An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Surviving Cold And Flu Season As A Mom

Friday, December 29, 2017

Surviving Cold And Flu Season As A Mom

Moms don't get sick days. Here are some tips to surviving cold and flu season when you barely have time to take care of yourself!

Here we are at the end of December. The holidays are coming to a close. Soon we'll be in the thick of winter and all the colds and flu that come with it. As a parent of two kids age three and under, I can tell you with absolute certainty that there are NO sick days for me! If I start to not feel well, I still have to care for two little ones who depend on my for almost every need they have. It doesn't matter if I have a fever, a runny nose or even worse - a stomach bug. The kids still need to be clothed, fed and generally kept alive throughout the day. Here are my best tips on surviving cold and flu season as a mom!

1) Plan low-key activities 
I've said it a million times here (ok, not a million since I don't even have a million blog posts, but you get me) that I'm decidedly anti-screen time. Our TV isn't on until 5:30pm for the evening news that I barely get to catch the headlines from and the kids get 30 minutes of a movie or children's show before bed so they start to wind down. But when I'm sick, I forgo that rule! Sometimes I just need to lie low on the couch, and if a movie will keep them entertained for an hour (they never sit longer than that!) then I'm all for it. Bend any rules you have so that you can take care of yourself! One extra movie won't hurt your children.

2) Stock up on the best tissue
We have Kleenex stations ALL over our house, all winter long! There's a box in every bedroom, bathroom, in our eat in kitchen, in our playroom, next to the TV... You get my point. If you sneeze and need immediate tissue to remedy your snot situation, you don't want to go searching for the nearest box - you need it right next to you! This also works for constant runny noses of my kids... Every now and then I'll look at them and immediately need a Kleenex so they don't eat their own snot (sounds disgusting, but every parent knows this is a reality!) I love the lotion filled tissues because they're extra soft, and they now have antiviral tissues that kill 99.9% of cold and flu viruses in the tissue itself. Genius! FYI you can get your tissue for an amazing price here and get free two day shipping to boot.

Stocking up on Kleenex!
3) Take Epsom salt bath
It's amazing what the steam can do for a stuffy nose, it's amazing what the salts can do for achy muscles and sore joints, and a bath gives you just a little time to focus solely on YOU and your well being. Do it during nap time, while the kids are at school or after they've gone to bed. Even a quick 15 minute soak has so many health benefits, both physical and mental. Remember to bring in a box of Kleenex though, because that steam will break up your congestion and you'll want to be ready for it!

Cold and flu season is never fun. Cold and flu season as a mom is even less fun because there's so little (or, ahem, ZERO) time to care for yourself. If you get sick this season (ok, I was trying to be optimistic but the reality is when you get sick, not if) make sure you take it as easy as you can. Bend your traditional rules if you have to. Stock up on Kleenex. Take a salts bath. And survive cold and flu season the best you can as a mom!


  1. Totally agree with bending the rules!
    And why do moms never get a break, but if dad gets a man cold he gets to sleep? 🤔

  2. Being sick while having a baby is tough. I'm so not ready for when she's a toddler!

  3. I think forgoing the screen time rule is a must when it comes to being sick! Another thing that happens when I'm sick is take out. We rarely eat out but when I'm sick, the hubby brings home pho' and everyone is happy!

  4. We have a kleenex box in every room. I'm not even joking. Every. Room.

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  6. this blog is cool as a new mom i really like it

  7. This website is not a credible source, and everybody gets the cold its not a big deal, your not a victim of cancer or something, jeez

  8. I agree, as a college student majoring in medicine, finding this site was a waste of my time, the title is overdramatic!