An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Currently December 2017 Edition

Monday, December 11, 2017

Currently December 2017 Edition

What I'm thinking, feeling and doing in the month of December

You don't have to tell me; I already know. There was a ton of sponsored content on here and it was all grouped together. Like bam bam bam, I'm just shooting sponsored work at you. As hard as I tried to craft a well rounded editorial calendar that brought you a ton of create, diverse content, it was like every deadline I was on got changed last minute and brands held content for draft approval longer than anticipated. Such is the life of a blogger just trying to get those bills paid, know what I mean? So let's take today and just catch up, currently style. Here's what I'm thinking, feeling and doing this December. Some links may be affiliate. Currently, I'm:

Reading: Anything by Liane Moriarty. Big Little Lies and Truly Madly Guilty were fantastic reads, and I just ordered The Husband's Secret off Amazon. It was a personal goal to get back into reading this year, and I'm proud to say I accomplished it! Prior to 2017, I think I read a half a book a year. This year I've polished off six! Which is still peanuts to the average reader, but a huge leap for me and impressive given my time constraints with kids, working part time and a traveling husband.

Used this pic for our annual Christmas card, because even though it's "fall" and not "Christmas" it was my favorite pic I took all year!

Watching: Not much! It's like it's dead season for good tv, no? I'll be reading until all my fave shows come back this spring (Handmaid's Tale comes back in April, and tons come back this summer!) with the exception of the Olympics. I'll probably watch those.

Eating: Everything. My weight it five pounds out of the heaviest end of my normal range and I need to pull it together! I'm eating lunch out a ton - almost every day during the week. That's a problem. But I look at it like it's my break in the day since my hubby is traveling so much this month and I'm on the clock with them all night long... Ah, excuses. Pull it together Paige. If only tacos weren't so damn good.

Consumed too many of these over the holidays. Oops.

Loving: Several things! 1) Practicing yoga 4-5 times a week 2) Carly Jean Los Angles for comfy but cute clothes (y'all I've ACTUALLY been shopping recently! Who even am I?! FYI, their shipping takes foreverrrrrr) 3) Cutting out all wine during the week - I'm sleeping SO much better, and my complexion looks better too. Not as poofy. I'm even considering cutting out all alcohol, even on the weekends... Is this what life looks like in your 30's? Alcohol is just no longer fun and worth it? Man, aging is a literal buzzkill. 

Hating: I'll tell you what, the latest iPhone update is for the birds. Drains your batteries like crazy, makes my phone get super hot, and apps just randomly shut down regularly. C'mon Apple, Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave with this crap!

Looking forward to: It goes without saying, but Christmas. Halloween is still my favorite holiday by a long shot, but seeing the looks on my kids' faces during Christmas - whether it's driving my Christmas lights or looking at our own tree or meeting Santa - is just precious and priceless.

Dreading: The January gym rush. UGHHHHHHHHHH!!! Why do people sign up for a gym, tell themselves that "this is their year" to get into shape, go for a month then ghost out? Drives us regulars nuts. I'm bracing myself for this tomfoolery now. If you follow me on Instagram Stories, you also know I'm dreading putting together Otto's birthday present - this guy. It's going to be so fun when it's done though!

This guy turns two on December 18!

Blogging: Looking forward to my annual blog break the last two weeks in December! I'm figuring out dates now, but blogging slows way down for the holidays and I'm in need of some time off after how busy this fall was. A lot of other blogging gals I talk to feel the same way. I'll still be around on social media - just no posts planned for two weeks, exact dates TBD. I'll let y'all know though, and I'll be back for sure the first week of the new year.


  1. It's smart to set yourself a break and have some fun! Also your food instas look amazing!

  2. I thought I was the only one that hated the new iPhone update! Apps crash constantly, it drives me nuts! Also that photo is fabulous, I love the pretty orange pumpkins in the back! Great choice.

  3. Great job on your reading goals! I read Big Little Lies this year as well. I can't wait for the second season of the show to come out even though it's a bit different from the book!

  4. I love Liane Moriarty's books! It's been awhile since I read one, so I should see what I haven't read yet and pick it up!

  5. The new update killed my iPhone 6, then I got another that was a complete lemon and now I’m on my third. It’s ridiculous, like get it together Apple.

  6. I hear ya! My phone is constantly dying of battery now. And yes, November was crazy for me too with the sponsored posts! Love how you take time off for the holidays. I need to schedule my month that way too!

  7. I'm easing into a blogging break now, with just one post a week. It's actually a nice change of pace. And I'm with you on the January gym rush. So not looking forward to that.

  8. I love reading posts like this where you share what you love and what you are dreading. This is seriously the truth about the gym memberships!

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