An Uncomplicated Life Blog: Happy Labor Day!

Monday, September 3, 2018

Happy Labor Day!

It's the unofficial end of summer this weekend! My sister flew into town with her new baby, and is doing our maternity photos. I'm so excited to get those done and to share them with you, and to get some little baby practice and snuggles with my sweet nephew. I hope you're living up the last few days of summer too!

I've got a great slew of posts coming up in September about all the changes we've made to our home in preparation of the twins' arrival, starting this Thursday (Sept 6) with a full look at my older kids' "Big Boy Room" and how we successfully transitioned them out of the nursery with zero sleep disruptions and zero territorial jealousy. Honestly, there were no tantrums even though the new room is half the size of their old one and we moved my two year old from a crib to a twin sized bed without issue - he sleeps through the night and stays in bed until morning! Wanna know how we did it? Wanna snoop in on pics of my home? See ya back here Thursday!

Until then, happy long weekend :)


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