at coming up with's like what in my closet can I throw together and put a headband with? I just spit my afternoon espresso out with because Target had it in his size. I cannot wait for the day I have a house to decorate because it will be out of control the month of October.

  7. What a CUTE costume Henry had last year!! :)

  8. Cabin Fever really is the worst scary movie ever. I never had my own house during Halloween, so this year is the first year I get to decorate the house and it is SO FUN! I had to stop myself from buying another set of Halloween dish towels!

  9. I love Halloween, it's the perfect excuse to decorate the house, dress up and wear a scarf. These pictures are ideas are awesome.

  10. The last reason, it being laid back is why it's my absolute favorite! I love everything about October. Even if it's still hot in Texas, I just love the vibe it brings. I will never watch the Conjuring. I'm a huge baby ever since I had kids, I can't handle scary movies!

  11. I hate scary movies and I'm such a baby. I thought Conjuring 2 was so scary lol. Hocus Pocus is more up my alley for Halloween movies.

  12. The photo of your sister and you is AMAZING!

  13. You, my dear, are the spirit of Halloween. How funny that you're not good at costumes - I would have never guessed that!
    Love that throw back - you make a spectacular witch.

  14. I used to love scary movies! Now I hate them. I've become a chicken shit in my old age, haha! I love costumes so that's probably my favorite thing about Halloween. I love that cookie jar of yours! And that pic of you as a kid is amazing.